You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-02 09:09:23 No. 33003123
>Anyone who uses them tends to slowly drift into madness." Uictoria says.
How very interesting as a prospect for one who's mind is already under the control of an outside entity which is beyond corruption. Who here is feeling egotistical enough to want to try one? In any case, it isn't worth working for. Either we get the chance later or we don't.

>what does emerald do
Well, I kinda want to have emerald have difficulty with the task of removing cornstrings from corn with hooves and maybe try to break off the little stalk-nub in order to make the job easier but end up breaking the corn in half, but the corn is already shucked in the picture so I don't know what would actually be appropriate.

2018-10-02 09:25:57 No. 33003197
Eda's acting up ey? She started acting off the moment Ann and Pip showed up right? I think we should ask her if she knows them, and if she is maybe one of Pip's sisters. I recall she said something about having sisters before, one of which works with Techride? Any demons we talk to and help in any dimention counts, cause they can be summoned to any world. Makes me want to give Eda a bit more focus than the others we'll be leaving behind... Unless we plan to take some of them back to our world? That's an idea for a separate post though. Ask Eda if she knows our demons.

2018-10-02 09:28:08 No. 33003209
Ask if Uictoria is her real name or strawberry? Did she ever know a Bellator and Praelia?

2018-10-03 06:45:14 No. 33004428
Does Eda sense the Chronodaemon? they only acknowledged the presence of the other two.

Otherwise yeah maybe she knows Pip or Ann? quite possible since there is only one Tartarus dimension.

These are good questions but I still suspect we can get less biased answers from a good history book.
I approve. After dinner would be a good time. I guess I assumed Tourmaline's room was close by but maybe it's not here

2018-10-03 10:56:45 No. 33004831
>"As for larger governments they used to have a respect for the princesses, but now they bow to no one."

what caused that to change? was it the demon alliance with the deer? or what suplhichur did?

2018-10-03 12:19:15 No. 33004989

The colt asks what happened between them and the Sisters.

"Enough corrupt, power hungry individuals reached the top echelons of the Order. They decided they were beholden to no one and used the Order's assets for conquest under the veil of 'protection'. I wonder sometimes if some of the supposedly demon infested places that were conquered were even tainted with evil, or if the Order just wanted more real estate.

Emerald asks if her real name is Strawberry Spice.

"Yes." She says chuckling. "The Order gives you a new name when you become officially inducted. The names tend to be in old equine. I think my name meant 'victory', or something like that."

The colt asks if she ever met Joyride.

"Yeah. A nice mare, and a very powerully magical. Always found her a bit odd though. She's been in the Order for longer than I've been alive, and yet she looks so young."

The colt asks where the smoke in this kitchen goes.

"I dunno, up through the pipes somewhere." She says, pointing at thick points going up to the ceiling.

Emerald considers the possessed items, and remembers how Pip says he is already taken,and so no other demon will want to go after him. Perhaps he can safely wield a demonic weapon?

Emerald looks to Eda, who seems to be avoiding his eye. He walks over to her and apologizes, saying that he is sorry if he made her uncomfortable.

"Y-yeah it's fine, ha ha..." She says, trying to step back, and still not looking at him.

Emerald suddenly feels some movement at his side and realizes Pip's book is vibrating slightly. When he pulls it out Eda seems to get more scared.

What does Emerald do?
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