You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2019-04-26 08:30:47 No. 33787434
You know i was actually willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, well i guess is time to join in on the sex puddle

2019-04-27 12:47:45 No. 33788006
"h-hey can I join too guys?" indicate to your erection. maybe also ask them to help us get the cockring off since they'll probably see the ring anyway.

2019-04-27 06:43:57 No. 33791542

The colt steps forward, making his presence known.

"Wha-?! H-hey this isn't what it looks like!" Larimar says, clearly embarrassed and removing himself from Hope quickly. Many of the others stop as well.

"Oh no, I didn't want you to see this..." Hope says, though Emerald sees a little smirk on her face. "That's why I put up the barrier."

"You can't tell anyone about this okay? Hope would-" Bristle starts, but Emerald forestalls him and says he wants to join in.

"Really now?" Prince says coming closer.

"Heh, I knew you were cool." Scout says, hoping over as well.

Emerald explains that he has a little problem that he wants to get rid of, turning around and showing them all his ring.

"What's this?" Prince asks.

"Ha ha, what the heck?" Scout says, poking the ring.

"Ah I see, well perhaps we can get that off you tonight." Hope says in a sultry manner.

What does Emerald do?
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