You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-16 05:21:01 No. 33750978
So what you're saying is you want us to use this spell on our OTHER focus at some point.

2019-04-16 05:30:01 No. 33751003
Suggest that sometime we can have a rematch. Ask what's next on the usual schedule? Homework? Tending to hope's needs?

2019-04-16 07:43:07 No. 33751488

Emerald realizes that the Shillelagh spell might work well with his "other" focus, but he puts that out of his mind for now. Taking the opportunity to get to his things, he places his amulet back on.

He asks if the royal family ever visits often.

"Not them directly, but we have representatives that come and look around the Order every once and a while." Bristle says. "I don't know why they visit. They don't really seem to ever do anything."

Emerald then asks if they think Hope was studying his abilities during the fight and beforehand.

The colt then asks if he can walk around the castle.

"Not without permission." Larimar says to the greenish colt. "There are lot's of dangerous people and things around the Order HQ."

Emerald asks when they sing. He wants to here the choir do their thing.

"Not today. We have practice tomorrow though!" Scout says, grinning.

"Yeah probably. That's the sort of thing she likes to do with colts, especially ones that can cast magic." Scout says, nudging Emerald in the chest. "Maybe she wants to recruit you? That'd be cool, I feel like you'd fit right in!"

"It is a shame, isn't it? Since he's waiting for Joyride to go home or something." Prince says with a sad sigh.

Chat breaks out, and Emerald decides to talk with Rocky for a bit. Rocky is sitting on his bunk, swinging his doll around. Emerald finds it a bit dangerous for him to be swinging something made of stone like that, but no one else seems to be particularly perturbed.

"Oh, hey... What's up?" Rocky says, turning to Emerald with a friendly smile.

What does Emerald do?
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