You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-10-22 07:42:13 No. 25182098


>Emerald got fucked by Joyride.
>We find out that Emerald's pendant is some sort of weird magic thing, and that Emerald can read a lot of languages.
>Emerald and Joyride leave Hope behind, as she heads north to get back to her work.
>Emerald and Joyride meet a mercenary on the road, and he is dealt with.
>Joyride offers to let Emerald have his way with Stargazer, but he freaks out and declines.
>Emerald and Joyride meet a dragon, and after initially tricking it to go away get in a fight.
>Emerald escapes with the box Stargazer is trapped in, and both the Dragon and Joyride disappear.
>Emerald is found by some different soldiers, and they open the box.
>A transformed Stargazer attacks, and Emerald books it.
>He passes out, and wakes up in a farm with two ponies standing over him.

Continued next post...

2015-10-22 08:01:44 No. 25182313

"I'm sorry for waking up in your field. I kind of had a rough night yesterday." Emerald says, sitting up, "I need to get going though. Can you point me west towards Whiterwater?"

"Oh, sure! But erm... Me and my bro were kinda curious. What's in that letter?" Praline says pointing at Emerald's head.

"A letter...?" says looking up and making the scroll fall to the ground.

"Yeah it was weird!" Praline says giggling, "It appeared out of nowhere!"

Emerald unravels the note and reads it to himself.


Hey Lil' Perv,

Just wondering if you are still alive. Long story short, I won. If you still have your lantern shoot me a letter and I'll come get you. If you don't have the lantern, come meet me at the Scurvy Swallow in Whitherwater. If you are dead, do whatever you want.


PS: You better still have my box.

Praline looks at Emerald with bright-eyed curiosity.

Emerald is right about to answer, but then there is a flash and a suction sound, and ashes swirl around Emerald's head, forming into another note.

Emerald quickly unrolls this one too.


Dear Emerald,

Hi, how are you doing? It's me, Hope! I'm sorry it took so long to send a message to you, but I had to wait until I got back to our base at Northpoint so I could use my own personal lantern. We did have a dragonfire lamp there in our Trotton camp, but it was for emergency use only. We actually packed up from Trotton pretty quick after I got back. Apparently my comrades didn't find any other ponies to rescue, and the Whitherwater army soon took over the area and shooed us away. I guess something big is going on there!

How are you doing? I hope Joyride isn't giving you a hard time. If she is, tell her that I'll never forgive her! I want you to be safe. You've had it hard up until now and I just want you to know that you are very strong for surviving this long.

Hopefully we'll see each other again.

Hope Blossoms.


What does Emerald do?

2015-10-23 07:16:13 No. 25193806

Emerald quickly retrieves the pen and notepad from his backpack and scrawls out a note to Joyride, telling her where he is, and how he lost the box in as much detail as he can remember. He starts to write a second letter to Hope telling her not to worry, that Joyride is being okay and though he is separated from her he'll beback soon.

While he is doing this he notices Praline staring at him.

"Whoa! You can read AND write?" She says in awe.

"Is it really that impressive...?" Emerald says a little taken back.

Giles chuckles disdainfully.

"Sure! I don't know anyone else who can write! Grandpa could, but he ain't around anymore." Praline says shrugging and ignoring her brother, "You gotta teach me!"

"Uh, sure." Emerald says smiling, and then goes back to finishing the letter to Hope. After he finishes both letters he takes the dragon fire lantern and uses it in the same manner as he saw Cirrus use it, except that the flame that comes out is a bright purple. This draws a gasp of surprise from Praline, and a look of annoyed curiosity from her brother.

A few moments later a letter appears out of swirling ash.


Hey again Emerald,

Pecan Family Farm?

I have no idea where that is.

Ah well, if you got there in such a short period of time it must be pretty close to the place the dragon was. Just try your best to stay where you are and around other ponies, especially since Stargazer and probably the other person escaped from the box. See if they'll let you stay at the farm until I find it. Offer your body as payment if you have to, or if you are really desperate just offer to work off your debt.

