You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-05-29 06:49:52 No. 32442050
let's talk to ann before deciding either way. fill out the form just incase we do try the checkpoint.

2018-05-29 07:29:41 No. 32442195

I think we should try the checkpoint, and just be stupid honest about everything. Just don't mention that Ann and Pip are demons unless they ask. It's more likely that the place is warded for summoning then demons just walking through the front door anyway. People summon demons, not walk around with them.

Emerald Jewel, alternative dimension.
reason for visiting: interdimensional travel

2018-05-29 08:33:05 No. 32442494
I wanna do this the right way. It's risky but even if we fuck up, I imagine we're going to learn something. But if it does all go to hell, I think we need to make sure there's a way Joyride can tell she should visit us. So fill in all the information correctly, but for name let's go with Sunshine Sea. Using a gem name is honestly still really on the nose for people looking to arrest us. Hmm, on that note, hometown should be... Pololimpopo, the zebra town Joy met Sunshine Sea. Just knowing how to speak zebra means we can get away with that I think, and hopefully raise another flag for Joyride to come give us attention if she hears about us.

2018-05-29 09:17:06 No. 32442645
>"Okay, sure!" Pip says, smiling.
either pip doesn't care, which means that her answer doesn't help us with our sketchy idea
or pip does care, in which case this is a trick

if it is a trick, it is equally possible that she either wants us to give ann the book or wants to make us uneasy so that we don't give ann the book. She also could want us to overthink it and come up with a more complicated plan which she happens to already have in mind.

She walks. She stays out of her book and walks right in front of the arrow.

We need potions, quick. What do we know how to make again which we can possibly afford? Don't we know potions that use like grass and pebbles front he ground? Or was that goat magic?

Wait, what if they don't let us keep our secret knife or mana-gun?

Don't hide our items.

2018-05-29 09:23:54 No. 32442679

Oh right Pip can float - she should be able to carry Emerald and Ann over the wall! Just need to wait for a cloudy/foggy day or just nighttime.

I still vote we ask people in line to get a better sense of this universe before picking a course of action.

2018-05-30 02:03:42 No. 32443525
I'll add that I also think we should give Pip's book to Ann. I did worry Ann might do soemthing bad, but Pip's face make me realise Ann is probably more in danger than Pip. I imagine those two wont dick each other over this close to an Order controlled town, so it should be fine.
If we're searched the only thing that might alarm them is the gun. I think we can lie that we're interested in antiques and then explain that you couldn't even fire it if you wanted to. Afterall it'd be stranger for an earth pony foal to know how to use an Etherlock Pistol, than to not know.

2018-05-30 11:00:18 No. 32444426

Emerald thinks that passing through the checkpoint may still be the best option. The colt wonders if he should talk to Ann about it first though.

Looking ahead, Emerald sighs and notices that the line has hardly moved at all. He taps the mare ahead of him on the shoulder and asks how long the line will be. She is an elderly lady hauling what looks like vegetables in her saddlebags.

"Oh, an hour or two from this point probably. Lucky you got here so early, this line and the main one tend to fill up pretty quick!" She says, nodding.

After his conversation Pip hugs the colt from behind and says, "So, did you want me to stay in line or...?"

The colt figures that she is talking about handing her book off to Ann. The fact that she is pushing this worries Emerald. Or perhaps he should say he is worried for everyone else in the vicinity.

Emerald stalls her by saying that he needs help filling out this form.

The ones that don't matter like his physical description, date of birth, and marriage status are easy, but he wonders how he should fill out some of the other boxes such as...

Place of Birth:
Place of Residence:
Parental Information:
Travel Plans (i.e. departure and return date):

What does Emerald do?
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