You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-11-13 07:15:50 No. 25427966

From the last thread:

>Joyride rescues Emerald from the Pecan Family Farm
>The two of them find out Hope is going to Whiterwater.
>The pair get to Whiterwater
>Emerald bangs a Griffon and gets another orb, as well as 300 bits.
>Emerald spends 60 of those bits getting a hat and ice cream.
>Emerald convinces Joyride to teach him Alchemy.
>They make an invisibility potion.
>Emerald gets to go to Joyride's library, and reads some books on alchemy as well as seeing Joyride's photo album.
>Joyride invites him on a journey to help her orgasm by making a potion, which he accepts.
>Emerald goes to sleep and wakes up the next day, deciding to try to use what he learned to make a potion himself.

Continued next post...

2015-11-13 07:18:40 No. 25427988
Emerald decides to try and find a park. There are lot's of plants there, there should be something he can find!

Emerald spots a pony walking nearby, and asks him where he can find a park. He is quickly directed to one just up the road a few blocks, which Emerald makes his way too.

The park is decently sized, with a nice grassy field, a few trees, a gazebo, and some play equipment. It's still early enough in the day that there doesn't appear to be many people walking around.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-13 08:07:04 No. 25428528

Emerald jumps on the swing and has a fun time of it. Now that he thinks on it, it's been a while since he's been to a playground.

Next, he goes down the slide a few times, and then moves to the sandbox, where he builds a little castle.

Dusting off his hooves he looks for the nearest flowers, some daisies, and makes a chain with them, creating a small hat. He carefully tucks this into his hat. He wants to give this to Hope when he sees her!

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-13 08:58:44 No. 25429112

Emerald lays down on the grass and pulls out "Popular Potions".

The book is laid out well, with most of the beginner's potions near the beginning and then leading to more difficult ones. Emerald pages through these easier ones, but most of them have reagents that aren't readily available unless he goes to an apothecary.

Looking at it from another angle, Emerald goes to the index and looks up recipes that use things that are from around him. Daisies don't seem to bring anything up, but the colt finds a potion that uses dandelions, and it seems pretty easy. It seems to be a constipation remedy.

In fact, the only other ingredients seem to be kale, chocolate, water, and prune juice.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-13 09:44:17 No. 25429524

Emerald nods at the recipe. He thinks he could get the rest of these at a grocery store. He is about to get to his feet when he hears a voice.

"Hello! What'cha reading?"

Emerald gets to his hooves and sees another colt. Emerald says he was reading a book about potions.

"Oh cool! Hey, my name is Shock Top. What's yours?"

Emerald introduces himself and then the colt smiles and says,

"Wanna play?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-13 10:26:44 No. 25429969

Emerald and Shock Top decide to play in the sand box. They take turns building up sand and then breaking it down and building it back up again.

"So you just move here? I don't recognize you from school or anything."

Emerald says he's just here temporarily, and that he is passing through.

"Oh! Are you a traveler! How fun! Where are you going?"

Emerald says he isn't quite sure, but that he should know pretty soon.

The two colts play for a little while longer, and then there is a stallions voice that calls out, "Shock Top! Where are you? Time for snack!"

"Oh! That's my dad!" Shock Top says jumping up, "Snack time! I hope it's peanut butter and apples. Hey, wanna come over?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-13 11:24:21 No. 25430439

Emerald agrees and starts walking with Shock Top back to his house, which happens to be across the street from the park.

The place he lives is nearly identical to the other places on the street. A tall, thin, mostly clean building. It's likely he lives in an apartment, as there is a small staircase next to the door. Emerald thinks he sees some motion at the window, but the second he looks it's gone.

Shock Top opens the door. He beckons Emerald in, and then quickly follows him inside, shutting and locking the door behind him.

The apartment is a small studio, similar to the one that Emerald slept in last night, except this one has three makeshift beds and is quite a bit dirtier. There is trash and spoiled food pushed into the corners, and the walls and floor and greasy and stained. A single, worn couch sits against one of the walls.

"Yeah, that's him." A deep voice coming from Emerald's side says.

He looks around and sees two ponies standing before him near the window. One is a mare smoking a cigarette. She is wearing a sultry looking dress and long gloves, and much like the room they are a little greasy and dirty. Next to her sits the pony who spoke, an incredibly ordinary looking specimen except for his sharp, unruly, mane.

