You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-12-01 04:34:26 No. 33243474
>(Did we want to time skip ahead at all?

eh maybe to the evening I suppose. As long as we have a cute pic of us teaching ruby her 123's and abc's.

2018-12-01 04:36:26 No. 33243484
ask for another spell as warding demons don't seem all that useful at the moment. maybe something that could help protect us if and when we infiltrate the order.

I'm going to need more info if I'm going to plan something. Like where does hope and the choir stay? what security measures do order buildings have in terms of warding? how do they usually treat others if something suspicious happens. Do they kill foals? torture them?

2018-12-01 04:55:04 No. 33243561
I could go either way to be honest, I like the sloer pace right now. reminds me of the boat, but I can understand if some want to move along if we do timeskip I'd rather not jump too far ahead. maybe to dinner at least?

Anyway let's test the ward and thank sensoria for her time. maybe ask her what she's going to be doing now and if she's leaving again.

Let's see where Eda mysteriously left to.

Also see if Ruby needs helping learning some general education things. we can do that after we finish looking for Eda.

2018-12-01 07:04:12 No. 33244078
>I likely wouldn't change my view on things without a particularly traumatic event."
That is... a very brazen thing to admit to. I would hope you, having gone through a tramatic event as a direct result of that mindset, would have tempered that a little.

For what purpose? Aren't we just going to be doing more walking around? I was kinda expecting this to just be social quest for a bit wherein we slowly realize that we are actually a fairly annoying and pushy little snot.
Sure, I guess. If you don't have any drive to write these scenes, don't.
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