You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-12-01 05:58:45 No. 25627820


>Emerald sees Sensoria again, and tells her about Shock Top sitting with the other kids.
>Emerald goes to find Hope, and sees her speaking to her father about something, though it isn't entirely clear what except that it involved the war.
>Emerald gives Hope his gift, and she loves it.
>Emerald and Joyride go outside to the Hedge Maze and Joyride says Emerald's job is to trick a minotaur away from the door so she can get the Love Hibiscus.
>Emerald seduces him away from the door, and after a close call meets back up with Joyride, and then leaves her to find Hope again.
>Hope and Emerald meet up and leave the party and go back to her house.
>Emerald and Hope take a bath.
>QM fucks up
>QM fixes fuck up

Lewds in the next post...

2015-12-01 08:08:44 No. 25629541

Emerald isn't sure why he said that. It just kind of came out in the moment. His first instinct is to apologize, and so he does.

"No, it's okay! I'll... Y-you can call me mommy, I mean, if you want..." Hope says, smiling and blushing bright red.

Hope then pulls Emerald close in an embrace, and the two of them lie there, Emerald enjoying being both hugged above and below. Eventually though his member starts to shrink, and he pops out of Hope, at which point she says, "Perhaps we should- Oh my!"

Hope looks at her backside and then says, "M-my goodness! Is that how much usually comes out of you when you um... Do this? That seems like a lot! Ah, it's getting in the sheets..."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-01 08:52:40 No. 25630003

Emerald says it's been a while since he's gotten to cum, so that's probably why.

Hope, who had grabbed a tissue box from under her bed says, "Hmm... I'm pretty sure that's not the whole story, is it Emerald?"

She gives him an accusatory look.

>Willpower Check
>Rolled 4, Failed

Feeling guilty, Emerald says that Joyride gave him a potion to increase his cum output, and mentions that maybe they should get a bottle or something because she might want that.

"Emerald. Why did she give you a potion like that, and why does she want your... Your juice?" Hope says, looking him straight in the eyes.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-01 09:56:19 No. 25630615

Emerald says that Joyride said it was a valuable potion ingredient, and that he's trading it for apprenticeship from her.

"Are you now?"

Emerald says to please not be mad, and makes sure to call her mommy afterwards. Hope gives a visible shiver at this and says,

"I'm not mad at you, honey. But I have some choice words for Joyride. Anyway, If you are up to it... How about one more go?"

Emerald happily agrees.


The next day Emerald wakes up in Hope's arms. He can feel sleepy breath on his hair, and looking up sees what appears to him as a sleeping angel. He nuzzles her, and this causes her to awake.

"My goodness... I don't even remember falling asleep last night. We certainly had-"

"Mistress Hope? Hello?" A female voice from somewhere in the apartment says.

"Ah!" Hope says, darting up in bed and pulling the sheets, accidentally making Emerald tumble off of it, "Q-quick! In my closet there is some bedding, throw it on the ground and pretend that's where you slept!"

Too scared by Hope's fear to disobey, he runs to the closet and tugs some blankets and a pillow out and throws it on the floor. He's climbing into his makeshift bed just as a knock comes at the door.

"Y-yes! I'm awake Delilah!"

The door opens and a donkey dressed as a maid pops her head in.

"Oh! You have a guest. Oh wait, you are that little girl who came yesterday right? That's funny, I could have sworn you were blue..."

Emerald looks down at his hooves, and he has indeed changed back to his regular color. His hair seems to still be the same length though.

"...I am quite forgetful, aren't I! Speaking of which Mistress, you got a message from this little darling, though I suppose it's a bit too late for that! Had a little sleepover did we? How cute!"

Emerald nods at this, and the Delilah turns up to Hope and says, "I'll fix you two some breakfast."

She shuts the door after this, leaving you with Hope.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-01 10:43:50 No. 25631129

Emerald bounds up and gives Hope a peck on the cheek. He then says that they should probably do something about those stains on the sheets.

