You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2015-12-30 06:29:36 No. 25937938

Last Thread:

>Emerald collects the supplies that Joyride sent him out to get.
>Emerald decides to try and give the dog tags he found in the cave to someone who can do something about it.
>Emerald writes to Sensoria, who seems to mistake the letter for an invitation for a date.
>Emerald rolls with it and goes on a date with Sensoria.
>After some conversation the Sensoria offers to teach him some magic, which he accepts.
>The date goes well, and Emerald goes to take Sensoria back to his flat at #304 Coursewalk for some sexin'.
>They find a drunk Joyride and Sensoria ends up leaving.
>Emerald helps her to bed, and slightly angry from the whole thing takes her keys and goes to have some fun.
>Emerald finds a room with a strange contraption in it, as well as some orbs and a letter.
>The letter mentions Sunshine Sea, Joyride's favorite travel companion.

Continued in the next post...

2015-12-30 06:34:54 No. 25938003

Emerald takes one of the blank pages and puts it in his pocket. He wants to find the rest of the journal, and he thinks if he asks the library about it he might find out something.

Emerald then looks at the machine again, and wonders what exactly he does. On closer examination he sees the pedestal on the front of it has a rounded groove, and instantly his mind goes to the orbs on the side of the room.

Emerald walks over and grabs the orb sitting on a holder labeled "A1" and puts it on the pedestal. The cloudy liquid inside the orb seems to drain away slowly, and a second later there is a loud crack next to him, and looking up he sees what appears to be a modest looking wood and hay thatched roof house on a grass covered hill.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-30 07:19:12 No. 25938503

(Thanks. I'll check it out.)


(Because I tried an experiment doing another CYOA and it failed.)


Emerald walks up to the portal, and taking the hat from his head sticks it through the portal. It seems to displace the portal like it was in water, and when he pulls it out he doesn't notice any difference to the hat.

He gingerly sticks a hoof in. He doesn't feel the warm sun or any sort of wind like the portal looking object seems to imply, and much like his hat his hoof appears to be okay once it's pulled out.

lastly he sticks his face in, but right as he passes his head through the portal all he can see is the wall on the other side of the machine. It seems whatever this is is acting like some sort of image.

Looking at the whole thing again, he thinks he sees two ponies in front of the house that certainly weren't there before.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-30 08:21:37 No. 25939172

Emerald attempts to hail the ponies, but they don't seem to notice.

Emerald supposes he shouldn't be surprised they can't hear them, they are quite far away. Just as he wishes he could get closer the portal seems to zoom in on the two ponies.

As it zooms in he realizes that it's a mare and a filly. The mare looks like an older, longer maned Joyride though she doesn't have the half-lidded expression that is often on the unicorn's face. The filly is about Emerald's age and is wearing a postman's cap and a saddlebag. Emerald is pretty sure he knows who this filly is.

"-some more snacks maybe? I don't want you to get hungry on the way!" The mare finishes.

"I'm fine mom! The next village isn't that far away, you don't need to walk me part way!" the filly Joyride says.

"I wanted to go to town anyway, my dear. But even if I didn't this is a big day!" The mom says giggling.

Joyride puffs out her cheeks, but then says happily, "Let's go!"

The mare giggles and then the two begin the walk, the portal following right behind them. They climb a small grassy hill and once atop it Emerald can see a ring of similar houses to the one they just left. The town seems peaceful, almost idyllic. As the two ponies walk they are greeted by everyone they pass by. The mare stops to talk every once and a while, but is quickly dragged away by the excited Joyride.

Joyride and her mother make it to a building that is just like the others, save for a sign with a letter on it hanging above the door.

Inside are cubbies full of letters that an older stallion is sorting.

"Ah Joyride m'girl. I have your letters right here!" The stallion says, reaching over to hand the letters to her.

She reaches for them excitedly, but just before she can reach them a flash of magenta passes between them and scoops up the letters.

"Why don't I take these, pops? I can go to both delivery places before she can make it to one!" A pegasi colt says.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-30 09:11:14 No. 25939707

Emerald keeps glancing nervously back. He doesn't want Joyride to catch him here, but then he realizes that he has her keys, so she couldn't possibly get in here.

"give'em back Scout!" Joyride says, chasing the laughing pegasus around the store.

"Scout. Go out on your delivery." The stallion says sternly, causing the pegasus to float down and hand the letters over to Joyride. He then hops up to the window, turns to smirk at Joyride, then opens his wings and darts away.

"He does have a point though, little one." The stallion says to the filly as she packs away her letters, "You need to head there and come back. No wandering around now, you hear?"

"Aww, but that's the fun part..." Joyride says pouting.

"You can do that on your time off, child."

"Mom won't let me." She says, pouting more, "She says it's dangerous to wander off the roads."

"Then you would do well to listen to her. She has your best interest at heart." The stallion says, turning an eye to her.

