You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-11-01 05:31:26 No. 33118444
well would one of those four be possibly you? I want you to be honest with me. What would be needed to make sex with you safe for myself should you and I copulate?

2018-11-01 07:11:06 No. 33118754
Pip mentioned yesterday that the various types of demons are usually in a hierarchy of who they are. what more could you tell me about it? like where would a succubus rank in comparison to to a fire demon in tartarus?

2018-11-01 05:55:44 No. 33118526
tell Ann that sometime in the near future we are going to try to infiltrate the order of the arrow to get close to their joyride. You may have to stay here while I do that for your safety and mine. If and when I do this you have any suggestions to shield any demonic taint or presence on me from their prying eyes?

2018-11-01 07:03:32 No. 33118720
How good is her shape changing ability? like if needed how long could she pose as somepony?

2018-11-01 09:45:52 No. 33119274

Emerald asks if there is a way they could copulate in order to get the ring off. He also asks Ann if she has a way to sense the desire in others in order to make getting the ring off easier.

"Yes to both, Ah-ha..." Ann says, rubbing the back of her head and then crossing her arms. "I know this is sort of ironic coming from me but I feel like we kinda have a bigger situation on our hooves here. Shouldn't you be working on a way out? I'd rather not be killed by these nut jobs running the city."

Emerald nods, and then tells Ann that sometime in the near future he is going to try to infiltrate the order of the arrow to get close to their Joyride. He says that Ann may have to stay here while he does that. For both their safeties. He asks if she can shield any demonic taint or presence on me from their prying eyes.

"Not others, no." She says a bit disdainfully before brightening up. "That is a power beyond that of a succubus but... Hey you know, I bet Eda could help you with that. Assassins are pretty good at the kind of thing, and the demon kind especially so."

The colt asks how the hierarchy of power for demons even works.

"It's a chaotic system of power upheaval, winding schemes, and wars... At least politically." She says shrugging. "If you mean in the way in matters, the pyrodaemons are on top. Why do you think Tartarus is always on fire? That's the way they like it. Behind them is the cryodaemons, who own a deep part of it... They sort of eternally war with each other. Below that are a few others, and then the rest of us, where the politics I mentioned starts to kick in."

Emerald says that asks how long she can hold her shape changing ability for.

"As long as I need to." She says, tilting her head again.

What does Emerald do?
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