You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-12-15 07:20:42 No. 25780963

>Emerald asks for an aging potion, but ultimately decides against it because of the cost.
>Joyride mentions needing help getting the mushrooms for her Libido Potion.
>Emerald decides to start learning Goat Magic, and even finds some of Joyride's old spellbooks.
>Emerald buys a spellbooks as well as a book on focuses so that Joyride can make him one.
>Emerald returns to Hope's place and makes a cake, as well as having a nice conversation with Delilah.
>Hope doesn't come back from work she said she would, and Emerald freaks out.
>He writes a message to Hope and sends it via dragonfire, then returns to Joyride's place.
>She coaxes him into a milking.
>Hope ends up being okay, and sends him a letter.
>Joyride agrees to make a focus out of his spellbook (as well as one additional focus).
>Emerald returns to Hope's and finds out that she is leaving for a relief effort in the warzone.
>They spend their last night together before Emerald sees her off at the Ponycare HQ.
>Joyride is there too to say goodbye.
>QM gets sick and fails to update the thread before it crashes below Page 10.

Story continued next post...

2015-12-15 07:26:45 No. 25781012

Emerald asks Joyride if she loves Hope, and pats the unicorn on the back and says that Hope will be okay.

"Love? Of course not. She is just a friend-without-benefits. A situation I'm trying very hard to change." Joyride says, giving Emerald a nudge.

Emerald asks about his focuses.

"I haven't finished reading the book on focuses yet, but from what I've read it's easy enough magic. I'll have it done soon." Joyride says with a yawn.

Emerald looks after Hope until he can't see her among the throng of ponies, and then asks if there are any of her libido potion ingredients in the zebra lands.

"Yup, the giant jungle wasp royal jelly. Why, want to join the caravan? Good luck, unless you have fake documents and passports that I don't know of. We could always try to sneak into the warzone if you are feeling brave. Sounds kind of fun actually." Joyride says, tapping her chin, "I don't know exactly where there is a giant jungle wasp nest, but it's not like they won't be hard to find."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-15 08:05:33 No. 25781422

Emerald says he wants to. He is totally ready. He can read Zebra, and sort of speak it. He is pretty sure he could understand it at the very least. He comments it's not like he has anything better to do.

Joyride leans close and gives her usual toothy grin while saying, "Welll... There is a certain cave on the outskirts of a certain castle town that contains a certain mushroom that a certain unicorn could use a certain colts help getting."

2015-12-15 08:50:51 No. 25781934

Emerald comments that she can be a real creeper sometimes.

"Wha? How rude, is that you how you speak to your mistress? Maybe I shouldn't teach you magic at all!" Joyride says, faking being insulted.

Emerald says that he hopes that particular unicorn will get that particular colt's help, because that particular cave sound important.

"Come on, Emerald." Joyride says smirking again, "You wanna help me get the mushroom or not? Who else could I trust but my plucky apprentice to be my bodyguard?"

Emerald mimes thinking on her request, and then asks what the cave exploration is going to entail. He's mostly worried about cave ins.

"Oh, I'm not sure. Never been to the cave I've been hearing about. It shouldn't be too bad though. Hopefully we just walk in and walk out several pheromone mushrooms richer." Joyride says, nodding.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-15 09:24:53 No. 25782339

Emerald asks what the pheromone mushrooms do, and if he'll need to bring protection for his face.

"I'm going to use it for a libido potion. What do you think the mushrooms do? As for protection, feel free to bring it if you want. If all goes well you shouldn't have to worry too much about it. That's why I need to concentrate when harvesting the mushrooms. If you are too rough then they'll spit spores everywhere and drive you sex crazy."

Emerald gulps, and asks Joyride to promise that he won't get hurt.

"Can't promise anything, lil' perv, but I seriously doubt you'll get hurt." She says, with a grin, "Now you want to go? We still have the daylight to make it there and back hopefully."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-15 10:32:37 No. 25783283

Joyride starts to lead Emerald through the east streets, which are starting to become more familiar to him. They pass the plaza with the fountain and then go out the huge gate and turn south, walking for an hour or two and getting to the start of a treeline. Emerald has heard that these woods are full of monsters or something. He is pretty sure that Joyride was the one who told him about it, in fact.

Emerald asks if Joy has something he can protect himself with since he doesn't have his focus or any magic yet.