Joyride nods and heads out the door, and after wishing her mother a goodbye takes off towards the other village. Joyride seems to take the mail stallion's advice to heart, as he can tell she is trying her best to be expedient and focus on her delivery. Once and a while Joyride has to pull herself away from following an animal or a butterfly, or taking a side path that leads off the road.

Joyride was telling the truth when she said the village wasn't that far away. In little more than an hour or two she is to the next village, which looks almost identical to hers, though with quite a few more farms. She turns into the building with the letter on it and greets the mare inside.

Emerald turns away from the portal suddenly. He thought he heard something behind him, but there isn't anything there. He must be getting jumpy.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-30 10:11:12 No. 25940320

Emerald swears he can feel someone watching him. He walks over to the pedestal wondering if there is anyway to turn off the machine. He fiddles with the orb on the machine, and after a small tug the portal turns off, and the foggy gray liquid fills the orb back up. He places the cloudy ball back down and the memory comes back, though he has to watch it from the beginning.

Getting comfortable, he waits for the memory to catch up to where he left it.

Joyride leaves behind the mail mare, and right as he leaves the post office a familiar magenta pegasus lands heavily in front of her.

"I bet you flew as fast as you could just so you could pretend you are cool." Joyride says with a sneer.

"Heck no." Scout says, floating after Joyride as she attempts to walk away, "That's how fast I always fly. Even if I couldn't though, us pegasi are always going to have a hoof up on delivering mail. It's just easier to fly over everything, ya know?"

"Says you." Joyride retorts.

"I bet I could make it back to our village before you can!" Scout says, landing in front of her.

"You're on!" Joyride yells, and then both of them are off.

It isn't long before Emerald realizes that Joyride is indeed incredibly outclassed. Scout is clearly not trying his hardest, and flies circles around the filly, goading her on and teasing her, even commenting about her stamina when she can't keep the pace she originally had up. Much to Emerald's respect she simply puts up with it and keeps running.

Eventually Joyride's village comes into sight, and the pegasus says, "Welp, see ya later slowpoke" and zooms off towards the town.

Joyride, focusing on running, doesn't see her horn light up, and in a flash she is suddenly in the center of the village, much to the shock of both her and the magenta pegasi. The shock on filly Joyride's face is the last thing Emerald sees as the memory ends and the portal switches off.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-30 10:43:07 No. 25940633

(Probably last for the night. I'll get some in tomorrow, but I might also do something for New Year's just to get out of the apartment.)

Emerald smiles. Emerald was kind of expecting something bad to happen, but it was actually quite pleasant. He's glad Joyride had a nice childhood.

Taking the orb, he places it back on the shelf where he found it and then walks out the door, taking note to remember the plain, heart engraved key. If possible he'd like to come back sometime.

Emerald opens the door back to Joyride's room, and is relieved to find her still snoring. He places the keys back on the nightstand and then hastily makes his way out and back to his apartment. He is suddenly feeling quite tired, and after removing his disguise falls into bed and fast asleep.


The next day he wakes up to knocking at his door. Getting up he opens it to see Joyride standing there.

"Heyyy lil' perv. Thanks for getting me into bed last night." She says, walking in and sitting at his small table, "I had to drink some people under the table, but I managed to get you some fake passports. If we are lucky we can ride a boat and not have to pass through the Whitherwater checkpoints! It'd be nice not to have to walk all that way as well."

Emerald nods, and asks if the war zone is pretty far away.

"Probably a good fortnight if we walk. A little shorter if we go by boat." Joyride says, and then continues, "Plus that means we can go by the waterfront. Sleazy pirate hookers man, they are pretty good! Oh, speaking of hookers I find some possible 'clients' if you want a few extra bits before we go. One of my dockworker friends, another diplomat, and an alchemist friend of mine. Here, I have some pictures if you want to see."

Joyride throws him some pictures, and after taking one glance at them glares at Joyride. They are all zebras. Emerald makes a comment about this.

"Oh, are they? I hadn't even noticed." She says, grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-31 07:26:35 No. 25949053

Emerald asks if he can have all three at once to save time.

Surprised, Joyride replies "I can totally plan that lil' perv! My goodness, maybe you really are my apprentice after all!"

Emerald makes it clear that he was joking.

"Aww, why you gotta get my hopes up like that. Being cruel to your mentor, jeez!" She says smiling.

Emerald points out that she cockblocked him yesterday.

"Hey, I was just looking out for both you and Hope. Been gone one day and you are already trying to cheat on her, jeez." Joyride says, grinning widely, "Such a young age, and already a player."

Emerald comments that that is pretty rich considering that she is trying to whore him out.

"There is a difference between selling yourself and bringing a date home to fuck. One is business and the other is more personal and intimate. You realize that if you keep going down that path eventually you'll break either Hope or Sensoria's heart, right? Maybe even both!" Joyride says, shaking her head, but still grinning, "So cruel... So cruel!"