See you soon,


Emerald looks up to see Praline and Giles looking at him.

"Going to tell us what's with the letters now or what?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-23 08:38:27 No. 25194780

"My um... Guardian...? Is coming to pick me up from here. I don't suppose I could stay at the farm until she does, could I? It hopefully won't be too long. Err, I'm Emerald, by the way.

"No." Giles says flatly.

"Don't be like that!" Praline says whipping her head around at her brother angrily, "Honestly, you were all for helping Emerald when we first say him. What stick got up your butt since then?"

"Shut up." Giles says, not meeting his sister or Emerald's eye, though he notices a small blush.

"Besides, it's not your decision, I'm going to go ask mom and grandma. Come on! We just finished morning chores, we could get some breakfast too!"

Emerald and Praline walk back, with Giles bringing up the rear sulkily.

"So are you a traveler? Where you going? Is it an adventure? I'm super jealous, we don't get many visitors... Come on, tell me everything!"

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-23 10:27:16 No. 25196062

(Good night.)

Emerald wants to tell Praline the truth, but he wonders if that is the best idea. It might drag her into this. Emerald instead just says that his guardian is a traveler, and that they are going to Whitherwater for business.

Unfortunately Praline pesters Emerald for details as they walk.

>Int Check
>Rolled 2, Passed.

Emerald explains the more appropriate things he and Joyride did together, but using a mysterious merchant and his wife as a proxy. Praline seems excited by these adventures.

Eventually you get away from the grid-like rows of trees and end up at a house. It looks old and creaky, but well kept with a new coat of paint and patches where the boards have given out. The three young ponies reach the door and Praline knocks.

"Mom! We finished our chores, and boy do we have a surprise!"

The instant Praline opens the door the smell of freshly baked pecan pie hits his nostrils, and his mouth begins to water. Except for a staircase which probably leads to sleeping quarters, the inside of the house appears to be made up entirely of a kitchen and a living room combined. Working in the kitchen is a chubbier mare Emerald assumes to be the mom, and sitting at a table nearby is a brownish older mare who squints as he sees Emerald enter the room.

"What's that dea- oh! A visitor!" the mom says.

Everyone sits at the table and Praline explains the situation while plates of pecan themed food are passed around.

"Sounds a might suspicious to me." The old mare says, looking at the trappish colt.

"That's what I said Grandma. He looks like trouble." Giles says. Well, at least Emerald knows what part of the family the stallion got his rudeness from.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-24 06:55:25 No. 25208930

Emerald says that he'll do anything to prove that he is trustworthy. He'll even work to pay off his debt.

"Hmph, there ain't nothin' you can do. I don't like it."

"Ma, quit it. This nice young filly has offered to help and we could-"

"Didn't you hear me mom? It's a he! He's a he!" Giles says suddenly.

"Oh? My goodness, how very rude of me dear. Please forgive me." the mom pony says quickly to Emerald giving him a pleading look, and then turning to her son quickly with a look of anger, "And don't you dare interrupt me while I'm speaking. You may be as big as me now, but I could still bend you over my knee if I have to."

Praline giggles, and Giles turns his head away.

"A colt, are ya?" The Grandma says staring appraisingly.

"I... Err, yes. I am?"

The Grandma stares for a few more seconds, and then gets up and starts walking to the door and says, "Fine, he can stay for a bit. But he's gotta work to earn his bed, alright?"

"But Grandma-" Giles starts.

"Don't 'but grandma' me young man." The older mare says, "I said it and it's final. Now don't bug me. I'm going to take my morning walk. Think I'll go down to the trading post and see if we got mail."

The grandma slowly makes her way to the door and leaves, and after the door shuts behind her the mom says, "Well Emerald. It's time we got started on afternoon chores. I'm sure Praline would appreciate the help with the animals and the weeding, and Giles could certainly use the help-"

"W-what? No way I'm taking him with me on chores!" Giles yells.

