You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-12-07 09:52:39 No. 25690903


>Emerald and Hope do the sex.
>Emerald calls Hope mommy.
>Emerald also tells Hope about the potion Joyride is making him drink.
>Emerald meets Delilah, the donkey maid of Hope.
>Emerald goes to a library and reads a bunch of books with different languages, impressing the scholars there.
>They offer him a possible scholarship, but Emerald declines and runs.
>Emerald goes back to Joyride's and gets a Knife of Subtlety, as well as drinks another cum increasing potion.
>Emerald decides to try a different kind of magic out, and has a conversation about focuses with Joyride.
>Emerald asks about libraries, and about an aging potion.

Story continued in the next post...

2015-12-07 10:02:08 No. 25690941

Emerald asks about the aging up potion, and how long it would last. It'd be a nice disguise, since everyone is looking for a colt.

"Around half a day, I think. That's one I would watch out for potion sickness however. It has a lot of poisonous reagents if I remember correctly."

Joyride pulls a book out of the air, and flipping through the pages magically she puts her hoof on a page and begins to read.

"Yeah, let's see... Red wine, Broccoli, Ectoplasm of a Spectre, Liquid Sunlight, Spiral Fungus... Hmm..." Joyride finishes with a nod.

Emerald asks if he could make the potion.

"It's possible sure, but it's very much above your level, and disastrous if you got wrong. Plus some of these ingredients are a little expensive. I could make it for you if you'd like... For a price!" Joyride says, beaming.

What does Emearld do?

2015-12-07 11:05:48 No. 25691351

Emerald asks how much the ingredients would cost.

"Well, the head of broccoli and red wine are pretty cheap, a bit or two and roughly 9 bits for the cheap stuff respectively. It's most of the other ingredients. Somewhere between 30-50 bits a pop." Joyride says.

Emerald grimaces, and then asks what kind of price we are talking about for making the potion.

"I have some leads on where I might get some pheromone fungus, you know, for my special potion. Possibly quite nearby as well! The only problem is thatI might need your help collecting it." Joyride says.

Well that doesn't sound so bad. Emerald would have probably helped her collect it anyway, if she had asked!

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-07 12:24:59 No. 25691898

Emerald asks why she needs his help specifically, and if is going to be another distracting the guards mission.

"Nope! In fact, you'll be the one guarding me while I get the mushrooms! And as for why I need you specifically. It needs to be someone I can trust, ya know?" Joyride says, giving Emerald a fake punch to the shoulder, "Love ya, lil' perv."

Emerald asks why she suggested Zebra alchemy when unicorn magic seems much more useful.

"Uh, you were the one that decided on alchemy, buddy. I asked you what kind of magic you wanted to try out and that's the one you picked. I mean, alchemy is nice because it can be used a lot of places magic can't. Plus pony magic is very tiring, since most of the magic for the spell comes from the pony themselves. It takes a lot of time to build up magical power too. I bet you at most could cast four, maybe five spells before collapsing."

Emerald frowns a bit at this, and then Joyride continues, "But hey, if you are looking for a good in between you could try Goat magic. It uses focuses too because even though goats have horns they aren't magical. The difference is that they need spell components, and many of them are... Sort of common. It's certainly much less tiring to cast."

Emerald asks about Sensoria. He wants to get more information on a focus if possible, and she may be the pony to talk too.

"I don't know when she'll have the time. She'll probably tell me though, since she knows I'm in town. She doesn't have much of it, considering her position." Joyride remarks with a nod.

Emerald asks about the spell book, and why just anyone can make one.

"Well, because a spell book is just a record of the rituals and incantations for certain spells. Even some one like me forgets a spell from time to time, and it's nice to have it written down somewhere just in case."

What doe s Emerald do?

2015-12-07 04:52:55 No. 25694732

(Sorry, forgot to say I was going to go run errands.)

Emerald decides to go look up goat magic.

"Fine by me, lil' perv. I got business to get back to anyway." Joyride says, licking her lips.

Joyride and Emerald exit the door, and Joyride pulls out her keyring and unlock the door to the library.

Emerald enters and very precisely asks the room for beginner books about goat magic. He doesn't want to be pelted again.

The room produces three books. One is on the history of goat magic, one looks almost like a school book and seems to describe the practice of said magic, and the last seems to be a spell book. Quite surprisingly the last book seems to have been written by Joyride!