"Ah! Yes! I suppose you are right. We should probably take another quick bath as well, I... I smell like you... You absolutely drenched me..." Hope says, looking away and blushing a bright cherry red.

Emerald and Hope pull the sheets off the bed, replace them with new ones from the closet, and then stuff the soiled ones in a hidden corner of said closet. They then do their best to sneak to the bathroom without being spotted by Delilah and fill the tub again.

Both of them climb in and as Emerald scrubs Hope's back, he asks if Delilah is good at keeping a secret, specifically the one she almost walked into today.

"Well... Delilah has been with me since I was little. Her mom used to bring her around when she came to work. She is a maid at my father's manor. I want to trust Delilah but... This is such a big thing to trust her with I'm not sure I should..."

Hope goes quiet after this for a second, and then says, "Well, I have to go down to the Ponycare headquarters today. What are your plans?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-02 12:02:31 No. 25632003

(Last one tonight.)

Emerald says he'll probably go back to Joyride's place and study some more alchemy.

Hope purses her lips at this and says, "Just be careful okay? I don't want her to talk you into anything funny."

Emerald doesn't say anything.

Emerald and Hope finish up there bath and dry each other off. They both exit, and as Emerald walks towards the kitchen Hope walks back to the bedroom.

"Hey, I'll be out there in a second, I'm just going to get dressed and get some work stuff together. Go ahead and start breakfast without me."

Emerald nods and turns the corner into the kitchen where he sees the Delilah prepping food to cook, and seems to be frying something in a pan. It smells delicious, whatever it is it definitely has onions and peppers in it.

Emerald offers to help with something.

"Oh! Good morning... Emerald, was it? I think I heard Mistress say that. My name is Delilah, and thanks for the offer. Don't worry though, I'll have this done in a jiffy. Just go sit down while I cook."

Luckily the kitchen isn't quite as sparse as the rest of the house, and he manages to find a card table and a small stool and seats himself.

"I wasn't aware the mistress had any friends your age. Where did you guys meet?" Delilah says, seasoning and frying something. Emerald definitely sees potato peels, and his mouth starts to water. Maybe hash browns?

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-02 07:58:44 No. 25640407

Emerald says that his name is actually Sapphire, and that he met Hope while she was working.

"Ah, oh... I see... Sorry about bringing that up then. You are talking about Trotton right? Well at least you got relocated over this way so you can see Hope again, right? Do you have some family over here or something?"

Thinking quick, Emerald says that he is Joyride's cousin.

Delilah's ears perk up at this and she says, "Oh! I wasn't aware Joyride had any family. Well, your aunt is a very fine lady. A little strange perhaps, but that's her charm!"

Emerald walks over to the donkey and looks what's in the pan. He sees browned potatoes mixed with onions and red and green peppers. He can't help it, the smell is intoxicating. He asks what she is making.

"Potatoes O'Brien! If I had known Mistress was going to have company I would have bought you two something fancier!"

Emerald says he doesn't know what that is but it sounds good, he says he can cook if she needs help, he even made a salad once! This causes Delilah to giggle, and she goes back to stirring the potatoes.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-02 09:27:21 No. 25641387

Emerald asks why she thinks Joyride is strange.

"Oh, err..." Delilah says, looking down with concern at Emerald, "I'm not sure how to explain it because she probably doesn't do it around you since you are so young but... She has a certain... Topic that she likes to talk about and um..."

Delilah stirs the potatoes around a little bit and blushes, and then says, "I'll tell you when you are older."

Emerald asks what it's like living in Whitherwater.

"Hmm? Oh, it's fine! Granted, I've never lived anywhere else, or even really traveled anywhere else, but I can't imagine it could get much better! It's safe here behind the walls, plenty of food, plenty of nice people... I can't complain!" the donkey says with a smile.

Emerald asks if there is a library in this house.

Delilah giggles and says, "I think you've pretty much seen all this place has to offer. Hope likes to live simply. There isn't really much for me to do here other than buy her groceries, cook, and occasionally dust what little furniture there is. I think there is a library nearby, if you are really curious. You'd have to ask Hope about it."