"You got that Knife of Subtlety right? That should be more than enough." Joyride says unconcerned, "I'm more than strong enough to handle anything outside the cave, and once we get in we have to be careful not to cause too much of a ruckus and destroy our prize. I want as many of those mushrooms as I can get."

Emerald, pushes harder on the defense talk, asking if he is just going to be lookout.

"Jeez, you really are worrying about this more than you need too, lil' perv. Relax! This is supposed to be a fun adventure." Joyride says throwing up a hoof.

Emerald still isn't convinced, but he continues walking until they reach the cave that Joyride was talking about nestled against a cliff side and surrounded by trees. It's about a head taller than the unicorn, and seems to go back until all Emerald can see is darkness.

Joyride steps forward, and as Emerald does the same he clangs his hoof into something and looks down.

They appear to have stepped into the remnants of a campsite. There is a copper pot here standing over the remains of a firepit. There are some dirty, soaked sheets as well as one or two torn napsacks. There looks like there was a scuffle.

Joyride has already made it to the cave, and after alighting her horn, begins to looks inside.

"Alright Emerald. You ready for adventure?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-15 11:40:04 No. 25784186

(Last for the night.)

Emerald attempts to put the copper pot on his head, but it's a bit too big, and it slips so completely on that he can't see. He removes the pot and attempts to put it in his backpack, but it doesn't fit, so he drops it on the ground.

Emerald brings the campsite to the attention of Joyride, and she says,

"Ah, yeah. How do you think I heard about this cave? An acquaintance of mind told me a story of some travelers who were attacked near this cave. Don't worry, the escaped-" Joyride says, and then tilting her head in thought finishes, "-unharmed."

Joyride approaches the napsacks and goes through them.

"Dang, I was hoping they left some change behind or something...."

Joyride strolls back towards the cave and enter, and Emerald follows close behind, felling more cautious than ever. The cave goes quite far back, and seems to get every so slightly wider and taller as they continue.

The silence is getting to him, and he can hear every clop of their hooves and breath they breathe. Emerald wants to break the silence with a quip, but he is afraid that something might hear.

Emerald notices something glistening on the wall, and at the same time steps in something squishy. Looking down he notices he stepped in some sort of sticky, odd smelling liquid. The liquid seems to be all over the floor and walls.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-16 07:21:09 No. 25792405

Emerald gets the overwhelming urge to eat the goo for some reason, but abstains. Instead he brings the ooze to the attention of Joyride, who turns around and looks at his upturned hoof in curiosity.

"Oh, looks like we have a slime monster friend." Joyride says, poking the goo herself, examining it, and then wiping it off on the wall.

Emerald asks what she means by a slime monster.

"Oh, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The fact that your leg didn't melt away just by stepping on it means it's one of the less dangerous ones. Hopefully. The slime is so old it doesn't even have any color, so I'm not sure which one it's from."

Emerald stares worryingly at Joyride, who just looks at him, and then turns away and says, "Anyway, forward!"

The pair of them keep moving, and the cave eventually widens into what appears to be a alcove that an animal was living inbefore leading off deeper into the ground. Bunches of leaves, twigs, and small nicknacks are formed into a bedding of sorts. There is slime everywhere here as well, but no sign of any creatures.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-16 08:06:17 No. 25792934

Emerald looks at the nest. He sees tufts of fur, slime, bones of various animals, patches of fabric and brightly colored string... Oh hey! A bit. No wait... These are dog tags...

Emerald looks at the tags. They are for someone named Cherry Chiffon.

Emerald asks if it's okay to eat the slime.

"I wouldn't suggest it. Like I said I don't know which slime it's from. Just wait a few hours, I can get you something sticky to eat if you want it that badly." Joyride says with a wink.

Emerald asks if the slime is a good alchemical ingredient, or if he can grow his own little slime pet.

"Yes it's a good ingredient, but not this. It's been exposed to the air too long." Joyride says, poking thie slime again, "and slimes bud to reproduce, you can't make them out of this kind of excretions."

Emerald asks if his knife will be good against a slime.

"Possibly." she says shrugging, "Depends on how big the slime is. Anyway, you done? Let's keep going."

2015-12-16 08:54:55 No. 25793435

Emerald takes the dog tags and shows them to Joyride.