Emerald cracks open the book on history first. It's quite interesting, and describes how goat magic came about because of a war between deer and goats that caused them to realize the potential of magic. It seems goats are quite accomplished blacksmiths, and quite gruesomely, for the longest time they thought focuses could only be made of deer antlers, which still causes some derision between the two species today.

Setting the history book down Emerald reads the textbook. he has to admit that this magic does seem a bit easier to do than Zebra Alchemy. A lot of the components are simple things like "Ash", "Clay", "Feathers", etc... Not even specific kinds of ash or clay, just 'ash', and 'clay'.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-07 06:04:40 No. 25695610

Emerald puts down the book for beginners and opens up the one written by Joyride.

She must have written this when she was just learning, because only the first few pages have spells for beginners, notably levitating small objects and the ability to produce smoke or a small flame simliar of that to a lighter.

The rest is under a list labeled "Awesome spells", and all of them have red checks next to their names. She seems to have gone through her whole list.

Emerald notices that these are far outside his reach, some sound pretty awesome based on the names.

-Liquid Fire
-Rock Prison
-Boulder Launcher
-Stone Spikes
-Molten Sphere
-Sonic Bleat
-Shape Stone
-Rock to Sand (and vice versa)
-Rock to Mud (and Vice versa)
-Rock Wall
-Stone Armor
-Stone Helper
-Mud Tsunami

Hmm, Goats really seem to like their earth spells. Emerald is getting a bit excited, though he can't do much without a focus.

Emerald asks the room at large for a book on focuses, but just like Joyride says nothing seems to come at him. Oh well, worth a shot.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-07 07:03:25 No. 25696257

Emerald takes two of the three books and begins pumping them up and down like they are weights. He tires after a few seconds though.

Next he gets curious, and asks the room for sexy spells. He hears a low rumble in the distance, and a wave of books starts to fly directly at him. Panicking, he says he wants the book Joyride has used the most for sexy spells.

The books start to return to their shelves, but one continues to fly towards Emerald. He catches it and looks at the cover. It's just a woman gender symbol except the circle on top is replaced with a heart.

There are all sorts of interesting spells in here, and not all of them are overtly sexual. For instance, there are trasmogrification spells, and the book heavily implies that they should be used to spice up a relationship, or perhaps hide a lover from prying eyes. Others include spells of light or illusion modified to create mood lighting or romantic settings, or message spells to contact a secret lover. There are the "other" types of spells as well though. for instance, bondage and pain spells for people who like it, the ability to summon creatures from regular animals to higher beings for the express purpose of sexual encounters. And augmentation spells to increase libido, performance, stamina, etc.

The whole book makes Emerald feel funny.

>Frustration increases to 50/100!

Hope, rather unsurprisingly, also comes into his mind. He wants to make another present for her, and settles on a confection of some kind, perhaps a cake.

He asks the room for simple books on making cakes.

Climbing out of the book pile he was buried under at that request Emerald finds a simple recipe for a simple white cake with jam in the center and buttercream frosting.

Emerald then remembers he doesn't have the key to his studio... Perhaps he can go back to Hope's and make it? It's a little early, but Delilah might be there and she can help!

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-07 08:30:43 No. 25697283

Emerald decides to head over to Hope's for now and make a cake.

He leaves Joyride's and on the way a store catches his eye. The store front is mostly glass, revealing a room full of bookshelves, neatly and efficiently stuck in to accommodate as many as possible except for the spots near the windows where several plush, comfy chairs are facing the windows and a small table where an elder mare sits. She seems to be sorting some books, and as she looks up she sees Emerald and gives a wave.

Emerald enters the store, and she says, "Welcome deary, can I help you find anything?"

Emerald asks if she has books on focuses, in particular making them.

"I do indeed my dear. I have some of the college's old textbooks. Learning magic are we? That will be a very useful thing for Ponycare, yes it will."

Emerald asks what she means and she says, "Oh, aren't you part of Ponycare? You are wearing one of their robes."

Shoot, he forgot to change into his other clothes. Ah well, it's not like he had the key for the studio anyway.

"I'm afraid this is quite a rare book." The elderly pony says, coming down from a stepstool, "A primer on focus creation used by the college. It'll be pretty expensive though, I'm afraid I can't let it go for less than 50 bits."

Emerald nods, and thinking on it asks if she has any blank books he can use as spellbooks.