There is another small pause while Delilah fiddles with the stove and stirs the potatoes again.

"Just between you and me." Delilah says leaning close, "Her father is really worried about her. I'm sort of here to make sure she is getting along alright. Hope probably thinks I'm spying and I guess I sort of am, but that's not really my intention. If she gets into any trouble, please make sure to help her out of it, okay?"

Emerald nods, and a few moments later Hope comes around the corner wearing her familiar robe and tosses a satchel with stacks of paper on it next to the small table.

"Here you go, Mistress!" Delilah says, pushing plates of the potatoes in front of them both.

"Thank you, Delilah." Hope says, smiling at her, and then at Emerald.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-02 10:23:05 No. 25641942

Emerald scarfs down the potatoes. He just realized that he never ate anything at the party and then came straight to Hope's place and proceeded to have quite the workout.

Hope giggles and says, "My goodness Delilah, he sure seems to like your cooking.

Delilah smiles towards the pair, and then goes back to washing the dishes from the meal.

Emerald, through a mouth stuffed with potato, asks what Hope's plans are for the day.

"Oh, like I said I'm just going to go to Ponycare. It's probably going to be a boring, paperwork kind of day." She groans, "Then I'll probably come back here. Were you thinking of staying over tonight as well?"

Emerald stops eating for a second and nods enthusiastically. Hope smiles and blushes slightly, and Delilah says, "I'll make sure to pick up some extra food then!"

Emerald then asks about the library nearby.

"Oh, yes! It's actually pretty close!" Hope says, then takes the time to explain where exactly it is from Hope's house, and it seems pretty close. Once this is done the mare says, "You enjoy reading a lot, don't you?"

Emerald beams and agrees with that statement.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-02 11:00:12 No. 25642259

(Last one for the night!)

>Frustration = 25/100

Emerald asks what time Hope will be back.

"Oh! I'm not sure. I guess when I get all my work done for the day. I should be there half a day at most. Speaking of which..." Hope says, standing up, "I should probably get going. See you later Emerald! Goodbye Delilah!"

She then gets up and hugs both of you before going out the door. Emerald finishes up his food and then gets up. He wants to go to the library, but he suddenly realizes the only clothes he has is his dress. If he goes outside in that it'll just draw attention to himself, and if he goes out without clothes he won't be disguised at all. Not knowing what he'd do, Emerald asks Delilah if there are any clothes he could borrow.

"Um... Well the only thing Mistress really wears is her Ponycare robes. She probably has some spares. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you borrowed one."

Emerald goes back to Hope's bedroom and goes to her closet and indeed the only clothes he can find are the robes and an occasionally party dress. He dons it, and while on Hope it left her legs free on Emerald it drags slightly on the floor. The hood covers his head though, so he feels very disguised.

Emerald then bids Delilah a farewell and follows Hope's instructions, finding the nearby library quite easily. Going inside, he must admit he's a little disappointed, though perhaps that is because he is used to Joyride's library. There are many less shelves, though it is still decently stocked. Unlike Joyride's library, this place is also much more populated, with what appear to be scholars and students browsing the shelves.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-03 07:51:46 No. 25651140

Emerald thinks on it a little. It wouldn't be good to look for alchemy books here, so he decides to try and look for anything on his family's lineage, however there doesn't seem to be much, which is to be expected. From what he remembers, his family was a powerful merchant family that just got recently brought into the regency through marriage a generation ago. Since then the Jewel family has just grown in power.

Emerald can't think of anything, so walks up to one of the scholars. He is reading a Gryphon book called "Rotational Wind Magic". The scholar is a middle aged unicorn with white maned with light orange fur. His uniform is crisp and clean, and he is wearing thin glasses and is wrinkled in concentration. Emerald asks what he book is about and he says,


Emerald mentions that he supposes looking at Gryphon magic is best for that then. Joyride told him how they are good with wind magic, but he doesn't mention that part. He asks if he has any good books for beginning wind magic.

