You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-25 06:11:37 No. 33783863
>Emerald wonders if the bubble was meant to block matter. He takes his pillow and tosses it into the sphere. It comes back down and lands on his chest. The colt examines the pillow and it doesn't seem harmed in any way.
That...that description doesn't tell us if it's momentum was stopped, slowed, or unaffected by the action. I would think emerald would have been able to tell. In each case, the pillow would still come back down. Were we checking the bubble for incineration properties? Why the fuck would they put us in a bubble that would incinerate us if we touched it.

2019-04-25 06:22:30 No. 33783904
Using our knowledge of our hope i think we can deduce what they are up to. Let's try to get out from the bubble

2019-04-25 06:36:57 No. 33783948
As far as I'm concerned, we weren't invited. I might be willing to just get up and "innocently investigate" if the bubble wasn't meant to stop us physically, because that would be a natural reaction to this weirdness, but we definitely shouldn't do anything that would give away the truth of our immunity to magic and hint at our possession.

Also hope must be thirsty as fuck to think she can just trust a bubble that doesn't even fully block sound to keep some nearby stranger mystery wizard from witnessing evidence of her illegal acts and possibly destroying her life. I mean, god, she knows Jonathan exists.

One thing we can do is jump down from our bunk as loudly as we can, just slamming into the wood with all 4 hooves, and then watch how they react. Assuming we can get out of the bubble without reavealing our anti-magic, we could jerk off while knowing she can see us in order to intentionally tilt our hand while also playing dumb, and then go back to bed. In any case, it's basically time for the frustration mechanic again.

2019-04-25 07:13:07 No. 33784064
I'm pretty certain it's that magic doesn't effect us directly, not thank it has no effect on us whatsoever. I bet the bubble is just blocking sound.

2019-04-25 07:39:52 No. 33784137
>I bet
Ok but if the magic doesn't effect us directly, then poking it with a hoof doesn't prove that it is not meant to physically block us. And if it is meant to physically block us, then leaving the bubble shows some evidence that we can negate magic.

2019-04-25 07:45:53 No. 33784155
Let's just have a peak outside. They shouldn't notice us if they didn't react to the pillow tossed out of the bubble just now.

2019-04-25 08:18:13 No. 33784255
Because our aura vision would've notice a change in the aura color plus a shift in movement. Remember auras can be different colors

2019-04-25 08:21:21 No. 33784269
If hope thinks we're stuck in the bubble, she would have no reason to pay close attention or stop what she is doing even if she felt us bump the bubble.

2019-04-25 08:40:51 No. 33784323
Barge in on what is undoubtedly a foal orgy and smugly/seductively wiggle your eyes at hope

2019-04-25 09:09:24 No. 33784395
Hope's having an orgy without us?! No waiting around! If we wait, they'll all be too tired for Emerald to get any fun. We're going! Hope might panic but hey, she'll be locked in a situation of either letting us join, or going through the really boring process of erasing our memories. We know already we're her taste, I think this is a safe gamble. Rub amulet on bubble, escape, watch orgy, then walk in and let them know that it is now that the party can really start.

We can pretend we pierced the bubble with our erection or something I dunno. We can worry about explaining our anti-magic later.

2019-04-25 09:28:47 No. 33784435
If we can negate magic like that, than there couldn't be an instance of anything magical in the history o the quest effecting is in any way. Like the various magical potions we've taken or the magical cockring we're wearing.

2019-04-25 09:40:52 No. 33784460
You're saying that if we could pass through purely magical barriers, than physical drinks and artifacts couldn't possibly affect us.
That's almost definitely coming straight from your butt.

2019-04-25 10:01:40 No. 33784523
Your saying that we can negate powerful magical effects by simply coming into contact with them. Meaning no magical effects should be able to work against us. Also, why wouldn't the bubble have just popped?

2019-04-25 10:39:36 No. 33784607
I never said it would be negated. I'm saying that magic doesn't seem to affect us directly. It can't target us and if, say, a spell produced a bunch of light, the light would be physical and would probably hit us just fine. If it was a direct blindness spell, it would probably fail. If a magic missile was tossed, it would probably dissipate when it hit our personal invisible anti-magic bubble thing. Remember when we tried to cast a shield centered on our body and we couldn't do it and instead had to target an inanimate object?

But then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the conjured photons would unravel before they reached our eyes. Maybe the magic missile would hit our body instead of the shield and just do nothing instead of dissipate. Maybe a physical containment bubble WOULD break if we touched it. We haven't tested this kinda stuff, despite how very valuable and interesting information on an affect like this should be to an aspiring young adventure-wizard. We don't know this kinda stuff, which is why testing is a good idea and our respective preconceived notions are pointless noise (yes, even mine), and we should bother checking.

2019-04-26 12:34:42 No. 33784955
I just want to know if our amulet is what lets us move through the bubble. If so, walking through that bubble and getting caught will raise questions.

2019-04-26 01:33:33 No. 33785065
>"Well, she was a great warrior and wizard before she even joined the Order. Essentially a mercenary demon hunter."
>pic related

Alright, stop fucking around and poke your head out to see what's up with that bubble. We're wearing the amulet so it should be fine to at least see with our own eyes what's up in here.

2019-04-26 03:17:35 No. 33785221
Oh fucking god she’s here

Hope “Straight Flota” Blossoms
Hope “Mother’s Kisses” Blossoms
Hope Blossoms “The Grope Pope”
Hope “The Brat Spoiler” Blossoms
Hope “In-sermon-ate Me” Blossoms
Hope “It’s Okay, I’m a Nurse” Blossoms
Hope “Little Boys Are my Toys” Blossoms
Hope “Likes Them Before They” Blossoms
Hope “You Aren’t Thinking of Telling Anyone” Blossoms
Hope “I Want Your Son to Cum in my Buns” Blossoms
Hope “Oggling Preetens Makes Me into Genesis 7:17” Blossoms

2019-04-26 05:32:15 No. 33786941
Emerald decides he can't be bothered and decides to simply go back to sleep.

2019-04-26 07:27:58 No. 33787284
Emerald can not comprehend the sight beyond the door, it is as far from sex as any sane pony could imagine, farther still in fact.

Emerald falls to the floor as his mind implodes and he tries to pry the image from his eyes.

2019-04-26 07:54:28 No. 33787345
Well ok then. If nothing else, we've got something to grin about until we're not tired, they trust us a bit more, and we catch one of them in a moment of weakness.

2019-04-26 08:26:12 No. 33787419

Emerald steps through the bubble and...


Spots something interesting.

What does Emerald do?
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