"Ah yes, I have some on display right here." She says, walking back behind her small table, "I'll tell you what, if you buy the book on focuses I'll throw in one of these spell books for 15 bits. Does that sound good?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-07 10:14:22 No. 25698538

Emerald decides on the book with the star on it's front. The book store mare takes her 65 bits and hands the bagged books to Emerald, who takes them and happily walks out of the store.

He's going to record all the spells he learns on this! Maybe he'll even go back and write down the ones that Joyride had in her spellbooks, and maybe even the potions he's learned as well!

Emerald makes his way to Hope's with a skipping grace and knocks on the door. Delilah quickly answers.

"Oh! Hello Sapphire. Hope isn't back yet, but you are welcome to come in." She says with a smile.

Emerald enters, and after putting his books near the stuff he left in Hope's bedroom last night comes back out to see Delilah in the kitchen.

Emerald asks if Delilah if she can help him bake a cake for Hope as a present.

"Sure! I was just to about to start dinner anyway. I was going to make a pudding, but if you want a cake we definitely have the ingredients for one!"

Emerald describes the cake, and Delilah nods. She pulls out some cream and butter, and tells Emerald to mix them. While Emerald struggles to do this Delilah grabs some bowls and begins to weigh out other ingredients.

Both of them seem to be enjoying their tasks, but Emerald still feels a bit awkward with no conversation going around.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-07 11:21:35 No. 25699259

(Last for the night!)

Emerald asks what Delilah does when she's not at work.

"Oh, mostly knit. A lot of the other maids knit as well, and I just sort of fell into it to be around everyone. I wasn't particular fond of it at first, but now I find my mind wandering to knitting patterns when things get slow. I also like to cook! Mostly because I like food, heh."

Emerald asks how Delilah started to work with Hope's family.

"Well, like I said before, my mother was a maid for Hope's father, and after I got old enough to help I came and worked along side her. Mother said getting to be a maid for such a prestigious family would secure my future, and I have to agree with her. I'm not exactly rolling in bits or anything, but the Master is kind, as is the Mistress, and I'm not in real want for anything." Delilah says while cracking eggs into a bowl.

Emerald asks if that's how she got to know Hope.

"Yup! I met her when I was just starting to work at the mansion. We were around the same age you see, and neither Hope nor the Master minded my presence. I don't think Hope had many friends back then... And I'm pretty sure she doesn't now other than perhaps Joyride. People she knows and work friends perhaps, but no real friends." Delilah says with a sad nod.

Emerald asks if she knows why Hope joined Ponycare.

"Hmm... Well she does honestly want to help people. That I believe but... But I think the real driving force was to spite her father. Hope never really did like the fact that her father was in the business of weapon production. They love each other, but they butt heads about it all the time. I wonder if she'll take on the mantle of his business once he passes..." Delilah says, weighing out flour and sifting it.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-08 11:47:31 No. 25710201

(Welp. Power is back on. Thought I'd get at least one update out tonight.)

Emerald asks if Delilah has any kids or family.

"Just my mom! It'd be nice to have someone else, but for now I'm happy being single." Delilah says with a pleasant smile.

Emearld asks Delilah about the war and Hope's family's weapon manufacturing and what she thinks of it.

Delilah thinks on it a second and says, "Well... It's not my place to say anything about the Master's business. I just help keep his house and home, or to be more precise I keep Hope's. War is a terrible but necessary thing, and though his weapons have hurt many people I'm sure that they've also saved quite a few as well. I know for instance that the Whiterwater Guards sometimes carry weapons the Master's company has made."

The cake is finished at this point, and Delilah let's Emerald pour the cake into two pans, and even gives him the spoon and bowl to lick clean. At this point she shoos Emerald away so she can finish dinner, even though he once again offered to help her. He occupies his time by grabbing the rest of his stuff that he left last night from Hope's room, and is about to crack open the book on focuses when Delilah calls him back to help finish the cake by spreading jam in the middle. He attempts to frost the outside, but can't get the frosting smooth, and let's Delilah do it.

The two of them then sit and wait for Hope to return home. The hours stretch on however, and she still hasn't came back. Delilah goes to the window and says, "Oh dear, I wonder what is keeping Mistress."

Then seeing the look on Emerald's face she says, "She probably just had some extra work she needed to finish. Don't worry, Sapphire."

Emerald presses his face onto the window facing outside towards the street. It's evening, and the lamp lights reveal a barren street, with no sign of Hope.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-09 08:04:58 No. 25717621

Emerald thinks of sending her a dragon fire message, but realizes his lamp is at his house. He asks Delilah if she has a dragon fire lamp here that she can use.

