You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-11-03 10:19:13 No. 33127123
>As for cooking, we switch off. It falls to me on more occasions since sleep is as necessary for demons as it is for ponies."

So demons need to sleep too? or was this line meant to be "isn't as necessary"?

2018-11-03 10:34:24 No. 33127162
If ruby is, then we can ask her when she gets here, assuming ann doesn't show up on her own. Ann is a big girl.

Worst case scenario, ann and ruby end up eating together, separately from everyone else.

2018-11-04 04:11:07 No. 33130387
Ask what are today's plans. Do mention to Ruby we plan on helping with her education later.

2018-11-04 06:39:53 No. 33131087

Emerald says that he had a good nights sleep, and shares a knowing look with Tourmaline, who is of course sitting at the head of the table. He asks if he had to stay up late.

"Yeah. We were tailing one of the newer accusers that came into town. He looks like a dude wearing a shark's head. We'll probably need to do it again tonight, because we couldn't gather too much info." He says sighing.

The colt notices that Eda isn't eating, and that Ann has far less food than anyone else. Emerald asks about this, and Ann comments that she doesn't want to be rude. He remembers that they don't really need to eat, and wonders if sleep is the same way.

"We don't really get tired in the same way, but who doesn't like a good nap? It's one of the few nice things about being up here other than the souls." She then laughs a little creepily while and continues. "It's not really a great idea to sleep in Tartarus you know. Not unless you want to sleep permanently. Eh-heh-heh..."

Emerald asks what today's plans are.

Most of them say they are going out or sleeping, but it sounds like Ruby, Tourmaline, Eda, and Ann will be hanging around today. Uictoria should be coming back soon, but she'll probably want to sleep a little when she returns.

What does Emerald do?
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