"Nothing that isn't in Gryphon." The scholar says tersely.

Emerald mentions that he can read Gryphon, so that's fine.

The scholar finally looks up from his book and says, "Really? Spent some time in the Gryphon lands did you?"

Emerald says no, and that he just likes to read and knows a lot of languages because of that.

"Hmm... Really now?"

The scholar then points out excerpts from different books and tells Emerald to read them, which he does. He then grabs books with other languages, and Emerald reads them all.

"My goodness child. You learned this all by yourself? Who taught you? You should be in school with a brain like that! Are your parent's here? I might be able to get you a scholarship!"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-03 08:27:57 No. 25651480

Emerald mentions that he is self taught, and though he has no parents he has a guardian, and she is a good enough teacher for him. He says he must be going and starts to back away but then runs into another scholar.

"Whoa there son, you okay? Oh, hello Pulsar, how are you?"

"I've found a very interesting child. Here, miss, read this."

Emerald, freaking out a bit, does what he is told and reads a small section of the Tornado book about a Gryphon named Ventus who apparently found a spell to calm the wind completely in an area as a defensive measure against some powerful wind magi.

"And that's not the only thing he can read!" The orange scholar named Pulsar says, pushing another book in front of Emerald.

Soon another three or four scholars appear and marvel at his knowledge of language. While Emerald does feel a sense of pride and kind of likes the attention, things are starting to get out of hand.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-03 09:32:45 No. 25652160

Emerald, despite the protestations of the scholars, says that he has to leave, and finally extracting himself by simply booking it out of the library leaves the scholars behind.

Emerald never really thought his languages skills would be that interesting... Well, it was fun seeing that library, he guesses, but now he can't go back there. At least not for a little bit.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-03 10:40:07 No. 25652861

Emerald decides to head back to #304 Coursewalk. Even with his disguise he's feeling pretty exposed and Joyride's house is a nice hiding place. That and the library is comfortable and well stocked.

The trip back to #304 Coursewalk is luckily uneventful, and as he approaches the door he realizes he left his keys at Hope's house.

Hopefully Joyride can let him in. He'd hate to walk all the way back just because he forgot his keys, especially since he's going to return to Hope's apartment later.

Emerald knocks, and after a few seconds Joyride appears.

"Hey there lil' perv. How's it hangin'?" Joyride says.

And then he notices what she is wearing.

She appears to be wearing some sort of tight, leather outfit with matching leather gloves. Across her face is a... Well, nevermind

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-03 11:15:05 No. 25653224

(Last for the night!)

Emerald asks if she has any "Guests".

"Huh? Oh yeah. Met them at the party last night. I thought I'd have a little fun and test out the efficacy of the Love Hibiscus. Made some tea with it, you see. Didn't effect me, but it drove them sex crazy! Ha!" Joyride says, laughing loudly, "They actually just passed out not too long ago."

Emerald asks if she can let him into the library, and also into his studio so he can change.

"Where'd the keys I gave you go? You better not have lost them." She says, glaring down at Emerald.

He says he just forgot them at Hope's house and didn't want to walk back.

"Hmm... Okay, but you have to do something for me. I have no doubt in my mind that Hope drained your balls dry last night, so you'll have to drink another cum increasing potion. Remember lil' perv that some of your semen is mine, that was the deal." Joyride says, booping Emerald on the nose.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-04 09:13:38 No. 25662334

Emerald asks about the possibility of potion sickness.

"Don't worry about it, I wouldn't offer this to you if I thought it was going to get you sick eventually. It's when you start to get into potions with poisonous ingredients and/or powerful effects that you have to start really worrying about potion sickness."

Emerald sighs, and says he'll drink it then.

"Alrighty! Let's get that potion then... Oh! And I have another surprise for you!" Joyride says, stepping out and closing the door behind her. She fiddles with her keys and then opens the door to the room where she got the dye potion before.

As Emerald walks in behind her he notices that she is... Leaking out the other end with fluids as well. Darnit, Joy.