"Giles, what did I just get done saying? Honestly, what has gotten into you boy?" The mom mare says staring at Giles again, "Anyway, his chores are a bit... Intense for someone who isn't used to the farm life. If you'd like, you could also stick around here with me and help with the cooking. You are our guest, I'll let you decide."

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-24 08:32:10 No. 25210041

Emerald decides to stick with the mom for now.

"Awww..." Praline says sadly. Giles is already walking towards the door.

"Well, I'll see ya later once I finish my chores! You promised to teach me a bit of reading and writing!" Praline says, hoping after her brother.

"Well, shall we get started, Emerald?" The mom says.

"Oh, sure Mrs.... Um..."

"Sweet Tea." She says smiling.

"Yes, let's get started Mrs. Sweet Tea!" Emerald says happily, smiling back.

Emerald comes around the side of the counter, and Sweet Tea directs him to a cutting board and a knife.

"Are you a very good cook?" Sweet Tea says, grabbing a large bowl full of yams, carrots, radishes, and lettuce.

"Um..." Emerald says.

In reality, he hasn't cooked a day in his life. Most of the staff did that, but he isn't sure he wants to reveal his past to Sweet Tea. Cooking always seemed a bit interesting to him though.

"No... B-but I've wanted to learn!"

"Alright, my dear. Take this knife and cut the vegetables like this." Sweet Tea says, taking the knife and slicing a carrot quicker than Emerald can register, "when you get done will mix them together with some dressing and it'll be lunch."

"Oh err, alright." Emerald says, taking the knife and attempting to do the same, though he slices the pieces much less expertly, cutting paper thin slices in one chop, and thick chunks in another.

"Ah, you needn't go as fast I did, honey. Just cut it carefully and it should be fine. I'll be over here working on dinner if you need anything." Sweet Tea says, taking a spot slightly to Emerald's right.

He looks over and sees Sweet Tea humming to herself, expertly chopping up some pecans.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-25 07:37:05 No. 25215716

Emerald continues to do his best to chop the vegetables. For some reason he feels like he needs to not let Sweet Tea down, he really wants to impress her.

Emerald asks where he is going to sleep tonight.

"Hmm, well I was thinking you could bunk with Giles, but he seems to have taken a disliking to you. Perhaps it's best if you slept in Praline's room. Grandma will have a fit because of a boy and a girl sleeping in the same room but... Well, no reason to tell you why, you'll find out when you are older." Sweet Tea says with a laugh.

Emerald asks why Giles seems to distrust him so much.

"I'm not sure. He's usually such a sweet child, and you don't seem to be a bad kid yourself."

Sweet Tea rustles Emerald's hair, and he gives her a smile back.

Emerald asks if he can explore the farm, and if there is any place he shouldn't go.

"Sure, we don't have anything to hide! Once you finish the salad I'll have you take it out to Praline and Giles, so go on on and explore the farm then. No part of the farm is particularly dangerous, so feel free to have fun!"

Emerald asks what they grow at the farm.

"Pecans mostly, it's kind of our trademark!" Sweet Tea says with another laugh, "and we have some livestock as well. We also grow vegetables, but that's mostly for our own consumption and for fun. The farm actually makes pretty decent money, enough to get by anyway."

Emerald asks where her husband is.

"Ah, died some time ago... Got caught up with some wolves who were sniffing around the farm for our chickens, I suspect." Sweet Tea says sighing and then smiling, "But I don't want to go into details, let's talk about something more happy, alright?"

Perhaps a change of subject is in order.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-25 10:03:49 No. 25216804

Emerald passes the time finishing up his cutting, and once he gets it done he shows it to Sweet Tea.

"Good job, Emerald!"

Emerald feels proud.

"I already have some dressing made up, it's on the counter over there. Split it into four helpings and take one for yourself and take two out to Giles and Praline. Praline should be somewhere around the chicken coop by now, and Giles is probably out in the field somewhere, or perhaps in the hay barn 'round back."

