You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-11-30 05:45:19 No. 33239244
Lucky post! This post is lucky!

Looks like a Sunbutt inspired spell, maybe? I love the notion that Sunbutt could fuck the undead up and would generally be feared by undead with enough unrotted brain to do so, Sunlight and all that.

.Tell Whicktoria that we'd like to get a choir job, whereabouts in the city do we go? And hey, just to indulge my mild metagaming can we ask about that Sun symbol? I want my Sunbutt lores, mention that it seems familiar.

2018-11-30 06:07:07 No. 33239334
Our worlds version of her and us got into a misunderstanding and apparently she also hates our Joyride. Is there any way we can convince her to put the past aside and hear us out?

2018-11-30 06:09:44 No. 33239347
>I would prefer you wouldn't speak with her either. She'd probably be a bad influence." U

Duly noted but there's a good chance I will run into her while seeking out Joyride. So what you can tell about her the better. But if you rather not say in the presence of others...

2018-11-30 06:11:06 No. 33239356
>She'd probably be a bad influence.

Strawberry, I appreciate your concern for my well being but I do have a succubus that is bound to me and a fire demon with me. I doubt she could be any worse of a influence than they are.

2018-11-30 07:18:11 No. 33239632
When I return to my world there's a good chance I'll probably run into my version of you. Is there something I could tell her that might help make her rethink what she is doing?

2018-12-01 04:32:34 No. 33243465

(Yes, it's Celestia's QT mark.)


Emerald says he may run into Sunshine, so it's best to know as much as possible about her. She needn't worry too much about bad influences around her.

"Fair point I suppose. Hrm, Sunshine Sea likes to..." Uictoria says before pausing for a second. "Tease, I suppose would be the best way to put it. Hopefully being a child she'll be less crass, but she does like to speak her mind."

Emerald asks if there is anything he could say to his version of Uictoria to put the past aside and hear us out.

"No, probably not. If the me in your dimension is anything like myself, then I likely wouldn't change my view on things without a particularly traumatic event."

(Did we want to time skip ahead at all? Also pic unrelated)

What does Emerald do?
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