You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-09-29 07:54:54 No. 32993186
If we mention that the other uctoria worked for the order, that might cause some amount of internal distrust which we might be able to take advantage of later.

2018-09-29 08:42:18 No. 32993349

hey rat. That's Ruby's rat, right? And Strawberry Spice? That's a neat name. Are you a baker or a strawberry grower?

2018-09-29 09:27:57 No. 32993463
Let's give Eda a smile but then move on and give her some space.

I want to interact with Rat, but where to start.

2018-09-29 10:24:04 No. 32993613
This is the kind of thing that would probably take some time to boil over, and the kind of thing that we need to have in motion before we actually need it to help us. We can also start with something like "huh, that's strange" and then when someone asks what was strange, we can drop the information naturally and without raising much suspicion of our intent.

It looks like a free action with no downside to me. Why do you want to wait? This doesn't function as a drama bomb we can drop when we need it. It might not even affect anything at all.

2018-09-29 10:30:54 No. 32993631
fair enough. Just unsure if we should undermine this group's trust in each other or not

2018-09-29 11:10:25 No. 32993763
I cannot for the life of me see why we would need to do this or how it could be a good idea. We'd also be endangering our chances at some good lewds if we did that. I vote a strong no on this course of action.

2018-09-29 11:18:25 No. 32993786
Questionable individuals who take anti-governmental actions have declared that we are not to leave the compound. This could go poorly for us.

2018-09-29 11:22:44 No. 32993800
we can test our boundaries later. first let's see how far we can trust them and they trust us.

2018-09-30 12:53:29 No. 32994018
Ask Strawberry if she ever knew Joyride and uh... what happen with her eye if she doesn't mind the question.

2018-09-30 01:36:50 No. 32994089
I'd want to phrase the question to Strawberry Spice as "Are you and Joyride rivals here too?" Cause I want to know if there's a connection as well, but I don't want to make her look bad. Heck since her and Joy seem to have swapped positions it might be Uictoria here that gets us back home safely!
Also just, Rat and Uictoria as gangmates. It's like a crack shipping. This is damn weird!

2018-09-30 07:51:48 No. 32994772

Yeah this universe could indeed be better. We certainly don't have to worry about Emerald's family catching him here. We should still at least find a way to write a letter to Joyride from our universe - gotta find the 9th chevron

silly sociopaths, tricks are for lewds

^this guy knows the one true path. Except for Ruby, as per tradition.

That is a fair counterpoint but for some reason I don't think this universe's Emerald is a bad guy. Seemed more like a practical measure. We had to find a place to hide the demons we brought anyway, so why not here? Let's collect more info before jumping to conclusions. Also...
>implying anti-government is neccesarily bad

Hope will be suspicious of us because we got rid of that tracking bookmark thing

2018-09-30 03:53:59 No. 32996083

I dunno, we'll see~


Habby birfday CQ.


"Heh. Know me, perhaps from your own dimension?" Strawberry Space asks. Emerald tries to deny this but she smirks and continues, "Trust me, I'm quite good at reading body language."

Emerald sheepishly rocks between his hooves and says that he's had a lot of bad run-ins with her. Specifically she'd always try to arrest his version of Joyride, and that her name was Uictoria.

"Uictoria... Been a while since someone called me that." She says chuckling.

Emerald greets the two ponies, and ask how they ended up in the gang.

"I was betrayed by the Order and nearly killed. That's how I lost this eye. To make a long story short, I don't like the way the organization was being run. The Order of the Arrow is meant to protect ponies, not rule them." Strawberry Spice says.

"...As for me, I got on the wrong side of illegal dealings along with Ruby and a few of my partners. Ruby and I were the only ones to escape, and we were eventually found by Emerald. Er, this dimension's Emerald I mean." Rat says, smiling.

Emerald asks Tourmaline how many people there are in his gang.

"Hmm, you sure like to ask suspicious questions, ya know. More than we have here, how is that for an answer?" Tourmaline says booping Emerald on the nose playfully. "Anyway, you know Sensoria already I guess. Last but not least, is Alfalfa."

Sensoria waves without removing her mask, but Alfalfa removes his and gives him a sullen nod.

"Anyway! Introductions over. Rat, did you get the thing?" Tourmaline says rubbing his hooves together with a clap.

"The etheric beacon? Yeah." Rat says, pulling out the familiar looking rod.

What does Emerald do?
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