You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-10 07:03:22 No. 33727260
Stopping just like that? Are we sure Hope said that? Keep our guard up until Prince agrees to stop.

2019-04-10 07:17:51 No. 33727298
Seems like a pretty obvious trick considering he seems to like to match us talent for talent and we just used an illusion. Also Hope is officiating so she would probably order us to stop not ask, also the timing is both convenient in that it would distract us and unfair to Prince that he doesn't get time to even the score.

I don't think we should blast him immediately as it would be unsporting if that was the real hope but looking behind us seems like a really gullible thing to do.

2019-04-10 07:21:51 No. 33727306
That is clearly Prince trying to show us up with his own illusion. Create an illusion of ourselves to turn around and respond to Hope while the real us sidesteps and fires back.

2019-04-10 08:31:45 No. 33727489
Actually, I change my suggestion. If he thinks he can trick us, he'll attack in a moment. That means a lack of defense. If we play dumb, we can get him to try to hit us. As a bonus, we wouldn't appear to be ignoring hope. We could make an illusion to be our bait, but that's just too obvious. Instead, we should act like we are an illusion. Slowly walk towards prince while maintaining a non-threatening manner. Agree to the suggestion. "What? Alright then." When we are close enough, just punch him with our very real hoof. If he thinks we are real and tries to attack us, just shield.

2019-04-11 06:46:40 No. 33730641



Emerald is about to turn to Hope and thank her for coming, and maybe even give Prince a bow or a respectable hoof shake, but then he realizes something... Maybe that wasn't Hope? The timing seems too perfect.

The colt waits for a second, watching what Prince does.

His opponent, who still has his wand up, lowers it slightly with a huff. "W-well, I guess you were smart enough not to fall for that, but I almost got you didn't I? I didn't even have to use a higher level spell like you did. You sure you want to keep going? I bet you are feeling pretty tired."

Emerald smiles and says he wants to keep going, but in the back of his mind he realizes something. He's been using a lot of magic. So far he has casted the smoke spell, the arcane sight (which he is still using), two magic missiles, the shield spell, and the major illusion spell. Prince has casted the arcane sight, the spell to make Hope's voice, two shields, the small electric ball, and the two hoof spells.

He isn't sure how powerful those spells are, but Prince doesn't seem tired in anyway.

"How about we end this as soon as possible? Who needs more than one round? Let's go all out." Prince says, smirking again.

From the way he is talking, Emerald thinks his opponent might have a plan.

What does Emerald do?
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