You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-10-21 08:47:40 No. 33076528
>"It sounds like you are planning something dangerous there though. Are you sure you are up for it?"

well my goal is to get back to my own world. My Joyride and my Ruby needs me. if I can't convince or force your joyride to send me home then i'll have to get home by other means.

2018-10-21 09:08:06 No. 33076579
>. Are you sure you are up for it?"

i'm willing to take the risks but... i'm not one to turn down help.

2018-10-21 10:02:42 No. 33076712
>Are you sure you are up for it?"
well i'm you from another world. So do you feel YOU are up to it? I think you have your answer.

2018-10-21 11:38:31 No. 33076988
Infiltrate sounds kind of... long term.

We are basically dependent on this universes joyride to send us home, and we need her on our good side.

2018-10-22 12:27:05 No. 33077094
>"It sounds like you are planning something dangerous there though. Are you sure you are up for it?"

i don't know. it's dangerous but it might be my only way to get home. but I have to take risks and be brave for not just myself but for those of my world. I do worry what they might do to me if they learned of my affiliation with demons. Not just those two but the third one. the one bound in my amulet.

2018-10-22 02:27:14 No. 33077368
Has the Order ever seen Tourmerald's face? We should ask him this, and if he thinks no, we need to urge him to only say so if he is sure. I'm thinking there must be some trickery we can pull considering we can have up to three Emeralds running around simultaneously.

2018-10-22 05:36:44 No. 33079335
change subjects. Ask if Tourmaline's identity is known to anypony. is the order here looking for a "emerald"?

2018-10-23 04:52:17 No. 33082712



Emerald says he's willing to take the risk. He needs to get to Joyride so he can return to his dimension. If that means he has to infiltrate the Order, than he'll have to take that risk and do it.

"I mean, really though? Are you sure?" Tourmaline asks.

Emerald points out that they are basically the same person, and asks what he would do if he was in this situation.

"Heh! You know, I like your zeal!" He says, standing up. "Lemme know if I can help. You know, as long as I don't have to do too much."

Emerald smiles, and asks if the Order knows who Tourmaline is, or if they've ever seen him.

"Hrm, I've never visited the castle before no, but they'd my name for sure. The only person I know there directly is Papillon, and she would also come to visit me. It's possibly some of the higher-ups may know who I am though."

What does Emerald do?
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