You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-06 05:35:57 No. 33017422

Damia hiring Emerald for the night of domination and bondage. Starting with some warm up with a strapon.

2018-10-05 07:12:35 No. 33013527
Ask uictoria who's all locked up in the prison by the order? is Sleepy and Barb there? what about Sushi?

2018-10-05 10:06:20 No. 33014175

In our universe the white one was a very bad person that cursed the whole deer race. Is he just as bad here?

2018-10-05 09:58:35 No. 33014137
buttered corn... yum

Also The White One is alive in this universe? I thought that was ancient history where we're from.

2018-10-07 03:33:29 No. 33020876



Emerald thanks everyone for the food, and then mentioens that the deer lich they are talking about has been dead for centuries, and that he's surprsied it's still alive here.asks which side is winning the war.

"That's a good question, and I'm not sure I even know the answer." Uictoria says with a sigh. "I'm not even so sure that the Order even wants it to end. As long as they are fighting something definitely demonic and evil they have a reason to exist."

Emerald asks Uictoria if she's heard of anyone named Sleepy, Barb, or Sushi among the people who are locked up.

Ruby seems a bit saddened by these questions, and Rat answers for the mare, "Strawberry probably doesn't recognize Sleepy or Barb, but I do. How do you know those names? People from your dimension? Here they are dead, so I would appreciate if you watch your words when talking about them."

"...As for Sushi there was a spy who had that name, though they weren't really an ally. More like the enemy of my enemy is my friend, ya know?" Tourmaline says.

Emerald asks Tourmaline how his planning went.

"It went alright. Hey Eda, didn't you say there is something like, a poop demon that exists? Maybe we can drop one of those right in the center of town and stink up the place."

"Uh... I mean we could." Eda says a little alarmed.

The colt then asks about where the idea for the clown theme came from.

"Because clowns are scary, funny, and misunderstood. Just like us!" Tourmaline says.

What does Emerald do?
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