You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-08-03 06:49:49 No. 32747537
We're you just trying to steal something? Also, does this world's Ruby like cooking as well?

2018-08-03 06:51:18 No. 32747553
Wait wait wait. I thought she was just the Order's head contact in this city. Are you telling me Joyride RUNS the Order in this universe!?

2018-08-03 06:55:57 No. 32747593
Tell her that in his world joyride is our teacher and fights the order. But we are betting this joyride knows the same kind of dimensional magic that ours does. They have the same cutie mark

2018-08-03 07:11:23 No. 32747717
Ask again if she knows of a safe place? Is there other ponies like her that don't mind demons?

2018-08-03 07:25:56 No. 32747832
Be relieved that Ruby is not evil. Ask her if she's on her own or if she has any friends. Namedrop Barber, and say that you want to help her out, maybe use your dimensional knowledge to find her more allies. And help her meet a nice colt called Emerald.

2018-08-03 07:35:14 No. 32747894
Yes cannons are often used for peaceful purposes. Didn't look much like a party cannon to me.

2018-08-03 11:54:53 No. 32749035
Misgender her deliberately. Ask what a BOY like HIM stands to gain from all this. I wanna fuck with her.

Also, go for the boop

2018-08-04 04:59:19 No. 32752872

The colt apologizes for messing whatever she did up, and asks about Joyride. He thought she was just a steward for the Order.

"Oh uh... Maybe? I guess I don't really know what they do up there." She says, pointing over her shoulder at the castle.

Emerald asks if she was trying to steal something with her stunt.

Ruby pauses for a second and then says, "No. How would I even have had time to steal anything?"

The colt then asks if it was an elaborate prank.

"C'mon man, I said I can't tell you." Ruby says, crossing her forelegs and looking away.

Emerald changes the subject, and says that the Joyride in his world is against the Order and is a powerful magic-user, and he hopes that this Joyride is the same. The colt asks about Ruby's safe house, and if the other people there are okay with demons. He wonders if he could visit.

Ruby chuckles and then says, "Yeah, they are okay with it. I suppose we could see if you could come. Not sure where your friends would stay otherwise. There is a meeting point I'm going to nearby. We can head up there after your friend uh... Gets better."

Emerald asks if she saw anyone else following him. She was watching him after all.

"Not that I saw. As long as you are in the city the Order won't have to try hard to find someone like you." She says flatly.

Emerald thinks of having some fun, and comments that being a stranger he'd probably get caught fast. Ruby on the other hand, well HE moves quite quick and fast. Emerald asks how a GUY like HIM got so cool.

"Argh!" She yells, putting a hoof to her face. "I'm a filly. A filly alright? Sorry for yelling, but just imagine everyone call YOU a colt."

What does Emerald do?
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