You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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>Lord Sepulcher?
remember we checked the history books and LS was slain.

However we could ask if they know anything about the details of LS's war and defeat. (remember our Joyride had signed on to be part of his army. I wonder if this Joyride had done the same.)

2019-04-24 06:41:53 No. 33780869

Emerald asks if the Lich is named Lord Sepulcher.

"Hmm? No, Sepulcher died some time ago when he tried to take over Haunchhock to the west. Had a huge thrall army. Lucky the Order was there or there might be nothing left!" Bristle says.

Emerald asks if Joyride or Hope were there.

"I mean, possibly Joyride..." Prince says frowning. "But you'd have to ask her to be sure."

Emerald asks to the places they've traveled to.

"A little bit to the north to check out the deer war front, and also to go to one of the old goat ruins. We've been on the sea, and also to the west and to the Zebralands. One day I hope we get to go to Equestria." Prince says.

Emerald is about to ask more questions, but some of the guards say it's time for lights out, so they should be getting back to Hope. The choir gets up at this point, and Emerald follows them back to their living quarters. Their night time routine seems pretty ordinary. Removing their uniforms, brushing teeth, using the bathroom, and then they all lay down. Emerald follows suit, finds he falls asleep quite easily because of all the action he had today.


Emerald wakes up later to the sound of voices. They sound really muffled, and Emerald finds that it seems a bit too dark despite the hour. Looking around he sees that he is in some sort of bubble. The top of the bubble is pretty close to him, so the colt touches it, and his hoof passes through it quite easily. He can't quite put his head through though, as it's a bit too high for that. He'd have to get out of bed and walk out of the sides of the bubble.

Emerald leans over and looks into the beds. No one seems to be in their bunks.

What does Emerald do?
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