You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-15 04:53:45 No. 33747704
"That's pretty cool! We should duel sometime."

Now that the duel is over and Hope has to leave, what does our merry band do? When can we see Joyride?

2019-04-15 04:55:34 No. 33747710
>. Scout fights similar to Emerald though more reserved, and Scout throws himself head on

2019-04-15 05:08:53 No. 33747780
I think he's talking about spellcasting. Cheeky and deceptive, but Scout probably doesn't burn as much mana as we do, likely preferring physical strikes over magical ones.

2019-04-15 06:22:29 No. 33748087
>"One point for Emerald."
>"Four points for Emerald, one for Prince."
>"Emerald takes this round, 5 to 2."
>You've seen Prince and Emerald's. Scout fights similar to Emerald
hey so when did we tell them our real name?

2019-04-15 06:55:20 No. 33748235
Check the Joyride compass: is she back yet?
have Prince and Emerald teach each other those spells

2019-04-15 11:59:36 No. 33749068
>You've seen Prince and Emerald's. Scout fights similar to Emerald though more reserved, and Scout throws himself head on, and is fond of conjuring weapons or enchanting them."

I don't think we told them our real name fic. if they knew i doubt we'd be standing here right now as opposed to being in a cell.

2019-04-16 12:06:42 No. 33749085
You missed the second part. Scout gets named twice though I assume the latter one of these is meant to be Larimar.
Ask how strong Johnathan is. Could it overpower us in a hoof-wrestle?

2019-04-16 08:09:27 No. 33749750
I checked the archive, we never explicitly told them our name. However, when we met with the choir for the first time, surely we must have introduced ourselves.

Honestly, I'm fine with them knowing our name. They seem to be good friends, they know our story, and it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't.

2019-04-16 05:07:17 No. 33750932

Emerald admits to being interested in sparring others, but asks when Joyride will be around.

"Probably early tomorrow. Now that Hope is back she apparently had some stuff she had to take care of." Hope says. "Her office is in this building, so it won't be far of a walk once she arrives."

Emerald takes out his compass and looks where it points. It's certainly pointing in the direction of #304 Coursewalk, but that doesn't mean she is necessarily there.

Hope shepherds them all back up to their quarters, and they spend more time talking. They have another session of teaching each other spells, and Emerald shows them how to use the smoke spell. They learn it pretty quick and it's a good thing they do, because the room might have started to fill with smoke had they not.

After openning some windows Emerald asks about the spell he cast around his focus.

"It's a pretty simple transmutation spell. You need something sort of this shaped to really make it work well though." He says, holding up his focus. "It's called 'Shillelagh' and it uses the strength of your magic rather than your muscles to make some forceful blows."

They try to teach him to cast it on his focus, but it doesn't seem to want to hold on it. It just makes the book look like it's wrapped loosely in ethereal branches. The colt does end up managing to learn it though after they grab a broom for him to practice on.

>Emerald learned the spell, Shillelagh!

Emerald asks them what they thought of they duel between him and Prince.

"It was pretty fun! I wish it could have gone for all three rounds though..." Scout says, casting a spell on his staff to light the room slightly. It's starting to get dark. The others seem to share this sentiment.

What does Emerald do?
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