You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-08-07 07:38:09 No. 32769983
I am so done with Pip. We are never bringing her along with us to anything ever again. She wouldn't even help us get Ann back up and running sooner. She can rot in that book.

2018-08-07 08:12:26 No. 32770080
Yes, it's time to go. And Ann I'm sorry that you got burnt, it won't happen again. I hope those souls were worth it Pop because you're not coming out for a long time, enjoy your book. Also Ann, no eating or collecting souls unless I specifically say to or our lives are in danger.

Seconded. It's not really a suggestion but I echo the sentiment.

2018-08-07 08:26:59 No. 32770124
Pip did nothing wrong but eat the souls
Clearly Ann has the most egg on her face because it’s likely she actually tried to take the souls in the first place. How do we know Pip would have just walked up to someone and take their souls? We don’t, but we have reason to believe that Ann just did that and she just got here. Besides, why would Pip ever burn people out of the blue now? She’s served us faithfully thus far by doing everything we asked her to, and we’ve given her a grand total of zero souls. Why would that change now?
Pip is also the reason Ann is even with us in the first place considering Ann would have killed us if she hadn’t taken a fireball to the everywhere. So Pip is, so far, pulling her weight, turned out to be right about distrusting Ann, and did all of this in our best interest without being fed souls until faced with two right in front of her

Pip should get off with a light punishment, but Ann gets the belt

2018-08-07 08:31:19 No. 32770142
I'm very disappointed in both of them. It's to be expected that Pip would cause problems, but Ann should know better than to get up to demonic activity a stones throw away from a demon hunter stronghold. Do demons just have no concept of repercussions?

2018-08-07 09:39:48 No. 32770372
>trusting demons
whoa there cowboy. This all comes back to the point that we should not trust demons, and the mistake is ours. We trusted them to act well autonomously, and that is a key fuckup.

Also if you see the last post you will see that Ann is not so innocent. She was momentarily pissed when we said Pip dun et the souls before she collected herself. Ann, being a succubus, strikes me as more of a cozener whereas Pip is more open about her nature. The two of them probably both wanted souls, but Pip being the stronger of them, came out on top. It seems to me that using them means we have to be very distinct on what we want them to do. Give them any leeway and it seems they will bend our wants. And I know you will say yeah, that's why we can't keep them, but just as straight up characters, I like them. I'm not willing to throw them away just because they did the bad thing that we are largely responsible for. Control your demons, Anon.

2018-08-08 09:58:01 No. 32771980

Emerald asks for one more moment, and then turns to the succubi and tells her to be truthful with him always and asks if she ever had the souls from the pair of dead ponies, and if she killed them.

"Nope to both. Never had the chance to do either. We were talking maybe thirty seconds before I was toasted." Ann says shrugging.

Emerald has to admit to being disappointed in both Ann and Pip. Perhaps it was folly to trust demons, but he still expected better from both of them considering the position they are in now. He'll have to have a talk with both of them later.

Emerald turns back to Ruby and asks her to lead the way. The filly nods, and the trio begin to walk down roads and alleyways, taking shortcuts over fences and under causeways. Even if this was his dimension, he isn't sure he'd know where he was. It appears to be on the outskirts of the Central Castle District.

"C'mon, in here. This is the meeting point." Ruby says as she jumps a wall and opens a warehouse door. Ruby goes first, followed by Ann. Emerald looks inside as he wanders in. The place is full of boxes and sacks full of things. It's incredibly dusty, and the colt is pretty sure no one has been here for a while.

"Who are we waiting for?" Ann asks, looking around.

I'm not sure yet. You'll recognize them though. They'll be wearing a weird clown mask." Ruby says.

What does Emerald do?
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