You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-07 04:00:29 No. 33020977
>a poop demon
Oh lord. Is this actually real? This opens up so many possibilities for petty and annoying crimes!
Can we summon multiple ones?

2018-10-07 04:06:11 No. 33020994
Barb and sleepy are still alive in my world. They are still thieves but they are friendly to me and the ruby I know. im sorry for your loss. Is it okay to ask what happened?

2018-10-07 05:04:57 No. 33021216
>How do you know those names? People from your dimension?

yes, they took Ruby in for a time. Were kinda a adoptive family of hers until she left and met me and my Joyride.

2018-10-07 06:11:51 No. 33021455

Emerald explains his Ruby's connection to Rat and the others, and apologizes about reminding them of something tragic.

"Yeah, they pretty much had the same relationship with Ruby here." Rat says. "Let's talk about something else."

Emerald turns the subject back to the poop demon, and asks what it looks like.

"Yeah, I bet it's really gross. Do you think it could walk around like Eda and stuff, like in a pony form? It doesn't smell bad in it's pony form does it?" Ruby adds.

Everyone looks to Ann and Eda. Neither seem particularly keen on answering.

"They are gross. Must you make us describe it?" Eda says putting a hoof to her face.

"They are made of... You know. A mobile, transforming mound of it." Ann says looking up at the ceiling.

"But you always smell it first. The smell... It'll put you off food for a week, or maybe even strike the ones of weaker constitution down dead." Eda says shaking slightly.

"And it gets everywhere..." Ann says gagging slightly.

This part of the conversation winds down as the pair of demons become less and less willing to speak. It looks like they are about to ask Uictoria about the poop demons, but Emerald has something more important he wants to know. How she ended up leaving the Order.

"Pushed out, more like it. Someone higher up in the Order wanted me dead. Not a surprise why really. I had the same opinions then of the Order's current methods that I do currently, and did not hide it from anyone. What I had not expected however was an ambush by my own colleagues." Uictoria says.

Feeling the mood start to sorry a bit, Emerald asks Ruby or Tourmaline if they want to learn any magic from him.

"That'd be neat! Can I, Uictoria?" Ruby says looking to the mare. Uictoria snaps up suddenly and says, "Oh, a guest lecturer? He may know of some magic I do not."

"Well if Ruby wants to see, I can tag along." Tourmaline says with a giggle.

What does Emerald do?
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