"Yeah! I think she has a lamp somewhere here."

The two look everywhere (Emerald making sure to check the closet in Hope's bedroom), but considering how sparse the furnishings are in the apartment it becomes pretty clear pretty quick that the lamp isn't here.

"Hmm... Maybe she took it with her to work? I really think it'll probably be okay. Here, um... Why don't you start dinner before it gets cold?"

Delilah ushers Emerald to the table and puts what she calls a "Portobello Stroganoff" in front of him. It actually tastes pretty good, but it isn't keeping Emerald from worrying, and he keeps glancing out the window, hoping he'll see Hope.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-09 09:14:55 No. 25718486

Emerald asks where Hope works.

"Up at Ponycare. It's basically connected to the castle. You aren't um... Going to go up there are you?" Delilah says worryingly.

Not yet, but he is thinking about it.

Emerald says he forgot something at Joyride's, and says he's going to go pick it up. Without really giving Delilah a chance to respond he dashes out the door and runs all the way back to the studio Joyride gave him. Fishing through his belongings, he finds the dragonfire lamp and begins to write a message to Hope, asking her if she's okay.

He sends it, and after waiting a few minutes she doesn't seem to respond.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-09 10:19:51 No. 25719220

Emerald takes his belongings and then exits #304 Coursewalk, then turns around and knocks on the door. A few moments later Joyride appears, thankfully dressed in her usual clothes. Emerald tells her of the situation.

"So what? Hope is late. Is that a big deal?" Joyride says, raising an eyebrow.

Emerald says he's still worried, because she said she'd be back by now.

"Maybe she just stayed late at work? I dunno. Why you so paranoid? Just think of it this way. No one is going to try and kidnap Hope, unless they want the whole Blossoms family coming down hard on them. They probably wouldn't make it to trial. On the other hand, If it was a freak accident, oh well, nothing you could do about that." Joyride says rather calmly.

Maybe he is being paranoid... He still feels like something is wrong... Emerald remembers suddenly about the focus book, and pulls it out, asking if she can make him one.

"Hmm, well I still haven't gotten much out of the last deals I made with you. You were late for our little milking session, you know. Whatever you are going to offer me in turn better be worth it."

Emerald sighs. He's not really in the right mindset for this right now. Did Joyride already forget about Hope?

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-09 11:43:29 No. 25720050

(Last for the night. Hopefully this gives you something to dread/ look forward too.)

Emerald says fine, he'll get milked if it means they can go find Hope afterwards. He also mentions that he helped her get the flower.

"Right now huh? Alright! Let me show you what I've prepared!" Joyride says, stepping out the door and excitedly passing through her keys until she gets to a sharp, bright orange key.

Emerald and Joyride enter the room. It's a mostly bland, white room except for three objects. Two of them are a simple table and chair, but the third is some sort of odd metal contraption. It has four pairs of manacles, likely for a pony's hooves, in addition there is a spigot on the front where bottles are set up in order to catch what Emerald assumes is his seed. Near the other end of the device looks to be a phallus of some kind hooked to a machine.

The unicorn steps up and points to the machine and says, "Well, what do you think?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-10 08:55:30 No. 25727803

Emerald asks if he could just take one of the bottles and do the business himself.

"Oh no, you'll probably blow one load and be done with it. I want more than that. Honestly, I want to squeeze every last drop of semen out, but seeing how disagreeable you are being I'm sure you won't let me."

Emerald doesn't say anything, and just walks up to the machine. He pokes the manacles and asks if he has to put his hooves in then.

"Well, yes. The manacles keep you properly aligned with the machine, but we don't have to lock the cuffs down if it bugs you that much." Joyride says, frowning, "You know, you are really taking all the fun out of this."

Emerald steps into the machine and with the help of Joy clasps the restraints shut, but doesn't lock them. Joy begins to fiddle with the machine, making sure everything is in place.

Emerald glances behind him at the fake phallus, and comments half jokingly that he was hoping for a bit more of a personal touch.

Joyride looks up from the machine and says, "What fun would that be?" And then noticing Emerald's concerned face says, "Are you sure you want that? Really sure? It might be nicer for you to go with the machine, heh. Or maybe you wanted someone else besides me?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-11 08:59:22 No. 25737641

Joyride flips the switch on the side of the machine and the piston pulls out of Emerald, causing him to give a disappointed moan. He lays his head on the machine, that was a lot more intense than he thought it was going to be.

