You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-07 06:16:06 No. 33021473
sure let's do it after supper. Tell me what do you both know about magic? do either of you have a magic focus?

2018-10-07 06:25:55 No. 33021506
let's teach them the light and push spells. maybe magic missile if they are up to it.

2018-10-07 06:27:55 No. 33021518
does this sensoria know arcane eyes? she could help us teach ruby and tourmaline how to do it.

2018-10-07 09:02:13 No. 33022026

I like it. Also nice satan triples.


Emerald says that sounds like fun, and says he has to think of a spell to do. They agree to do it after dinner, and the colt asks if they have a place to practice.

"Not really. We just sort of have to make space where we can. Usually we prop the table up against the wall and just practice in this room. We can't go outside and practice after all. It's illegal for foals our age to cast spells and if someone sees us it'll be suspicious." Ruby replies.

Proceeds on after that, and Emerald asks how Sensoria got into the group.

"O-oh, me? I... Eerr, well I'm blind, but I can still see with m-magic. The Order were studying my uncanny ability to scry and see magically. I-I guess my ancestors had close links with demonic summoners. They said they were going to keep me prisoner a-and..." Sensoria heaves heavily. Uictoria puts a hoof on her shoulder, and she calms down slightly.

Eventually Rat and Alfalfa return, revealing that security has been really tightened around the castle district. As far as they know the general public hasn't heard about the two bodies yet. The dinner finishes pretty soon after that, and the two demons and two stallions decide to go do dishes while Sensoria goes to rest and Uictoria supervises the magic lesson.

Emerald thanks Uictoria as she gets the table out of the way, and then asks if Tourmaline and Ruby have focuses.

"Yup! Lemme go get mine." Ruby says dashing into the bedroom in the back. Tourmaline excuses himself politely and goes to his room, returning moments later with a golden, princely looking scepter. Ruby then bounds back over to Tourmaline and shows hers. A sheathed dagger, that when revealed has sort of wavy quality to it's blade.

Emerald has a lot of useful spells. The colt tries to consider which one would be appropriate to teach.

What does Emerald do?
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