You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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Well, just releasing a bunch of demons seems like a neat idea, depending on how bloodthirsty you lot are, and how well you could preserve your own life in the event of a demon riot. If your only goal is to inconvenience people, you could toss the teleportation rod in a lake and just start sending over water.

By the way, what is stopping them from just teleporting to the rod from their own side and catching you all?

What is our end goal, anyway? Do we want to undermine the people's faith in the order? Do the people even like the order? It kind of sound like you are just doing things as you feel like, as some sort of practice. Wasn't your goal to get your mansion and fortune back? If the order took it by force, then you won't be able to just steal the deed back or anything like that, right? You have to get up enough military power to hold them out of your home permanently or you have to call on a higher power's justice system. Is there a larger government that the order respects or is the order the same as the government? If the order is the same as the government, then you have to choose between getting them to a point where you have something to trade with them that they want more than your house, or you have to take over or cripple the order.

What does the order want more than anything? Is it power or is it the removal of demons as a public service or something else?

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Ask about the political prisoners. how many are there and how well guarded are they. anyone in particular is held there? think any of them would be interested in joining up?

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Hope and Joyride from the Anthro dimension!


(I'm going save this one for the next update, because those questions alone would probably take up a whole update by themselves.)


Emerald likes the idea of planting dirt, but for now he holds his peace. The conversation drifts slightly, and Emerald ends up asking the other Emerald where he got his eyeshadow from. Apparently he made it himself from something called "mica" and other ingredients.

Tourmaline yawns after this and says, "Well, I'm gonna go plan up mischievous deeds mischievously, and stuff. Tell me when dinner comes around."

"Ooo! Corn on the cob! I want corn on the cob!" Ruby says, raising her hoof up and then looking to Emerald. "Wanna help? Not like you have much else to do."

Emerald chuckles and nods, and goads Ann into coming too.

"Fine fine... I guess you probably won't leave me alone with anyone, huh?" Ann says smiling

"I'll supervise." Uictoria says smiling and walking back to the kitchen.

"Eda, you go help too." Tourmaline says yawning.

"Wha, but-!"

"Jeez, your so weird and lazy today. Don't make our guest or prisoner or whatever do all the work while you sit around." He says, going back to his room.

The kitchen is rather small. In fact, with the five of them there isn't much room at all.

"Alright, you guys can shuck the corn." Uictoria says.

Ruby snickers and says, "Yeah, shuck this! Shuck it all!"

Uictoria gives her a smirk and a head shake, "Every time Ruby..."

"Shucking shuck." Ruby says.

"Don't make me tell Rat on you."

Emerald asks what sort of items the Order has in their possession.

"Lot's of weapons, like I said. Some statues. Preferably we just kill the demon, but sometimes we don't have the means. A lot of these times the weapons are powerfully magical, but absolutely evil. Anyone who uses them tends to slowly drift into madness." Uictoria says.

What does Emerald do?
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