"Yes..." The Mare says, taking another drag of her cigarette, "He looks just like the wanted poster, except for the stupid hat."

Emerald isn't entirely sure what is happening, but it's clear he has walked into a bad situation.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 09:27:40 No. 25444679

Shock Top pushes Emerald over to the couch, making him sit on it. He then turns towards the mare.

"Ma..." Shock Top starts, "Could you take this spell off me? I hate being so stringy."

"Yeah, yeah, get over here." The mare says, rolling her eyes.

The mare is obviously much less adept at magic than Joyride. The first time she tries she turns Shock Top's fur and mane green, the second time it isn't clear what happens, but he ends up looking dizzy and throws up. Third time is the charm though, and Shock Top grows into a very large, muscly stallion.

Shock Top breathes a sigh of relief and flexes one of his arms.

"There, better? Now watch the kid. I'm going to go get the guard." The mare says, striding over to the door.

Once the mare is gone, Emerald tries to negotiate with the two ponies. Claiming that he has a treasure trove of items he stole from his step-parents and that's why they are looking for him, and that he'll share if he let's them go.

These two clearly aren't the brains of the operation. They sort of look at each other, and after telling Emerald to stay where he is they wander slightly closer to the door and begin whispering to each other, still slightly in earshot.

After a few seconds Emerald hears in an audible whisper, "Well, then we can get his treasure AND the reward."

They argue for a moment more, and then trot back over to Emerald and say, "Okay squirt. Tell us where this treasure is, and if we can find it we'll let you go."

Emerald can only think of one street name, but not wanting to give away Joyride's house he names a different unit. Therefore he tells them it's in the basement of #306 Coursewalk.

"Coursewalk?" The pony who isn't Shock Top says, "That's pretty close to us. Okay, you stay here and watch'em. I'm going to go scope the place out."

The other pony rushes out the door, leaving you and Shock Top alone.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 12:05:36 No. 25446022

Emerald wants to drink the potion, but Shock Top is looking right at him. Unable to think of a good distraction, he simply asks with his best attempt at shock what is going on outside.

Surprisingly, Shock Top goes to the window and looks out it surreptitiously. While the stallion isn't looking Emerald downs the whole bottle of invisibility potion. It doesn't look like much, but it tastes strongly of pepper and spoiled radishes. Emerald gags loudly.

Shock Top looks around at the sound and his eyes go wide.

"What the- Where'd you go you little brat?" Shock Top says, running over to the couch and looking around.

Emerald looks down at himself. It seems the potions effects are instant, as he can't see any part of him. Even his amulet and clothes are invisible!

As Shock Top begins to search the bed sheets and the kitchen area Emerald smirks and walks to the door, unlocks it, and opens it. This causes Shock Top to look to the door and then bound towards it, glancing all around outside. He curses and then steps outside a little and rakes the area with his eyes.

Emerald simply walks out the door an far enough away that he thinks he can't be spotted. He doesn't know how long the potion will last, but for now he is still unseen.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 01:14:51 No. 25446708

Emerald decides to book it back to Joyride's place.

Though invisible, he can't help but feel paranoid, glancing behind him every few steps to make sure he isn't being followed. Is it going to be like this every where he goes?

As Emerald gets close to Coursewalk, he sees the second pony who tried to kidnap him pass by him on the sidewalk, looking angry.

For some reason this makes Emerald happy, and he skips the rest of the way to #304. He decides to go to the library and pass the time until Joyride returns by studying. In between reading and resting his eyes he decides to build his book hovel up into a proper house. This is made much easier by the fact that there are some very large books in the library.

Some too large in fact. Emerald made the mistake of asking for the biggest books in the library, and was almost demolished by books three times larger than him.

His study is fruitful, and though he can't pretend to have memorized any potions, he understands how to make a few of them, such as lesser versions of the fireball potion that Joyride mentioned, as well as some basic utility potions like flu resistance, as well as healing potions that can cure small scraps and bruises.

>Knowledge of Alchemy increases!

Emerald begins to hurl a gurgle from his stomach, and suddenly realizes how hungry he is. He has a habit of forgetting to eat when he reads. Sometimes books are just so absorbing!