She walks to one of the many cupboards in the room and pulls out the familiar white potion and chucks it towards Emerald, who gets it with a fumbling catch.

"Now, where did I put that knife..." She says, fiddling with the chests and drawers.

Emerald's ears perk up. He asks what she means.

"Well like I said when you lost that kitchen knife at the party, if you want a real concealed weapon I can loan you one." Joyride says, searching a large, blue, barnacle encrusted chest, "Now where did I... Ah!"

Joyride turns around and holds out her hooves towards Emerald. He's confused at first, but then he sees something and wonders how he missed it before. It's a knife that seems to have been made out of one large piece of dull, gray metal.

Emerald takes it, and just sort of holds it. He isn't sure what to do with it.

"What do you think?" Joyride asks, looking proud of herself.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-04 10:01:03 No. 25662794

Emerald asks how it works.

"It's a Knife of Subtlety! It works all by itself!" Joyride says proudly, "Basically no one will be able to find it unless they are specifically looking it for it. It really only works on smaller weapons, but the effect is better than invisibility!"

Emerald asks how, as invisibility would seem like the best way to hide anything really.

"Invisibility magic leaves behind a big magical aura. Subtlety enchantment's auras are... Well, subtle. It's really much more impressive magic. Jeez, and here I thought you'd understand. It's not easy magic to do you know." Joyride says.

Emerald thanks her for the knife, and then pops the top off the salty potion and drinks it.

>Frustration increases to 30/100!

Emerald asks how she means to collect his... Juice.

"I'd like to leave that as a surprise! Trust me though, it'll be fun! Anyway, the real effect won't take effect for a few hours yet, so look forward to it!" Joyride says with a wink.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-04 10:51:17 No. 25663388

(Your updates are black.)

Emerald decides he is probably going to go read more about magic. He certainly is going to change back into his other clothes. The robe isn't bad, but he likes his hat. While he has Joyride here though he wanted to ask her something. Alchemy seems expensive and requires a lot of prep time, so Emerald asks what other forms of magic are there he can use that don't need horns.

"Well like I said before. You can use most other kinds of magic as long as you have some sort of focus. The prime example would be a wand, though it doesn't necessarily have to be."

Emerald asks how he can get a focus.

"You can buy them, though they are pretty expensive. Just make sure I'm there when you go and get one. It's pretty easy to con people with fake focuses. Anyway, I'd lend you one, but I don't have any. Never had much need of one." She says, flicking her horn, "But hey, if you are looking to make some quick money in order to afford a focus, I can go see if I can drum up any 'clients'!"

Joyride moves her eyebrows up and down.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-04 11:46:50 No. 25664070

(Last for the night.)

Emerald says if he going to entertain any clients, he wants to know in advance who they are.

Joyride rolls her eyes, "Well that's just no fun, is it? Fine, I'll see who I can rustle up and you can decide. Don't worry, I'll be sure to find the biggest, strongest zebra I can. I'll make sure you can't sit for a week!"

Ignoring this, Emerald asks how much a focus actually costs.

"I'm not sure to be honest. Like I said, I've never needed to buy one. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I got our money from Sensoria."

Joy pulls a bag of coins out of the air and hands it to Emerald. After counting the coins Emerald does some quick calculations and realizes he only has 400 bits altogether at the moment.

Emerald asks if he could use his pendant as a focus.

Joyride grimaces at this and says, "Probably not. A focus is specifically made as a conduit for magic. That amulet was made to contain something. Sure it might work, but I'd be worried what would happen if you tried. I still don't understand how you made a potion with it."

Emerald asks if he can make his hat into a focus.

"Hmm... Not like it is now, but if we took it to a proper enchanter maybe? No promises though."

Emerald asks Joy about the different kind of focuses she's seen.

"Oh, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Wands are the most popular because they are easy to direct magic with. Small weapons work nicely as well since most are basically wands with pointy bits on the end. I've seen books as well, and it's nice because then you have a spellbook and your focus all in one! Heck, I've even seen an old shoe used a focus before. Certainly caught me by surprise!" Joyride chuckles.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-05 07:01:41 No. 25672821

Emerald asks if he can make a dagger of subtlety into a focus.

