You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-20 03:38:08 No. 33071836
my joyride once served the necromancer seplucher but left after he changed his plans and decided to retire to life in a lonely village in the zebra lands. I know that in your history books that seplucher went forward with his plans of conquest and was thus destroyed. Do you think that could've been the event that changed her? it certainly would be a secret a mare like her wouldn't want the order to know.

2018-10-20 03:46:11 No. 33071882
sure 'foreplay'. So why not get yourself comfortable while we talk. otherwise I feel like I should be dressed up if you going to wear the cape and crown.

2018-10-20 04:08:28 No. 33072002
>"Heh, yeah, but not now. Let's talk a little first. Call it... Foreplay I guess." Tourmaline says wiggling back.

Well what else would you like to talk about? other than you looking cute over there.

2018-10-20 04:57:18 No. 33072204
So tourmaline ever had sex before with anypony? I know you've been hitting on me as much as i've on you. guess it's a mutual attraction of ourself. i hope i'm as pretty to you as you are to me. give a wink.

2018-10-20 05:17:35 No. 33072293

Emerald comments that in his dimension Sepulcher never went through with his invasion, and maybe that has something to do with it since Joyride was part of his army.

"Hmm... Maybe she felt guilty in this dimension? Maybe she never joined the zombie hordes at all? I wouldn't really know. Sepulcher was killed long before I was even born." He says with a shrug. He then plops right next to Emerald on the makeshift bed. He doesn't take off any of his clothes.

Emerald asks how often Hope recruits for her choir, and how she goes about doing that.

"She finds a colts she's particularly interested in and 'trains' him, if you know what I mean. In all seriousness when a foal shows promise she takes them in and trains them to become loyal dogs to the Order." He thinks for a second and then says. "Usually they display some sort of strength. Like strength, magical ability, bravery, or all of the above."

Emerald asks what he wants to speak about.

"Did you... Did you say you might know who your mother was? I actually don't care that much or anything." He says trying to be dismissive, and then finishes. "But you know, since I had the chance I was wondering if you knew."

What does Emerald do?
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