>Frustration lowers to -45/100!

Joyride leans over and stoppers the final bottle. She then levitates the four bottles under her mantle, and they seem to disappear after that.

"Alright buddy. Fair enough. So what were we doing? Something about focuses? And Hope? I wasn't really paying that close of attention, to be completely honest." Joyride says, grinning down at the exhausted Emerald.

Emerald snaps his head up. That's right, Hope! He starts to explain the situation, when a flash of light appears above his head and a puff of smoke coalesces and drops a scroll on him. He unshackles himself and begins to read.


Dear Emerald,

I'm sorry that I didn't write back to you right away. I had to work late and also had to meet with my boss, and it ended up taking way longer than I expected. You are still coming over tonight right? I should be back pretty soon. I have something I need to talk to you about.

Hope Blossoms


Emerald begins to tear up. She's safe, that's good.

Joyride, who was reading over Emerald's shoulder says, "Okay, so we good?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-11 11:40:19 No. 25739203

(Last for the night.)

Emerald shows Joyride his spell book he bought, and asks if she can turn that into a focus.

"Ooo, snazzy. Yeah, if you want to be boring I can do the book. I'll even make you a deal! Enchantment one book and get a dildo focus for free!" Joyride says.

Emerald rolls his eyes and says sure, and then excuses himself. He goes to his studio and gets a little cleaned up and changes back into his disguise. He packs Hope's robes into his backpack along with his other things and makes his way to Hope's.

Once there he knocks on the door and is let inside by Delilah. A frown creases the donkey's features, and Emerald asks what is the matter.

"I shouldn't be the one to tell you." Is all Delilah says.

Emerald walks in, but stops at the entrance to the kitchen. The mood is a little odd. Delilah walks over to Hope and looks at her sorrowfully, almost piteously, and Hope returns the look with a glare.

Seeing Emerald the mare beams, and Emerald runs up and gives her a hug. Emerald comments how worried he was that something happened to her.

"Oh my... I was only at work my dear. Why would you think-" she starts, and then thinking on it a second says, "I know you haven't had it easy until now, but the world isn't that horrible of a place usually. You've just had some bad experiences, and I want to make sure that you never have to live through something like that again."

Emerald starts to tear up a bit, but then he feels a kiss on his forehead, and it makes him feel a little bit better.

"I do have something to tell you however... I'm being deployed west near the war zone in a relief effort for those effected by the advance and then retreat of the Zebra armies... And I'm leaving tomorrow. Apparently it was one of the other reasons we had to return from Trotton..." Hope says sadly.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-12 06:24:18 No. 25747081

(Look out, I'm drunk as shit and updating!)

Emerald asks if he can come with her.

"No." She says flat out, "You are welcome to stay here while I am away though. You've been through enough in your life already, I'm not taking you into a warzone. Just stay here in Whiterwater and be safe, please?"

Hope looks to Delilah, and she says, "I-I can come and check on Sapphire every once and while if you'd like, Mistress."

Hope and Delilah smile at each other, and then the mare turns back to Emerald and says, "I'm sorry Emerald, but I won't be gone forever, I swear. Just be good, alright? Joyride is teaching you magic isn't she? M-maybe I can get you a tutor or something if you'd still like to learn about other things. You'd like that right? I can get some books and you can just read them yourself if you don't!"

Emerald sees that Hope is trying to make him feel better, and he does appreciate the effort, but he still doesn't want her to leave.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-12 07:05:29 No. 25747559

Emerald says that he'll train in magic, and one day he'll be strong wizard that she won't have to worry about him, and that he'll protect her too.

Hope giggles, and says, "I await that day Emerald, but for now please stay safe. Umm..."

Hope says, looking at Delilah, "Thank you for all you've done, but if you want to leave for the day that's fine."

Delilah smiles again and says, "As you wish, Mistress. Please be safe, okay?"

Hope nods, and Delilah exits the house.

Hope then pets Emerald, and says, "I'm sorry... I really am... This is something I need to do, please don't hate me Emerald..."

What does Emerald do?


YOU show.

2015-12-13 11:14:29 No. 25754089

Emerald feels the tears start to well in his eyes again. He says that of course he doesn't hate her, and that he doesn't want her to go, but he'll miss her.

Emerald then hugs Hope tight, and the two sit in embrace until Delilah says, "W-well, I think I shall return home for the night, Mistress. Shall I stop by tomorrow before you leave?"

