You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-09 12:55:38 No. 32341542
Anyone wanna see a sketch I started a bajillion years ago and still haven't managed to work up the motivation to finish it?

2018-05-08 09:05:44 No. 32340829
try to see if we can propel ourselves through this space. let's first try for the helmet.

2018-05-08 09:12:18 No. 32340865
thank the chronodemo for saving our life. we are grateful.

Ask him if he could help guide us or otherwise help us find a way out of this space to a portal to hopefully take us back home.

2018-05-08 09:14:30 No. 32340882
Can you go out side of the shield and go get it then?
So, we're stuck here. ..forever, until I die and you two are left alone forever?
...Are you at least feeling better yet? Not still feeling weird from the fight with Ann right?

And yet we can still starve to death.

2018-05-08 09:14:51 No. 32340884
Welp, on the off chance were stuck here forever you got any interesting stories to tell.

Ask the Chronodaemon how we are supposed to steer this thing.

2018-05-09 12:25:33 No. 32343554



Emerald rubs the amulet in thanks and then tries to propel himself towards his helmet by swimming in the void, however this seems to do nothing more than make Pip laugh. She leaves the bubble, grabs the helmet, and then brings it back to him.

The colt isn't sure why, but he's quite glad he's with the demon. This is despite the fact that it's sort of her fault that he's here. He gives her a hug. It's like hugging a hot water bottle, but much less rubbery feeling.

"Oh!" She says startled, and then returns the hug and says, "Awww, well aren't you a sweetie!"

He says he's glad he isn't alone here, and that he is a little scared.

"No need to be scared! There isn't much in the way of danger here in the dimensional void, but I'll protect you until you die of starvation! Or deyhydration? I forget how it works with you guys." Pip says, thinking out loud.

Emerald asks if Joyride saw him get pulled in.

"I think so? She seemed pretty angry for the brief moment I saw her. I think you may have tipped the scales for her, so good job! You helped! Yay!" Pip responds giving some claps for the colt.

Emerald asks if she feels any different after fighting Ann.

"I feel like i need a good long sit in an autoclave." She says giving a fake dry heave. "Succubi are so gross. Hey, you know if Joyride won you should get Ann in here too! I could mess with her a bunch after you are gone!"

Emerald asks how he could possibly call her if he's here.

"Why wouldn't you be able to?" Pip asks confused.

The colt says that she said demons couldn't travel dimensions without a summoning circle.

Pip seems confused by this question, and then says, "Well yeah, but I mean... She's bound to you if Joyride won right? She has to follow your orders. If you call her she has to come. She doesn't have any choice in the matter."

What does Emerald do?
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