There is a knock at the library door, and getting up Emerald opens it to see Joyride standing there in the mid-afternoon sun.

"Hey, Hope should be coming in soon. Jeez, you haven't been studying all day have you?" Joyride says with a smirk, "Neeerd."

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 02:15:22 No. 25447329

Emerald explains that he was almost abducted again when he went walking around, and tells exactly what happened.

"Ah, yeah. I figured that might have happened if you went out. I knew you'd make it out though. You wouldn't be my lil' perv if you hadn't." Joyride says, winking.

Emerald comments that he only made it out because of the invisibility potion, and asks if he could have another one just in case.

"Eh, I'm sure you could have made it out if you had tried without it. Maybe, I dunno. I do have more of that potion left, but I sold a lot of it already. If you want it you're going to have to work for it."

Emerald comments that he does have a lot of his money left still.

Joyride smirks and says, "If you think that's enough you don't know how valuable an invisibility potion is. Anyway come on, let's go see if Hope is in."

The two of them make their way towards the eastern gate of Whitherwater. The bustle that was missing when he went out in the morning is back in full form, and Emerald does his best to avoid eye contact with everyone.

Emerald, still concerned he might be recognized and captured again asks if he can get some sort of disguise. Maybe dying his mane and fur, or perhaps cutting it and getting some other clothes.

"Yeah we can do that. I mean we can do it later. Right now it's time to relax. I want food. Good food. Good food and booze. The booze doesn't have to be good."

Emerald does feel a bit more relaxed being around Joyride. She hasn't let him down yet anyway. He still feels like he should be more proactive about this though.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 04:21:54 No. 25448749

Emerald asks if he can have any alcohol.

"Go ahead. Though I'm sure Hope will have something to say about it. I mean, I guess I shouldn't speak for her when you can just ask yourself." Joyride says pointing ahead.

Through the crowd, Emerald can see Hope shaking the hoof of a pony wearing the same robes as her. She then waves him goodbye as he joins some others also wearing the same robe.

Emerald makes a beeline for her through the crowd, a little unsure how he didn't bump or jostle anyone, and about knocks her over when he goes for a hug.

She gives a small "eek!" of surprise, and then realizing who it is returns the embrace.

They stay like this for along while. Emerald doesn't really want it to end.

Emerald feels like he should say something.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 05:19:31 No. 25449442

(I'll be back in a bit.)

Emerald nuzzles into Hopes chest, and then leans up and gives her a peck on the cheek. He then backs up a little and begins to tell her all of the things he's learned about Zebra Alchemy and potion making in general.

"Oh my, that's wonderful! I'm sure you will make a good alchemist, and Joyride will be a great teacher!" Hope says, clapping her hooves and beaming at him and the unicorn who just sidled up to them.

"Yeah, he was pretty desperate to learn, so how could I say no?"

Emerald butts back in and asks if she has any bumps or bruises, and that he can help with that.

"You needn't worry about that my dear. Ponycare keeps it's employees very healthy. But if I get a small cut soon I'll be sure to come to you!" She says, petting the top of the colt's head.

"Come on, we are going to go get some good food and booze." Joyride says, beckoning the two on.

"Oh? Where are we going? Custard and Cremes?" Hope asks walking along.

"I said good food. Not good, expensive food." Joyride says licking her lips, "Good food, decently tasting and decently priced booze. You'll see. The place I'm thinking is great."

Emerald asks Hope if he can try some alcohol.

"Not until you are older dear." She says giggling.

"Oh yeah." Joyride says piping up suddenly, "And I have another friend coming."

"Oh?" Hope asks intrigued.

"Yeah. Her name is Sensoria. She's cool. Well most of the time. You'll see." She says to a now worried looking Hope.

They walk in silence for a bit. Though Emerald enjoys just being around Hope, he feels like he wants to talk to her more, though he isn't sure what to say.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 08:38:27 No. 25451524

Remembering suddenly about the flower ring he made, Emerald pulls it out of his hat and gives it to Hope.

"Oh! How sweet of you my dear!" She says happily, putting the crown on her head.

Emerald beams and asks about Ponycare.

"It's a humanitarian organization. We go around helping with emergency relief efforts and response to natural disasters and-!"

"Alright, here we are!" Joyride says, motioning to a bar with a sign that reads, "The Lusty Ladle".

