You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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The colt says that he'll make sure not to make a fuss in the city, and asks the interviewer if there is anything else he needs.

"Hmm... I think you are set for now, little one." He says with a little wink. "I do hope you find your Aunt soon."

The colt hopes he does as well.

The interviewer directs the guard to let him through, and the guard nods and ushers him towards the city gate. The colt asks if he has to enter right away. He doesn't say this to the guards, but he wants to make sure that Ann and Pip know what happened to him.

"Sorry lad. Now or never." The interviewer replies with a chuckle. "Unless you want to go through that line again, that is."

The colt follows a small throng of travelers inside. As he walks the colt looks all around. The buildings are familiar but... Different enough that it's a bit unnerving and noticeable. For instance, there are tapestries with the Arrow symbol hanging off of every lamp post and some of the homes. He glances to a nearby building, and there are what look to him like propaganda posters. The streets are just as full as they were before, but they are cleaner, and everyone seems to have a more purposeful bustle to them.

There are also guards patrolling the street corners. It could be because he is so close to the gate still, but he feels like they weren't there in his dimension. The guards are also wearing armor that is more like Bellator and Praelia's.

The colt stops in front of a building, trying to think of his next move.

What does Emerald do?
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