You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-10 03:27:59 No. 33032897
smile at tourmaline. well I guess it's time for you to show us to our room then. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

2018-10-10 04:51:44 No. 33033182
Ask Uictoria if there are any spells she doesn't know that we might before we go to bed.

2018-10-10 04:56:10 No. 33033203
ask uictoria if she could teach us a spell, if not tonight then tomorrow, she might know one we don't

2018-10-10 07:24:02 No. 33033808

Emerald thanks Sensoria and congratulates the two foals on their success with the spell.

"Here, lemme show you the bunks!" Ruby says, but Tourmaline cuts her off and says, "I'll be bunking with the guest. We have some things we have to talk about."

"Aww, alright." She says wandering off.

Before he leaves he asks Uictoria for any spells she could teach him later.

"Hmm, I'll think on it." Uictoria says, yawning. Emerald notices that not everyone goes to bed. Alfalfa and Rat leave again. As they go into his room he ask Tourmaline what they are up to.

"Well, just like the evil they hunt, the Order does most of it's dirtiest business during the night." He then holds out a foreleg revealing something a bit like a large closet. There are books scattered all around, along with loose papers and scrolls. Emerald then notices beneath these things are a treasure chest. There is also a dresser, and some sort of large ornament that looks a bit like a bottle.

"A space all to myself, pretty cool huh?" He says.

What does Emerald do?
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