From what he read of bars, Emerald always thought they were miserable places where ponies beaten down by life's hardships go to sit in a dimly lit room to drink away their troubles in silence, but this place is anything but that. It's lively and jovially with groups of ponies sitting at brightly lit tables drinking, eating, joking, and singing along with the upbeat music of the band playing in one corner of the room. It's almost nothing but smiles and laughter here.

"Ah, there is Sensoria! Hey, over here you slut!" Joyride says, waving to a thin, robed pony.

Emerald gulps. He recognizes this pony as one of the soldiers he saw the night Joyride got in a fight with the dragon. He quickly hides behind Hope.

"Hello!" Sensoria says, clearly shifting awkwardly at the situation.

"This is Hope and-"

"Oh!" Sensoria starts shaking hooves with Hope excitedly, "You are Blood's daughter right? Joyride has told me all about you! S-she... Have you slept with her yet? You know she is trying so hard and-"

Hope looks alarmed at this question and quickly stammers out a no.

"...And this is Emerald. My... Apprentice, I guess you could say." Joyride says, pulling Emerald out.

"A-ah... You, I know you. You are the one I can't see..." She says with a wavering smile at Emerald.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-15 11:12:08 No. 25453068

"Oh, you two know each other?" Joyride says.

"Y-yeah, we found him alone sitting with a box in an area that had been heavily scorched by dragon fire... We lost him a little bit afterwards because some weird bat creature attacked us. Heh heh... I knew you were involved somehow Joyride. Who else could fight a dragon?" Sensoria stammers out.

"Wait, what's this about a dragon?" Hope says, looking sharply at Joyride.

Trying to change the subject, Emerald quickly asks what Sensoria means exactly by not being able to see him.

"I'm blind. Well, I mean mostly blind. I can see you, but you are a vague, blurry sort of something. Since I was little I've been using my magic as sight instead, and I've gotten so good at it that I can see behind even most anti-scrying spells... But you I can't see it's... Intriguing, eh-heh..." Sensoria says.

"She works for the WSDF." Joyride says, "In a support role, obviously."

"The Whitherwater Special Defense Force, dear." Hope says to Emerald's confused look, "They are made up of some of the best soldiers the military has to offer! That's quite impressive, Sensoria!"

"Ah-ha... Heh... T-thank you..." Sensoria says, looking down and blushing scarlet.

Emerald offers to let her feel his face so she can get a better idea what he looks like, which she gladly accepts.

"My goodness, you are quite young aren't you?" She then giggles.

"Yeah, and quite the player too. Did you know he's already had his way with Hope?"

It was Hope's turn to blush scarlet, and she flaps her hooves and says, "W-what's wrong with you Joyride?!"

"Wow, heir to the Blossom house and part of Ponycare... And a coltfucker, that's so n-naughty..." Sensoria says cutting through the conversation with more giggling.

"Come on Hope, give her this at least. She gets a little hot hearing about other people's sexual exploits. She's quite shameless really."

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-16 01:20:57 No. 25453823

(That's it for the night, fellas.)

This seems like an odd thing to be attracted to to Emerald, but to each their own, he guesses. Seeing Hope's embarrassed face however, he jumps to her rescue.

Emerald explains that there is no way that he seduced someone like her. He simply isn't that suave enough to get a woman like Hope. She came on to him!

Hope buries her face in her hooves, and Joyride laughs so loud some of the other patrons turn momentarily from the noise.

Emerald glances to Sensoria, and sees that her face is still flushed. Maybe he can get another orb on his ring if he gets her off with some stories.

>Willpower Check
>Rolled 6, failed.

Hope is, however, sitting right next to him. And Emerald can't force himself to start speaking about his experiences. He feels like somehow that would disappoint her.

Menus are quickly passed around and glad for a change of subject, Hope begins to wonder loudly and nervously about what she'll eat. There appears to be a kids menu, and Emerald orders the spaghetti and some grape juice.

Joyride starts up again, and the conversation starts to go... Odd places. Emerald is thankful when his food comes, but it's not entirely distracting from the two unicorn's conversation. Emerald glances over to Hope and sees that she is eating her salad, blushing and averting her gaze.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-16 12:12:25 No. 25456700

As Joyride and Sensoria continue their conversation, Emerald apologizes to Hope, he didn't mean to make her feel bad.