Emerald does what he is told and Sweet Tea hands him a fork. He eats one of the salads himself.

It's delicious! Emerald made this? It's definitely a salad, but the sweet potatoes make it much heavier than any salad he's had before, but it balances nicely with the radishes and carrots, especially with the salad, which mostly adds a nice texture that really brings out the flavor of the fresh vegetables.

Emerald finishes up and takes the other two helpings out the door.

Who should he go see first?

2015-10-25 11:31:16 No. 25217660

Emerald decides to hit up Giles first. He's dreading it, he's sure that the stallion will yell at him about something... But at least he'll have an excuse to leave quickly since he needs to get Praline her salad.

Emerald walks over to the rows of trees, and seeing no brownish stallion there turns back and heads towards the barn. Inside he sees Giles lifting and dropping hay bales in the back.

"Erm... I brought you some lunch." Emerald says a bit unsure.

Giles turns his head and glares at Emerald, and then goes back to work saying, "Thanks. Just leave it over there."

...Well that wasn't so hard.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-25 08:10:26 No. 25223770

Emerald asks Giles why he distrusts him so much. He's pretty sure he hasn't done anything to earn that reputation with him.

"Don't pretend like you don't know. Grandma warned me about colts like you... You may have tricked me at first, but now I'm on to you!"

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about." Emerald says, crossing his arms and staring angrily.

"You are one of those... Those colts who likes other colts! I can tell, trying to look as girlish as possible, trying to tempt me... But I won't fall for it!" Giles says, approaching Emerald and also crossing his arms and glaring.

This is a much more impressive thing on his part, as Giles is much more muscly and intimidating than the smaller colt. Emerald shivers a little.

"Preparing lunch, like some common housewife... Is that what gets you off? P-pretending to be a lady? I bet you came in here to get me alone and to try and seduce me, right?"

Emerald isn't sure he likes where this is going.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-25 10:00:48 No. 25225079

(Good night, bruhs)

"It's not like I'm trying to look girly! It's just the body I was born with. I wasn't trying to seduce you either. I'm just trying to be friendly. Maybe it's too much to ask to just be friendly back." Emerald says curtly, turning to leave.

He is quickly spun around and pushed against a haystack, letting out a small "eep!"

"Not trying to look girly? Then maybe you should start with that sissy hairstyle, and then that smooth, glossy fur. Let's not even talk about those eyelashes! Don't pretend. I saw how you were wiggling your butt, you want to drive me crazy you little slut."

He then leans in closer and whispers, "I bet mom is going to make you sleep in my room, and I know what will happen. I've got to watch my butt, quite literally. Maybe I should teach you a lesson. M-maybe I'll show you what it's like to be the girl in this situation, and it'll knock some sense into you and you won't try to turn anyone else!"

Unwanted, Ashamedly, a blush starts to creep into Emerald's face.

>Frustration increases to 40/100!

This situation isn't right. This can't end well... Could it? I mean, it'd certainly be an easy orb, and it sounds like Giles might get something he wants out of it, even if he isn't willing to admit it.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-26 08:33:09 No. 25227797

The reality of the situation hits Emerald, and tears start to come to his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Giles says.

Emerald starts sniffling and heaving.

"Stop it." The stallion says, angrily.

Emerald cries in earnest, in deep, wracking sobs.

Giles pushes himself off the haystack wall and walks a short distance away.

Not looking at Emerald, Giles walks back to his haystack and says, "J-just forget about it. You've already won. I was this close to... Well, giving you exactly what your sissy ass wanted. You turned me into a fag. You proud of yourself? If you are really not trying to do anything, then just leave me alone, alright?"

After a few moments Emerald calms down, and an awkward silence starts to linger. Emerald really feels like he should just go, but at the same time... He feels like he should probably say something.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-26 09:42:03 No. 25228195

Emerald says that he knows Giles isn't a bad pony, his family has pretty much said that about him. He mentions how he just seems very confused at the moment, and that it's okay to be confused but the way he is acting is not okay.

