You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-27 12:54:38 No. 32430222
Ruby's been practicing her cooking and has made you a meal.
She hands you the plate and says she hopes you like it.
She admits she doesn't actually know what Venison is.
(Based on a true story)

2018-05-26 06:07:23 No. 32426763
>I wouldn't recommend we take you there however. You'd be eaten alive in Tartarus, in some cases almost literally."

but it IS possible to travel through there to get home correct?

2018-05-26 06:09:57 No. 32426778
>When a Joyride comes to Tartarus it's always a fun time
Huh, so all universes share a Tartarus?

2018-05-27 04:55:33 No. 32431294



Excuse me, but how dare you spread lies like that. it was a venison BURGER. Not a venison steak. Get your facts straight.


Emerald asks if it is indeed possible to return from Tartarus to his dimension.

"Possible yes, but wildly unlikely." Ann says firmly.

Emerald asks if that means all the dimensions share the same Tartarus.

"Yeah!" Pip says, throwing up her hooves, "Isn't it great? All dimensions bow to Tartarus, and in Tartarus, all bow to the Pyrodaemons! Well, most anyway."

Emerald can tell that Ann is doing her best to hold back saying something to the giggly demon, and so the colt changes the subject and asks how often Joyrides come to Tartarus.

"Well... You have to realize that there is one Tartarus and a lot of dimensions with Joyrides. Probability suggests somewhere on Tartarus there is always a Joyride hanging out. Whether you'll be there at the right time and place to meet one is another question altogether." Ann says shrugging.

Emerald starts to feel a little tired, and he can't blame himself. I mean, just how much happened in just one day. He fought a Succubus and a Joyride. Traveled into and back out of a dimension, and is now on a long carriage ride in a place familiar to his own but not the same.

He lays his head down on Pip's lap. She's very warm and squishy. Looking to Ann, he realizes something and asks if she is purposely trying to make herself look like Joyride.

"Hey yeah... Now that you mention it..." Pip says, squinting and cocking her head.

"Whatever do you mean?" Ann says with a small smirk, pulling out a small mirror. She looks into it, and then fluffs her hair slightly.

What does Emerald do?
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