"Hmm... Well, just like your locket, the dagger was made to be subtle, not to focus magic." She scratches her head and then says, "You might be able to get an item that is both subtle and a focus, but more likely than not the enchantments will interfere with each other and at best, cancel out."

Emerald asks what would happen at worst.

"Kaboom." Joyride says calmly, making an exploding gesture with her hooves, "But it isn't very likely considering the two enchantments you are trying to combine."

Emerald asks how Sensoria is doing, and asks if he can maybe get another session with her if she wants it.

"I have no doubt in my mind that you could. The only question is if she can afford it at the moment. I don't sell ya cheap, lil' perv!" Joyride says, giving Emearld a noogie.

Extricating himself from Joyride's attack, Emerald asks that if he can find a book about focuses that maybe Joyride can make the dagger of subtlety that is also a focus.

"Hmm~! You already owe me a lot, lil' perv, but we could probably come to an agreement if you can find me the right books. They aren't going to be in my library by the way. Like I said, didn't have much interest in focuses!" Joyride smiles, giving her same sly, toothy smile.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-05 08:12:23 No. 25673538

Emerald asks if there is a way to check if his pendant can be used as a focus.

"Hmm, well you could try casting a spell with it. If it works then it works. However if it doesn't work that could mean it either won't function that way or that you didn't cast the spell right. Spell casting is kind of hard to pick up at first, that's why it's nice to have a proper focus, so you know what the feeling casting a spell is."

Emerald asks if maybe she can test it out then.

"I don't know how to uses focuses. Remember? Not interested in them?" She says, crossing her front legs.

Emerald asks if Sensoria could be any help. She must know people who have to deal with using focuses being with the guard and all.

"Well she wouldn't know of course, being a unicorn, but yeah I suppose she probably knows someone who could help you out. I'll ask her about it next time I see her."

Emerald asks if there is anyway he can get away from his pursuers. They are making things quite difficult.

"You are doing an okay job of it right now. Squatting at my house, disguising yourself stupidly but convincingly. Learning magic in hopes of one day bringing down your step father. Why, did you have more in mind? It hasn't been too long since you ran away correct? You might just want to wait until the heat dies down. I suppose you could just try to run away far enough, but you'd have to go a LONG way."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-05 09:14:14 No. 25674143

First of all Emerald proclaims that his disguises aren't stupid. Secondly, Emerald asks if she can clean her face. The fluids are getting distracting.

"Oh, yeah sure." Joyride says. She then takes her hooves and rubs the cum all over her face until it can't be seen against her fur anymore.

"There, better?"

Sighing, Emerald asks how far away he'd have to run.

"I dunno. Pick a direction and go until no one even knows who your parents are. Realistically though, probably to deer lands, or so far into the warzone that no one will care who you are."

Emerald asks if there is a library around where he could find out about Enchantments.

"Hmm... There is one near Hope's house I think. It's connected to the college. I don't know of any others really."

Joyride asks if Hope's father is trustworthy enough to help us out.

"He's a nice guy and all, but I doubt he'd help you. Blood would probably hand you back to your father. It's the smartest political and financial move, as well as the fact that they are very close friends."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-05 10:39:55 No. 25674927

(I'm drunk as shit right now, so sorry if these updates suck. Also I might pass out without telling you guys so sorry.)

Emerald mentions his experience at the library, especially about the scholars.

"Oh, well that's to be expected. Those guys are easily impressed. I wouldn't suggest going back though, you might be recognized."

Nodding in agreement, Emerald asks where he can get his own spellbook.

"Just write your own. I mean i guess you need a blank book, but that isn't too hard to find. Just go to any store, heh." Joyride says with a smirk.

Emerald asks if there is a potion that can make him an adult.

"Of course there is." Joyride says simply.

What does Emerald do?
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