You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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Emerald trots over to Uictoria and asks if she's okay, and if she wants some breakfast.

"Yes to both those things, little one." Uictoria says, patting the colt on the head a few times and then walking over to the table. Emerald goes to grab her some food as Tourmaline asks.

"You see Sensoria on the way back?"

"Yeah, she'll be back soon. She just wanted to double check the area to make sure no one was around." Uictoria says yawning as Emerald pushes some porridge in front of her.

Emerald asks Tourmaline about the "straight as an arrow" spell is.

It's actually Uictoria who answers and says, "It's a modified version of a berserk spell for emergency use. The mage casts a spell on someone and then names a target. The enchanted person becomes fixed on taking out the target, and their strength, fitness, reaction times, pain resistance, and especially their speed become drastically increased. Unlike other spells of their kind the enchanted person keeps their mental faculties for their most part. That is to say while they are fixated on their target, they still have a sense of self preservation and can identify friendlies."

Emerald asks if they have such a great spell why isn't it used for non-emergencies?

"Because it's rough on the target of the spell. Even if they were to take out the enemy quickly their body can become exhausted by short term use of the spell. Most require a day or two of rest afterwards, and that's the best case situation. Because of the rise in pain tolerance and their fixation on their target some fight while mortally wounded without realizing it until afterwards."

What dose Emerald do?
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