You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-19 08:09:49 No. 32393942
Ann, was there any path into or out of this cave chamber when bbc found it?

If not, I guess we are changing time.

2018-05-19 08:10:46 No. 32393947
so there is no tunnel out of here then?

Ask Ann on which wall was it they discorved this room at?

maybe with our earth pony might and pip's flame we can make a small tunnel out of here.

2018-05-19 11:10:08 No. 32394743
>I shall return you to Joyride's dimension from where you were pulled out of it, and I will not tamper with the time in any way.
>from where you were pulled out of it
So this is the same place, already established.
>I will not tamper with the time in any way.
It wouldn't be much fun if he just straight up lied to us, right?
>I shall return you to Joyride's dimension
Notice the distinct like of a "your".

2018-05-20 02:26:20 No. 32395393
use the bandana to collect the water drips and so it could be a wash cloth for us if we get hot in here. could one of the demons check where the source of the water is?

2018-05-19 08:43:52 No. 32394106
joyride once mention how she could feel or sense if the world was her home dimension or not. can we feel or tell that ourselves? or perhaps that was something only related to her talent.

2018-05-20 07:02:01 No. 32395859
Have we read any books on excavation? Int-check for caves and digging.

I am partial to the spelunking first option.

2018-05-20 08:25:01 No. 32396023
Pretty much, though I think he did send us to our Joyride's dimension. And that our Joy is just not from our world originally. There's no evidence of that though, it's just been my headcanon for ages.

2018-05-20 10:46:07 No. 32396318
Ask what powers can ann do? When she was in that other form battling pip was she spewing acid?

2018-05-20 10:53:39 No. 32396344
If it was acid perhaps she could generate that and use it to ear through the wall to the regular tunnels.

2018-05-20 03:54:20 No. 32397692
Ask ann if she can assume the forms others? What's different with a succubus and a changeling?

2018-05-20 04:22:08 No. 32397833

Emerald wonders if they aren't in a different time, but perhaps a different place. The chronodaemon did say he was returning him to Joyride, but it might not necessarily be HIS Joyride...

He starts to worry that maybe he'll run out of oxygen, and begins to look for a way out. He doesn't see anything obvious, and so Emerald asks Ann if there was a tunnel out of the throne room when she first arrived.

"No, we broke in from a mineshaft that was nearby." She says, wandering around the outer wall. "I think it was around here somewhere?"

Emerald gets close to the hole. He thinks he can feel a slight draft, and the thumping, clanking sound gets louder from around here, but there doesn't seem to be any cracks or anything else he can look through.

The colt asks Pip or Ann if they could carve through the wall.

"I could burn through it pretty easy if you want! You may want to get away though, I can't promise that things won't get hot!"

Emerald forestalls her for a second, and asks Ann if maybe she can do it with her other form. He notes that she seemed to be firing acid or something out of her tentacles.

"That wasn't acid, honey." She says laughing. Behind the succubus' back Pip makes an over-exaggerated disgusted face. "And I could, but I bet flame brains could do it faster."

What does Emerald do?
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