You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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Maybe leave Pip and Ann out of bounds for now. We can take care of ourselves. I wonder if we can get some bullets for our gun here? We still have a gun basically doing nothing but being a fancy club

2018-07-13 07:51:08 No. 32644758

Emerald begins to worry. The center of town is where the castle is. And where there is a castle there is a dungeon. He checks the compass one more time, and it indeed points that direction.

He checks the the paper one more time. The colt is pretty sure he heard something about a "Saint Blossoms" coming into town, which sounds a lot like the name of a mare he is quite fond of in his dimension. Strangely it's not in the paper though. When he actually stops to read all the articles he finds that except for the demon summoner confessions, it's almost all about how good they are doing in the war to the north of them.

He thinks about heading towards #304 Coursewalk again, and since it's kinda-sorta on the way towards the center of town Emerald decides to walk that direction.

He walks past the market place with the fountain, and he must admit it's much more... Sterile than the one in his dimension. The booths have a much more structured boundary, and it's mostly food, clothing, and household tools and kitchen supplies. There doesn't even appear to be any alchemy or magical stores at all.

A few minutes later he is standing in front of #304 Coursewalk, and he must admit that it looks pretty much no different from the one in his dimension, except for an Order of the Arrow Tapestry hanging above the door.

What does Emerald do?
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