You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-07 07:54:24 No. 32335942
Bit of a preemptive command here but if we end up getting sucked in scream "PIP YOU FUCKING SHIT!" as we fly to our deaths.

2018-05-07 08:18:32 No. 32336049
What if we ask Pip to shut the door to the other room? Maybe that will diminish the force enough for us to make a run for safer pastures.

2018-05-08 05:27:07 No. 32339840

The colt doesn't like the look in her eyes.

Emerald wishes he had his hooves on her book at the moment, but he put it away when he went to pull out an invisibility potion and the baton. At least he has the tome on him.

He pleads with her to just help him.

"C'mon~! All you gotta say is that I can have one teensy tiny- hey!" She says interrupted as Emerald's grasp slips from the rock. He's thrown against something he can't see and he blacks out.


Emerald wakes up later to someone poking him right in the forehead. He brushes it away annoyed, and then his eyes snap open. The first thing he sees is Pip who is grinning down at him.

"Jeez. You'd really risk getting sucked up into a big magic ball just so I can't have any souls? You are pretty mean you know."

Emerald gives a noncommittal answer and looks around, a little bit in awe. He seems to be floating in the middle of... He doesn't now how to describe it. As far as he can see there is strong, multi-colored neon smoke swirling around. In addition there are floating bits of debris everywhere, and he thinks he sees the helmet he stole from the guard floating around there as well. The colt himself seems to be protected from everything by a spherical force field.

Emerald asks what happened.

"You got knocked the heck out!" She says with a laughing snort. "Then you got pulled into the portal. Since you had the book I kiiinda had to follow you. I can get pretty far from the book, but not that far!"

What does Emerald do?
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