"It's not your fault dear. I mean it's really not your fault. I am the terrible one here. You are far to young to be put into the kind of situation you were in, especially considering your past. I took advantage of you."

Emerald puts a hoof on Hope's shoulder and says it's okay, that he chose to help her and that he doesn't blame her at all. He is in fact quite happy he met Hope.

The mare smiles and wipes away a tear, "You really are sweet."

Changing the subject, Emerald asks what Hope has been up to since they've been gone.

"Oh! Well, when I returned to Trotton I was... Actually chewed out pretty hard for abandoning my post." Hope says with a nervous laugh, "But it's okay, my superiors knew what I did was wrong, and understood why I did it... I didn't of course say anything about our tryst of course."

Hope sits up straighter and smiling down at Emerald continues, "After that we were joined by some of the military reserves from Northpoint and told to vacate the area. They didn't tell us why, but something big must be going on over there. After that I pretty much came here, and am now eating dinner with you!"

The pair smile at each other, and then Joyride taps Emerald on the shoulder.

"Hey bud, I need to talk to you for a second."

Joyride ushers Emerald away from the table and after glancing back really quick she says, "Hey, I think I can set you up with Sensoria tonight if you want to get that last orb and some extra dough. I bet she'll be easy to please considering how 'naughty' she'll think the situation is. What do you say?"

2015-11-16 02:13:47 No. 25457637

Emerald flushes in the face and says sure, he could do that. Joyride gives him a wink and they both go back to the table.

The rest of the meal continues quite happily, and near the end Emerald orders some lemon cheesecake for Hope, just to say thank you for what she's done.

When it arrives Hope looks down at it and says, "Oh my, this is quite a big slice of cake! Would you help me eat it, Emerald?"

Well, he DID buy it for her, but if he'd be lying if he said he didn't want a little bit. She offers out some cheesecake on a spoon and Emerald happily eats it. Emerald hears some snickering from beside him, but he ignores it.

After that's finished the group pays and makes their way outside. Hope says her goodbyes to the other three, and just as she is about to leave Hope pulls Emerald aside and says,

"Hey, you are staying with Joyride, right?"

Emerald nods.

"I don't um... Suppose you'd want to stay with me while I'm here, would you?"

"Come on lil' perv! Times-a-wasting!" Joyride says before Emerald can respond to Hope. Hope ignores Joyride, and just looks down at Emerald with a half-smile.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-16 03:05:54 No. 25458129

Emerald asks how long Hope will be in town.

"Umm..." She says, a little put out, "A few days... I'm not sure how available I'll be, but I'll be here!"

Emerald excuse himself really quick and runs over to Joyride, and she says, "About time, we ready to-"

Emerald asks how long Sensoria will be in town.

"Ah-ha... Err, I'm always in town, but I'm pretty much always on call incase the WSDF needs me. Eh-heh." Sensoria says.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-16 07:54:52 No. 25460731

Emerald goes back to Hope, and asks if he can stay starting tomorrow. He has some business he has to take care of with Joyride tonight.

Hope's smile fades for a fraction of a second, and then she says, "Oh... Yeah, of course! Um, Joyride knows where I live, so feel free to stop by later in the day and I can let you in."

Hope goes one way, and you, Joyride, and Sensoria go back towards #304 Coursewalk. The walk is mostly in silence, but every so often Emerald hears a giggle or a shushed moan from Sensoria, who is walking behind him.

Joyride opens the door to the red room again, and the three of you enter.

"Ah, eh-heh... You are going to be here?" Sensoria asks as Joyride joins them.

"Yeah, gotta watch my lil' perv to make sure there is no funny business."

"Y-you are going to watch? That's s-so... naughty..." Sensoria says, breaking into giggles again.

Emerald hops onto the bed, and waits for Sensoria to get her robe off. Emerald's initial thought of her being the skinniest pony he's ever seen was indeed correct. She's little more than mane, fur, and bones.

"Okay. Okay, take me. P-please. Use this f-filthy slut in any naughty way you like..." the blind pony says tittering and trembling with anticipation.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-16 09:46:12 No. 25461856

Emerald asks Sensoria to lay on the bed and begins to walk towards Joyride.

The thin unicorn scampers to it and lays on her back, spreading her legs wide.

