You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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Well, just releasing a bunch of demons seems like a neat idea, depending on how bloodthirsty you lot are, and how well you could preserve your own life in the event of a demon riot. If your only goal is to inconvenience people, you could toss the teleportation rod in a lake and just start sending over water.

By the way, what is stopping them from just teleporting to the rod from their own side and catching you all?

What is our end goal, anyway? Do we want to undermine the people's faith in the order? Do the people even like the order? It kind of sound like you are just doing things as you feel like, as some sort of practice. Wasn't your goal to get your mansion and fortune back? If the order took it by force, then you won't be able to just steal the deed back or anything like that, right? You have to get up enough military power to hold them out of your home permanently or you have to call on a higher power's justice system. Is there a larger government that the order respects or is the order the same as the government? If the order is the same as the government, then you have to choose between getting them to a point where you have something to trade with them that they want more than your house, or you have to take over or cripple the order.

What does the order want more than anything? Is it power or is it the removal of demons as a public service or something else?

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(Yup, ran out of space. Let's see if I can get everything from before this and after in the next update.)

Emerald asks what's stopping them from teleporting to the beacon right now and overrunning this place.

"The beacon isn't always working. By planting it in the ground and activating it anyone can of course teleport to it, but before that it's just a very fancy and expensive stick." Uictoria remarks.

The colt asks what their end goal is. Do they want to undermine the faith in the Order?

"The Order in Whitherwater is essentially nothing more than a tyranny based on conquest. While I would agree that Whitherwater is probably the safest and most secure place against demons, it's also one of the most authoritarian. This holds especially true if you aren't an equine of some sort."

The colt asks what Tourmaline's whole goal is. It sounds like he wants his castle and fortune back.

"It is, I believe. How he expects to do that is beyond me. He still keeps in contact with the Middle Kingdom, and if I had to guess he wants to throw the Order into disarray here, and then retake his home in the chaos." Uictoria says with a shrug. "He hasn't told me how exactly he wants to do this though. I don't think he's told anyone in fact."

Emerald then asks what the general public thinks of the Order, and if they have any larger government that the Order respects that can reel them in.

"Normal citizens probably don't think twice about the Order, as long as it keeps them safe. Most of them just stay out of the Order's way because they know what will happen if their eye is on them. Being suspected by the Order essentially excommunicates you from everyone. You'd be lucky to have any friends left or any job opportunities afterwards, even if you are innocent." Uictoria says with a sigh. "As for larger governments they used to have a respect for the princesses, but now they bow to no one."

What does Emerald do?
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