You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-03-19 04:57:10 No. 33637760
So what is our strategy here? Cast smoke cloud use true vision and hit him while he's blinded?

2019-03-19 05:51:56 No. 33637926
No practice weapon, we'll fuck Prince with our magic alone. When the match starts lead with smoke and arcane sight, then fire off some magic missiles from the side.

2019-03-19 06:02:49 No. 33637958
I'm not sure if we want a weapon. He couldn't cast the full power blinding flash but if he is their magic guy we might be out matched in terms of smashing spells against each other.

We need to learn what he can do and then I wonder if we can get him off balance by playing the trickster, things like acting like we are trying to freeze him in place when we are actually trying to make the floor slippery so he can't dodge without breaking his concentration or cast shield on him / right in front of him when he is about to cast something.

I don't dislike the idea for something to try but it is a bigger move and if he knows the theory for blinding flash he might also know a vision spell or have practice fighting without vision for a short while so we should probably not use that as our opening move when he is completely fresh and focused.

2019-03-19 06:09:40 No. 33637974
Smoke and arcane sight.

Ask them for a practice dagger.

If magic missles are non lethal use those.


2019-03-19 06:37:25 No. 33638034

Emerald asks Hope what sort of magic is allowed. He then turns to Larimar and asks if he could have a dagger. Larimar nods, and walks over to a nearby rack against the wall.

"You both are rather young and inexperienced, and I'm a pretty good healer, so I doubt there is much risk of permanent injury or death. When emotions run high magic can run wild and something might happen I don't expect. Just try to stay calm during your match, and if things are getting to scary just call for the match to end." Hope says, smiling.

Larimar returns and hands Emerald the dagger. It's made of wood with a decent amount of heft to it, but has no sharp edges. If anything, it's more like a club sized and shaped like a dagger.

Emerald asks what will gain him points, and how the match will end.

"First to five points or most points after one minute. A clean hit gives a point. A clean hit is a spell or physical strike that isn't deflected or shielded." Hope says, like she was reading from a book.

Emerald looks at his dagger again. He wonders if he should maybe go without it. After all, Prince isn't using a weapon other than his focus. On the other hoof, with it he could use his Smoke + Arcane sight to strike at him quickly. Another thing he considers is that he is immune to magic when he has his amulet. Perhaps he should store it somewhere?

What does Emerald do?
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