"Hey now, it's rude to keep a lady waiting." Joyride says with her usual smirk at Emerald's approach.

Emerald whispers into Joyride's ear. Asking if she has any spells to keep her from being able to hear or anything like that.

"Ahh... Sensory Deprivation, eh?" Joyride whispers back, "Got it, let's do this."

Joyride walks back to the bed with Emerald, and leans over Sensoria.

She grabs her by the head and says, "Okay, I'm going to cast some spells on you, and you are going to take it like the slut you are, alright?"

Sensoria just twitches and moans at this, and Joyride lights her horn up and begins casting.

A few seconds later she backs up and says, "Okay lil' perv, all yours!"

2015-11-16 11:39:21 No. 25462745

Joyride was right. It was easy to make her orgasm. However Emerald can still feel the ring around his genitals. Sensoria may have came, but she isn't satisfied yet.

It isn't until a few shocks of the ring, a couple hours, and Sensoria passing out from the number of climaxes that Emerald finally feels something fall from around his balls. About time too he thinks while panting. He wasn't sure how much longer he could have gone on. His whole body aches, and he just wants to go to bed. Luckily he wasn't shocked by the ring as much as he thought he was going to be. Sensoria's dirty comments throughout the whole experience kept his frustration lowered. It was kind of hot at first, but eventually it just got annoying.

>Frustration increases to 85/100!

Emerald exits from Sensoria and looks down and sees the magic ring laying upon the red bedsheets. He picks it up and inspects it. The orbs aren't glowing anymore. It mostly just looks like a big, fancy ring one might wear around a hoof.

"Nice job with Sensoria. Girl really needed a good fucking." Joyride says.

She then watches Emerald pass the ring absentmindedly between his hooves, "Hey, you still want that or can I hang onto it?"

What does Emerald do?

(Alright, last one for the night. See ya guys tomorrow.)

2015-11-17 07:32:51 No. 25468950

Emerald says he wants to destroy it.

"What? If you are just going to get rid of it anyway why not let me have it?"

Emerald says it represents a lot of bad things in his past, and that it would be cathartic if he could break it.

"Come on, don't be like that. Look, I'll give you something for it! How about another invisibility potion? Maybe some sexual favors?" Joyride says raising her eyebrows up and down.

Emerald asks why she wants it so bad.

"I'm always looking to add to my toy collection, I mean I guess I could go out and purchase another ring, but it seems like a waste when I could just use this one. Don't see many Mk IV's around anymore. Not that it's super rare or anything but still."

Emerald thinks on it a second, and then says that if he wants something that is so meaningful to his past that she should have to give him something meaningful from hers. He wants a story about her past.

Joyride gives a big smile and says, "A bedtime story, eh? Well, what do you want to know lil' perv?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-17 09:06:54 No. 25469828

"Oh." Joyride says, suddenly looking a little annoyed, "I'm assuming you are talking about the other people I've traveled with. How did you know about them? Hope told you I bet."

Emerald nods but otherwise stays quiet. He wants to hear this.

"Well, I picked them up from one place or another, and they all adventured with me, partied with me, laughed with me, and cried with me, and then went their separate ways. Some of us broke up amicably, some angrily, some were injured badly and couldn't continue, some died, some pussied out, and some retired from the traveling life. What matters is that they are all gone now." Joyride says, seemingly staring angrily at something just about Emerald's head.

Emerald waits for a second, but it appears Joyride is done talking. Emerald asks if that is it.

"What do you mean is that it? You want me to talk about each one individually? We'd be here all night lil' perv." Joyride snaps.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-17 10:26:03 No. 25470508

Emerald says that he never intended to offed her, and was just curious about her past. He asks maybe her last travel mate, or her favorite one.

"Ah, well those two are the same thing. Sunshine Sea... A Earth pony mare, well most of the time anyway. A demon in the sack, and a riot to be around. Then she had to go and settle down. With a stallion of all things. Sheesh...' Joyride says wistfully.

What does Emearld do?

2015-11-17 11:26:05 No. 25470994

(Last one for the night.)

Emerald says she should be happy Sunshine Sea found happiness, and that should be enough right?

"It's just... You didn't know Sunshine Sea alright? She was the only pony who could keep up with me sexually. She was a great magician despite being an earth pony and she picked... That stallion."

