You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-11-05 11:01:06 No. 33133295
We should ask if they have any bullets for an Etherlock pistol, We've been carrying this thing long enough and have yet to even be properly armed with it.

Also I want to go get Pip's book. Leaving an item like that unattended is monumentally irresponsible.

2018-11-06 04:22:08 No. 33137868

Emerald asks if they have any Etherlock pistol ammo.

"Nah, that kind of thing is military only. Hopefully we'll get access to some though. I always thought those weapons looked cool." Tourmaline says grinning.

The colt then asks if they've ever thought of enchanting their masks.

"Well, some of them are." Tourmaline says. "Rat can turn invisible temporarily. Sensoria's allows long range contact with Alfalfa, and Uictoria's let's her cast a lesser version of 'Straight as an Arrow' on herself."

Emerald decides right now would be a good time to grab Pip. After all, it's probably not a good idea to leave her unwatched, even if she is stuck in her book. Luckily Emerald finds her tome quite quickly in the barracks. There is only one shelf, and there isn't really that much on it.

Emerald hears a knock on the door of the hideout, and Alfalfa rushes quickly over to it. There is some whispered conversation, and then the door is opened, revealing a haggard looking Uictoria.

What does Emerald do?
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