You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-13 03:22:23 No. 33739138
He probably can't cast arcane sight anymore and hear you with his heavy breathing either

2019-04-13 03:30:40 No. 33739180
Cover your eyes and use the sound of his voice to cast a simple push spell to get him on the ice.

2019-04-13 03:31:47 No. 33739191
Are we still doing the boost gimmick? cause this is a perfect opportunity for that

2019-04-13 03:40:08 No. 33739238
carefully move away from the spot we were last standing, while trying not to slip, and listen for his breathing.

2019-04-13 04:09:40 No. 33739431
There is no need to use the push spell, which we should save anyway.

It's possible that prince is just standing there, waiting for us to try to hit him. If so, all we have to do is nothing, and maybe slowly and quietly back into a wall. I'm kinda partial to this strategy. It will also tell us if prince is still able to cast arcane sight, since prince will be able to find and strike at us under those conditions, though we can still shield. I kinda think he would break our shield though.

Assuming that prince isn't waiting to counter our aggression, we could toss an illusory voice at him and say something like "you seem tired." from behind him. It would give us an opening if he reacted to it. It's such a good idea that I'm about 100% certain it is what prince is trying to do to us right now and that it wouldn't work on him.

In a few moments, the blindness should wear off, which also means that the attack should come quickly, probably right before we can see clearly with arcane sight. I'm unsure of what to actually do about it.

Wait, I got it. Rush for the ice patch. Our goal is to use the poor footing to decrease prince's chances of succeeding at his cheap-shot. Place a weak but large shield on either side of the ice, thus limiting prince's movement options and wasting his time.

2019-04-13 04:11:22 No. 33739440
His voice's direction is also being manipulated and cannot be trusted as information.
> Prince says, breathing heavily from a direction that Emerald can't quite pinpoint.

2019-04-13 04:14:09 No. 33739459
Not sure if we should talk or act first as he may have lost his own sight and arcane sight being closer to the light source and wants to use hearing to find us.

Tempted to say we should cast icy patches around us and then compliment him that it was certainly big but the smokescreen ruined some of the grandeur.

I'm assuming he is going to try and close in on us for one last series of attacks, if we could score two in quick succession he will want to do three or four.

2019-04-13 04:43:15 No. 33739624
I might have underestimated him. He could be feigning that the light spell took heavy toll on him. Now that I thought twice we can't trust his voice. But we are also virtually blind right now so maybe we could do something else.

Hmm... like we could just hop to the side and wait for the flash to go away without looking. I don't trust that looking at this for too long won't leave Emerald dazed as a side effect.

2019-04-13 05:25:45 No. 33739853

Emerald points his focus out to where he thinks Prince is and casts a freezing ray. He then feels something hit him in the chest. He stumbles backwards, and just as he is standing back up he hears.

"Emerald takes this round, 5 to 2." Hope says.

The colts eyes start to clear a bit, and he sees the ray he shot out ended up grazing Prince in the back left leg. He shakes it off and says, "Ha ha... Well I did say I'd get at least one more point. Had to steal your trick though."

The dome shield falls and the smoke starts to dissipate. Prince points at the ground, and Emerald sees the focus staff laying near him. Prince must have thrown it at him."

"Hmm, you were doing well at conserving your mana until the end there, Prince." Hope says chuckling, "I don't think I've seen you get so worked up."

"Yeah, I think it was pretty clear how things were going, so I thought I would try something new." Prince says, embarrassed. "Got a bit frustrated."

"Nice! Didn't know you were that good at magic!" Scout says coming up and slapping him on the back.

"Aww, sorry you didn't win." Rocky says, coming over to Prince.

"It's fine." Prince says convincingly, though looking a bit dejected.

"I think we'll stop there for today." Hope says clapping. "Good job to you both."

What does Emerald do?
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