"Oh hey, good idea. Wait, are his bones in there anywhere?"

Joyride shuffles through the nest, casting it aside until she finds what appears to be a pony skull, fully intact.

"Nice. Only slightly cracked. Still useable!" Joyride says, putting in her cloak and making it disappear. Joyride turns to see a disapproving Emerald and she says,

"What? It's not like they'll need it anymore. It might not even be this 'Cherry Chiffon's' skull, for all you know. Come on, we are wasting time.

The pair walk deeper into the cavern, and as they go the tunnels start to split more and more. Emerald is worried they won't find their way out, but Joyride doesn't seem too concerned about it, so he tries his best not to be.

"Wait, you hear that?" Joyride says, stopping and perking up her ears?

Emerald does the same, and he can clearly hear what seems to be running water. The two carefully follow the sound downwards and come upon an opening that has a small stream coming in a small break in the wall and leaving out the other Aside it are clearly mushrooms.

"Ah, I wonder if that's them!" Joyride says, but Emerald stops him and points at what appears to him to be some sort of bird lying on the ground.

"Hmm... A Jackknife Bird. Looks like it's knocked out though." Joyride says, walking past it and too the mushrooms, "Watch the bird. If it wakes up tell me and I'll deal with it."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-16 09:41:24 No. 25793918

>Int Check
>Rolled 4, passed

Emerald remembers reading about the Jackknife Bird. It's a carnivore and a territorial predator. It attacks with it's razor sharp beak and at the same time rakes it's prey with it's talons. While it has pretty impressive plumage it's flightless, though it can leap long distances. They've been known to attack ponies, but it's not something that's very common.

Emerald looks warily at the bird, but it does seem to be passed out, breathing quite contently in and out. It looks almost... Content.

Emerald looks at Joyride, and she is levitating a knife, and very carefully removing the mushrooms. Emerald looks around. Other than the entrance they came from there is one on the other side of the room, as well as the two places the water is coming in.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-16 10:31:21 No. 25794361

Emerald keeps a wary eye on the bird, not wanting to have to deal with it if it wakes up... However after a few moments of fixing his attention on it he suddenly remembers about the slime, and looks quickly around at the entrances just in case.

>Difficult Perception Check (+1)
>Rolled 2, passed

Emerald thinks at first he just sees water like the stuff flowing through the middle of the room, but as it slowly approaches the light of the horn he sees it for what it really is. It's some sort of translucent, viscous, flowing creature. Clearly the slime that Joyride was talking about. It's moving pretty slowly, but it is definitely making it's way towards the pair.

Emerald yells for Joyride, and flinching she turns around in anger and looks at the slime, then at Emerald and says, "Just like I thought. Not dangerous. Just keep it away from me, okay?"

She then turns back and continues to cut at the mushrooms.

It's getting closer.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-16 11:13:08 No. 25794836

(Last for the night.)

Emerald asks if Joyride has a potion or something he can use on the slime, but she ignores him.

Turning back to the slime he wonders how it can sense them. Maybe it's heat, or perhaps movement?

He looks at the Jackknife bird.. Maybe it'll go for him instead and the two can duke it out. Emerald puts the bird between the slime and himself, and watches as it surrounds the bird, engulfs it, and then just as quickly slithers away from it, leaving the bird mostly untouched except for a layer of slime.

The slime makes it rather close to Emerald, and it starts to form up into a slightly spherical mass. it's easily a head taller than the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-17 07:40:02 No. 25803034

Emerald trots around the cave, keeping the slime close behind it. It's not particularly fast, and it isn't difficult to stay ahead of it.

After a few passes around the cave Emerald asks if Joyride is finished. She seems to be trying to take the whole lot of mushrooms.

"Nearly." Joyride says, concentrating on her task.

A jog around the cave later Emerald starts to get a bit bored. He wonders if he can tame the slime... Turn it into a pet or something.

>Intelligence Check
>Rolled 3, Passed.

As far as Emerald knows such a thing shouldn't be possible. Not only does he not have the knowledge to do it, but he is pretty sure that most slime creatures don't have central nervous systems or intelligence of their own, which is kind of important for training animals.

As he makes his way past Joyride again he asks her if it's possible to train slimes.

"You can keep them around by feeding them yeah, but you don't get that one. You'd need to feed it and I want as much as you cum as I can get for myself." She says.