"Yes, Delilah, that would be much appreciated." Hope says, releasing Emerald and looking up at the donkey.

Delilah leaves, and Hope wordlessly the two head back to the bedroom.

Neither of them are feeling particularly frisky tonight. Obviously because of the mood, but Emerald more so because of the milking he just had. The two simply cuddle, and as they start to fall asleep Hope whispers, "You'll see me off tomorrow right?"

Emerald nods, but doesn't say anything.


Emerald wakes up the next day. He sits up with a panic when he realizes that Hope isn't in the bed next to him and begins to worry that he missed seeing her off, but then he hears splashes coming from the bathroom, and realizes she is just bathing.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-13 12:17:23 No. 25754586

Emerald hops out of bed and makes his way to the bathroom, where he sees Hope washing herself and humming. When she sees Emerald the mare smiles.

Emerald hops into the bath and asks Hope if she needs help scrubbing.

"I'm almost finished actually, but how about I help you?" She says smiling, and then grabbing a small, soapy brush she begins helping him bathe before continuing, "Again, thank you for being so understanding, Emerald. I really do appreciate it. Those people out there to the west really need our help."

Emerald nods.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-13 02:01:16 No. 25755746

Emerald shuffles over and sits in Hope's lap, and gives her a kiss. He asks Hope to be careful, and ask if it's going to be super dangerous there.

"Well, I should hope not, we won't be too close to the front lines, but it is a warzone..." Hope says, clearly showing she regrets going into this topic. Emerald can tell Hope doesn't want to worry him.

Emerald asks if Hope will write him everyday.

"If I can, my dear." Hope says, kissing him on the cheek.

The pair get out, and as the leave the bathroom they hear the clangs of dishes from the kitchen.

Sure enough it's Delilah, and she has prepared what she claims is Hope's favorite dish, a pasta salad with asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, and some sort of olive tasting dressing.

"I should probably get going..." Hope says, starting towards the door, "You were going to see me off from Ponycare headquarters, right Emerald?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-14 12:34:47 No. 25766082

(Sorry, didn't come back from my date last night until way late, so I went straight to bed. Also feeling really sick today so we'll see how much i update between naps.)

Emerald says that he will of course accompany her. After the pair step out of the door she locks up the place tightly and hands Emerald the key. It's almost plain in comparison to the keys he got from Joyride, it's a normal silvery colored key made of nickel.

"Take good care of it Emerald." Hope says with a smile, as if she had no doubt he would even if she had made that statement or not.

The two walk in a somber silence towards the castle, turning south as they hit the inner town walls and come to a mass gathering of ponies. From the looks of the white robes bobbing among the crowd it is made up of Ponycare employees as well as their families, and many are giving hugs or embracing their loved ones. There are also many, many covered wagons here, their white cloth numbering at least half of the number of robed ponies. Ponies are loading the wagons full of wooden crates and burlap bags of what Emerald assumes is food and supplies. Other than that though there are some ponies who stand very apart from the crowd.

These are obviously the guard for the caravan, and though many of them are the same soldiers that Emerald has seen patrolling Whitherwater there are also what appear to be hired hands. There is no easy way to describe them, as no two have the same uniform, same flair, stance, or weapon. Some aren't even ponies. Emerald must admit though, they all appear quite imposing and heroic.

"Well... Here I am." Hope says, giving a half smirk, "Umm... I need to go check in with my boss..."

Emerald feels like he should say something.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-14 02:31:59 No. 25767028

Emerald hugs Hope and tells her that he loves her, and ask her to stay safe.

Hope smiles broadly, and gives Emerald a kiss on the cheek before wishing him goodbye and trotting off towards the herd of wagons.

"Ah, guess I missed my chance to say farewell." a familiar voice says from behind Emerald.

It's Joyride, and Emerald asks what she is doing here.

"Heard about Ponycare leaving for a relief effort over by the war and figured Hope was going too." Joyride says lazily, "Jeez, Hope didn't even tell me. I guess she was just too distracted by you, heh. I heard that 'i love you' by the way. Should I be expecting a wedding invitation soon?"

Emerald indignantly says that maybe she will.

Joyride doesn't pay attention, and scans the crowd saying, "I was expecting to see Blood here, but I guess Hope didn't tell him she was leaving either. Or maybe she did and didn't want her father to show."

What does Emerald do?
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