You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2018-12-02 05:37:15 No. 33247809
ask for another spell as warding demons don't seem all that useful at the moment. maybe something that could help protect us if and when we infiltrate the order.

I'm going to need more info if I'm going to plan something. Like where does hope and the choir stay? what security measures do order buildings have in terms of warding? how do they usually treat others if something suspicious happens. Do they kill foals? torture them?

2018-12-02 06:04:01 No. 33247894
how well do they know the grounds of the Order's joint? See if we can find a map of the city and add their own personal knowledge to it too. Study that map because presumably we'll be searched when we go there, and a detailed map might look suspicious. Best to memorize, we got the right stats for it.

2018-12-02 08:49:05 No. 33248579

Emerald asks Ann to enter the room and walk over to them. Emerald notices that Uictoria steps on top of the seal out of the corner of his eye.

Ann walks into the room and towards the pair, but seems to smack right into a wall part way. "Agh, what? Is there a seal here? Do you not want me to leave that badly?"

Emerald apologizes, and says that he was just testing it out.

"Oh." Ann says rubbing her snout. She puts her hoof in the air until she feels what seems to be an invisible wall. She then puts a hoof about that, and starts to feel around it. She then taps her hoof against it. It actually makes a bit of a knocking noise."Well, please don't leave any up."

Emerald assures her they won't, and asks if maybe she could teach him something that would help him with the Order.

"Hmm. Well I'm not sure any particular spell would be useful over any other. They have pretty high security and don't generally let any suspicious enchantments stick around. I suppose I would suggest leaving any suspicious items here with us. I don't mean just suspiciously magical either. How did you say you got in here? They might check your story."

Emerald asks if they have any maps of the Order grounds, or maybe security anything about the security detail.

"Yes, but mostly from me. The Castle's floor plan is a strictly guarded secret. As for the guard detail I doubt it has changed much since I was there. It's not like we are the only subversive group in this city after all." She says.

What does Emerald do?
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