Puzzled, Emerald asks what the heck she is talking about.

"That's a navy slime."

Emerald remarks that it's translucent, not navy blue.

Joyride laughs and says, "It's called a navy slime because it likes semen, get it?" Joyride then waves a hoof and says, "Navy slimes envelope their prey and then extracts semen from it via massaging combined with aphrodisiacs."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-17 09:01:56 No. 25803780

Emerald continues to walk in circles.

Emerald asks Joyride how this monster could catch anything since it's so slow.

"Well it is pretty hard to see after all." Joyride says, and then springing up suddenly she starts to walk out of the cave saying, "All done! Let's go."

Emerald asks what to do about the slime.

"Who cares? It's not like it's going to catch you." Joyride says, still walking down the path.

Emerald looks back at the blob. It's kinda cute actually, and he feels bad for making it walk all around chasing him. It's not his fault he feeds on semen, maybe just to be nice he could-

A flash of light comes down the hallway and strikes the creature, turning into a slime-cicle.

"There, taken care of, can we go?" Joyride says from out of sight.

Emerald jogs to catch up to Joyride and asks if the slime will be okay.

"Once it thaws yeah, and I'm sure that Jackknife bird will be back up too, meaning the slime has a nice meal lined up."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-17 10:06:14 No. 25804363

Emerald looks back into the darkness, he has to admit, he is kind of curious what might be back there and tells Joyride.

"Well you are welcome to go and look, but I'm not coming with you. Just to warn you there are worse things in the dark than semen sucking slimes."

Emerald gulps and asks waht kind of things.

"Oh I don't know. Don't forget that Jackknife Bird was there. Maybe grues?"

Changing the subject, Emerald asks what ingredients are left for her potion.

"I still need white deer antler. Not sure how I'm going to manage that one." She looks thoughtful and then says, "There is also the Succubus hair and the Giant Jungle Wasp Royal Jelly. Like I said before the royal jelly should be easy to find, but I still don't know where to find a true succubus, though I have some leads."

2015-12-17 11:14:00 No. 25804965

(Last of the night.)

Emerald asks when they are going to go for the royal jelly. If it's soon, and if they can go now. He's a bit excited at the prospect, to say it lightly.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there, lil' perv. I know you want to nut in Hope again but we can't just go right away. I need to gather some supplies first, mostly food."

Emerald comments that he is surprised she can't just magic food into existence.

"Well, I can... But it's not food you'd want to eat for very long. It'll keep you alive, but it tastes like wet cardboard and looks like half chewed vomit."

Trying to get that image out of his head, Emerald thinks on the other ingredient she needs, and he asks if Joyride is a succubus herself. She seems to have been a live for quite some time and knows quite a bit about sex.

"Nope. I'm just a normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday unicorn." She says giving her usual toothy grin.

Somehow Emerald doesn't believe that, but he isn't going to press the issue at the moment. Instead he asks why she just can't lure a succubus or an incubus since they are so attracted to sex, which she seems to have quite a prowess in.

"Eh... They prefer corrupting purer ponies than myself." She says rolling her eyes and giving a laugh.

Emerald asks which she prefers, succubus or incubus.

"Why not both at the same time? And throw an omnibus in there as well!"

Emerald asks if impregnation turns her on.

"My goodness, that came out of nowhere didn't it? It's hot? I guess? Not like I can ever get pregnant." the unicorn says.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-18 07:41:33 No. 25813148

The pair make it to the entrance to the cave, and walking back over the spoiled camp site continue back towards Whitherwater.

Emerald apologizes if the fact that she can't get pregnant is a touchy subject for her, and even asks if there is a potion or something that could help with that. He'd help her find it if need be.

"I appreciate the offer, but nah, it's not a touchy subject, and it's not like I wanted kids anyway." Joyride says with a shrug, "I gave it up on purpose."

Emerald waits for more of an explanation, but she seems content with that answer, so instead he asks her if she plans to use him as bait in a succubus trap.

She laughs and then suddenly thinks on it and says, "That might actually work! You have this... Unique sort of novelty, considering your circumstances. You aren't exactly pure, but you aren't exactly corrupt yet either... Hmm... Why, you offering?"

Emerald quickly changes the subject again and asks what he can do to help prepare for the trip to the Zebra lands.