Joyride sighs, and to try and cheer her up Emerald says to not worry and that he has no plans to settle with a stallion.

Joyride gives a genuine bark of laughter and says, "Man, maybe I am a bad influence on you."

Trying to keep the mood up, Emerald asks how many people she would want in her harem.

"You might as well try to number the stars in the sky, or grains of sand on the beach, lil' perv.

Emerald asks if he is lil' perv, then who is big perv?

Joyride smirks and says, "Me, of course."

Emerald opens his mouth to ask more questions but she interrupts him and says, "Okay, seriously though. Time for bed."

They both walk to the door, and Emerald turns around and looks at the passed out Sensoria. He asks Joyride if it's okay to leave her there.

"She'll be fine. She better be fine. She owes us money for tonight."

They both walk out the door and then Emerald taps Joyride on the shoulder, and sheepishly asks if he can sleep with her tonight.

"Heh, not like I have anyone else in my bed tonight. Why not?" Joyride says bemused.

Joyride pulls out a boxy key and opens up a room leading to a giant, red bed, similar to the one in Joyride's "tent". Both ponies remove their clothing and hop into bed. Emerald snuggles up close to Joyride, and the unicorn pulls out a book. Emerald asks if she is going to sleep too, it is pretty late after all.

"I don't sleep much, lil' perv. You go ahead though. Or maybe you need a little help going to sleep, eh?" Joyride says tauntingly.

Emerald ignores that, but maybe he has time for one more question before passing out completely.

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-18 07:33:44 No. 25478071

Emerald asks about his amulet, and if Joyride thinks they could find anything out about it.

"Maybe. If I knew where to start. But it's honestly stumping me. Like I said, I don't even know what kind of magic it is, which makes it particularly difficult.

Emerald asks if it's easy to find out what kind of magic things are.

"If you know how to look and what you are looking for yeah, you can spot the origin of enchantments. Every type of magic has it's own way of doing things and-"

Emerald tries his best to stay awake and listen to the explanation, but his fatigue and the lateness of the hour are catching up to him, and he snuggles up close to Joyride.

He humbles, "Please don't let them find me..."

He thinks he hears Joyride say something, but he passes out before he knows what.


The next day Emerald wakes up to see Joyride sitting in bed, still reading. Did she sleep at all?

When Joyride notices Emerald she closes her book and says, "How about some breakfast?"

Both ponies gather their things and head out the door. Joyride says as she looks through her keys and pulls out the one that led to the restaurant. They walk in and the menu floats at them like a butterfly and Joyride catches it.

The pair sit down and they make their decision after a glance at the menu. A waldorf salad for Joyride and some hash browns for Emerald.

"Oh hey, that reminds me." Joyride says after the menu floats back to it's perch near the door, "Drink this."

Joyride then reaches out of nowhere and grabs a small white bottle and hands it to Emerald.

Emerald asks what it is.

"A potion to increases your cum production. I seem to remember someone promising me their semen in exchange for apprenticeship, and I plan to make due on that promise." Joyride says.

Emerald looks down at the cloud white potion. He has read enough about potions to know that he should ask if there are any side effects, and does so.

"Increased libido. That a problem?"

What does Emerald?

2015-11-18 09:00:45 No. 25478907

Emerald downs the potion. It's not bad, kind of salty.

>Frustration increases to 90/100!

Emerald suddenly feels really warm for a second, and then the feeling passes.

"Well, you wanted help with a disguise or something, right lil' perv? What were you thinking of? A leather harness and a ball gag maybe? How about a corset and some high heels?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-11-18 10:06:37 No. 25479663

Emerald makes a comment about wanting less attention, not more, and that those particular costumes Joyride mentioned wouldn't help.

"Nah, see, that's what they'll be expecting! They won't take a second look at someone who's trying to stand out too much!" Joyride says, pointing at Emerald.

Emerald just rolls his eyes, and Joyride says, "Okay okay, don't say I didn't warn you when your stupid disguise fails."

Emerald thinks on what he might want to try and dress as. He hates to admit it, but he's pretty girly, so maybe completing the look would help. On the other hand, if he goes from girly to manly then no one will suspect him at all, plus he'll be able to keep his bycocket.

What does Emerald do?

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