Without giving too much detail, Emerald tells Giles how in his past he was abused pretty badly, and how people that wanted things from him would just take and not ask. Giles clearly hasn't fallen to those levels like those people did, and Emerald says he feels like that he won't ever hopefully. That he is a good person and there is nothing wrong with his feelings, only the way he tried to express them.

Giles says nothing, and unable to think of anything else Emerald takes Praline's salad and walks out the door.

Emerald sees Praline pretty quick near what appears to be a chicken coop. She's dragging a bag of feed behind her, and when she sees Emerald she drops the bag and smiles.

"Is that lunch? Oh boy, I'm starvin' I- Hey, everything okay? Looks like you've been crying."

"No, I'm okay." Emerald says, ruining the words by Instinctively and nervously wiping his eyes.

"Was my bro picking on you? Just say the word and I'll give him a wallop!" Praline says waving a clenched hoof in the air and taking the salad bowl with the other.

Despite himself, Emerald smiles.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-26 10:51:43 No. 25228772

"It's okay really, but um..." Emerald says shyly.

"Hmm?" Praline says, cocking her head.

"Could I get a hug? I-I just kinda need one right now I think."

"Huh? Of course! I'm always one for hugs!" Praline says, extending her front legs wide and squeezing tight. In a much slower fashion, Emerald wraps his arms around Praline, and hugs her deeply.

She is really warm, and Emerald can feel her heartbeat against his.

"T-this is..." Praline starts, and then says, "I-I, err... Ah-ha... W-well I should... I mean, Lunch! I have to eat lunch!"

Praline laughs oddly, and Emerald breaks the hug He notices that Praline seems very flushed in the face. She buries her face in the salad bowl, eating loudly and messily, still laughing slightly.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-26 01:01:13 No. 25229912

Emerald sits close causing Praline to jump, and asks her if she can help with chores or anything.

"Y-y-No! I mean, you still have to help my mom right? I mean, you should probably do that, or ma will get angry!"

Emerald asks about the war to the west, and how it's effecting them.

"Oh err... Well I know there is a war going on but... That's about it. I mean, I guess some of the other farm guys who went out to it, but that's all I know..."

Emerald asks if she wants to get started on learning to read.

"After chores and dinner! I'm looking forward too it! We'll have plenty of time, hopefully. Especially if you get your stuff done!" Praline says smiling, seemingly calming down a little.

What does Emerald do?

2015-10-26 02:39:04 No. 25230862

(Ok. One more update then.)

Emerald gets up, and giving Praline another quick hug, thanks her for standing up for him and letting him help out around the farm.

He then hurries back to to house where he sees Sweet Tea chopping up vegetables and stirring bubbling pots on a stove. The Grandma is back as well, though she doesn't seem to acknowledge Emerald in anyway other than a stare, only speaking to Sweet Tea whenever she asks her something.

"Oh! Hello again little one. Did you enjoy your time around the farm?"

Emerald nods. I mean, part of it was okay right? So that's not a completely lie.

"Not much left to do hun. Just have to chop up these vegetables and then wait for them to all cook and bake."

It turns out for dinner Sweet Tea is making some sort of casserole with pecans in it. Perhaps to give you something to do, she let's you make another salad, though this one is much simpler than the first, consisting only of dried cranberries, pecans, some sort of cheese, lettuce, and an oil based dressing. Emerald can feel the grandma staring at him still, and he feels like she wants to comment about the salad, but doesn't want to be too rude around Sweet Tea.

Eventually Praline comes in from her chores, and Sweet Tea let's you help her out with reading. Emerald isn't sure where to start teaching, so he just has Praline practice the letters, and eventually write out simple words like her own name, and some names of vegetables.

"My goodness, I wonder what is taking Giles so long. He should have been done by now... Dinner is going to be ready soon!" Sweet Tea says looking out at the darkening sky.

Emerald worries. Hopefully their encounter didn't have too big of an effect on him...

What does Emerald do?
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