"I dunno. I guess I can send you on some errands for food and supplies and stuff, if you really want to help that badly." Joyride says with another shrug, "I thought you were scared of being kidnapped again or something. A knife and a disguise is certainly making you feel more confident, I guess?"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-18 08:31:47 No. 25813682

Joyride removes some parchment, a quill, and an ink bottle from no where and levitates them, writing as she walks. It isn't until the pair get back out of the forest and up against the gigantic city wall that she finishes.

"Ho-kay lil' perv. Here's your list and uh..." Joyride then digs into her mantle, and pulls out a small sack with a money sign on it, heaving it to Emerald who is surprised by it's weight.

"...And that should be enough for the supplies. Hopefully. If it isn't I'll pay you back." Joyride says, rolling up the parchment and handing it to the colt.

Emerald stashes away the money and immediately unrolls the scroll as they walk in the gate and reads it.


-Chaos apples (five)
-Winged Worm (Half pound)
-magma blossoms (four buds)
-screaming grass (2 oz. dried)
-Pixie dust (half pound)

(Go to Shifty's)

-Food and stuff. Go to Whole Wheat's place. They'll know what we need.


Emerald rolls it back up and asks who Shifty and Whole Wheat are.

"Oh, yeah, guess you wouldn't know. They own shops around the fountain area. Whole Wheat's is on the main stretch, but Shifty's is down a few of the rougher streets." Joyride says, "Here, I'll show you."

The two of them reach the fountain area, and as they do Joyride takes him around the side of what appears to be a furniture store and points down a side street.

Even here there is a bit of a bustle, but it's a much odder looking one. All the ponies here seem to be avoiding eye contact with one another, except for the occasional pair of guards who scan the passing ponies. Most of the people here are wearing heavy clothing and clutching their wrapped packages close to their bodies.

The street itself is much less cared for the the ones around it. It isn't exactly dirty, but there is a clear air of neglect around everything that isn't a storefront.

"Welp, off you go lil' perv." Joyride says, giving him a little nudge and then turning to walk away.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-18 09:22:07 No. 25814160

Emerald asks Joyride where she is going. He might need help getting all this stuff back to the house.

"Nah, you should be able to carry it, maybe. I dunno. Have them deliver it if it's really that much trouble." Joyride says, walking away again.

Emerald attempts to try and stop her again, asking if there are any magic apprentice contests and stuff, and what he should do with the dog tags.

"Yes and I don't know, respectively." Joyride says, not turning around, "Anyway, business to get to. See ya at my place."

Emerald looks down the alley, and apprehensively makes his way down it, making sure not to catch anyone's eye, and only looks up to see the various store fronts. There is a grocery here, as well as a run down looking restaurant, and one claiming to sell "exotic pets" that look dangerous and frightening to Emerald.

The colt sees a flash of movement to his side, and is accosted by a pony in a long coat. He has a heavy beard and a nice hat, and smell very heavily of cigarette smoke.

The pony looks around and then opens his coat and says,

"Hey little guy, runnin' an 'errand' for your 'parents'? I got Whitehill Gold, Venom, Gutter Juice, Penny Peach, Big King, Thorns, and any 'artillery' you might need."

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-18 10:23:49 No. 25814824

Emerald does his best to excuse himself from the drug selling pony, though he makes sure to compliment the stallion's hat before he leaves just to make sure he doesn't offend him.

Emerald keeps going until he reaches a shop simply named "apothecary", but he doesn't see a name on the store anywhere.

He gingerly enters the store.

Unlike the other apothecary he entered this one is much less organized. It looks more like an antique store that was suddenly filled with pots, jars, and capsules.

He crosses eyes with the store keep, and he simply stares the colt down angrily. The stallion is wearing a robe that conceals most of his body, what he can see are heavy lidded eyes and an ear with a chip missing.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-18 11:26:25 No. 25815557

(Last for the night.)

Emerald asks for the name of the shop, or of the shopkeep, just so he knows he is in the right place.

The pony behind the counter doesn't respond.

Emerald then walks up to the counter and puts the list on the table and asks if he has all these things.

The robed pony looks down at the list and then glares back up at Emerald and says,

"Chaos Apples? Screaming Grass? Of course we don't have any of that here. Our establishment does not deal in illegal goods."

What does Emerald do?
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