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-31 08:37:45 No. 25949736

Emerald says that he isn't sure that Hope would like him in that way, and explains the whole thing with the "mother" slip.

Joyride bursts out in laughter. She laughs so hard she falls to the floor, and seems to have trouble getting up.

"Y-you called her mommy?" She says, tears streaking her face, "And she liked it? Holy crap, that's hot, but you are also both FREAKS."

Emerald crosses his front legs and blushes. Emerald begins to wonder if she would mind him sleeping around, and wonders just how much Hope really does like him.

Then his mind starts to stray over to the pictures of the zebra in front of him.

Emerald asks if she really could make it so he could get all three at once.

The unicorn sits up so quick that Emerald finds it hard to believe she didn't get whiplash.

"For real? Don't tease me like this Emerald!" Joyride says, leaning over the table excitedly, "I'll even take you out for ice cream afterwards!

Emerald looks down at the pictures again... It wouldn't be so bad, would it?

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-31 09:21:05 No. 25950174

Emerald says he'll do it as long as the money is really worth the while... And if he gets mint chocolate chip ice cream... Two scoops!

Joyride darts up and starts to walk backwards towards the door, "Trust me, It'll be worth your while! Now don't you go chickening out on me okay? I'm going to go set this up for tonight so be here a little early so I can doll you up properly!"

She slams the door behind her, and now the room seems oddly quiet. What did she mean by 'dolled up'? Is she going to put him in a dress again? Well whatever, I guess Emerald has the rest of the day ahead of him.

What does Emerald do?

2015-12-31 10:17:06 No. 25950796

(Last for the night. Time to go get into New Year's shenanigans.)

Emerald decides to go and study at the library. He calls for some of the easier goat magic books again and starts reading.

>Emerald learns more about Goat Magic!

After a few hours his stomach starts to rumble. He completely forgot to eat breakfast!

Oh well, he was thinking about going for a walk anyway. Storing the book in his bag he makes his way out the door and over to the fountain district. Once there a delicious smell of grilled vegetables meets his nose, and he comes across someone selling kebabs, which he buys one of, and then a second once he finds out how delicious they are.

While he eats he looks at a nearby directory of the city. It's very basic but it appears that the city is broken up into five parts. A North, South, East, and West district, as well as a district in the center called the Castle District. There is a short blurb on the map about each district. It seems the north district is known for it's harbor, the west for it's trading, the east for it's shopping, and the south for it's industry. In addition, the castle seems to be known for it's governmental facilities. Emerald is thinking about walking among one of them, but then sees a crowd of people gathering around... Something. There is far too many to see anything, but he hears arguing, and one of them is almost certainly a pony his age.

M-maybe he should keep his distance though. He doesn't like the idea of being in a big group of people and possibly getting discovered.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 12:25:33 No. 25955832

Emerald approaches the crowd and attempts to see what is going on. Emerald can't seem to make headway through the group, so climbs atop a the pedestal of a nearby statue and peers over.

There is a big stallion wearing a hood staring down a colt. Emerald has to admire the colt's bravery because he is staring at him right back. The colt has a light red coat with a firey red mane. The two are arguing, though the colt is much louder, and it's only thanks to him that he can figure out some semblance of what is going on.

"I didn't steal nothin'! Does it look like I gotta apple on me?"

The stallion says something curtly to the colt, and he responds with,

"I ain't letting you check my pockets! What's that, an excuse to frisk me you old pervert?"

The stallion says something again, and the colt replies, "I hope you DO go and get the guard! Maybe they'll arrest you for overcharging on your half rotten apples!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 01:20:46 No. 25956329

Emerald forces his way through the crowd and between the colt and the big stallion. He says he is sorry about his friend, and that here is the bit for the apple.

The stallion seems satisfied by this, and Emerald then steers the colt around a corner away from the eyes of the other ponies.

"Jeez, would'ja stop pushin'?" The red maned colt says, slapping Emerald's hooves away.

The colt then reaches under his shirt and pulls out and apple and says, "Thanks for that by the way. I don't usually get caught by that idiot but I got unlucky this time."

The colt takes a bite of the apple, and then looking at Emerald says, "Oh sorry, wanna bite?"

Emerald says no thanks.

"Suit yerself." He says, taking another bite, "Hey, my names Ruby, what's yours?"

Emerald gives him the name Sapphire, knowing better than to trust anyone with his name after the Shock Top incident.

"Nice to meet'cha. Sorry you had to pay for my apple. Hey, I know! I'll show ya something really cool in exchange, but you gotta promise not to tell anyone else m'kay?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 02:26:12 No. 25956907

Emerald tells Ruby that as long as he isn't going down any alleys then he'll follow.

"Ugh, I guess we can walk on the main streets, but that's going to make it take a bit longer." Ruby says with a grunt.

The two young ponies begin walking towards west, and Emerald asks exactly where they are going.

Ruby gives a bark of laughter and then says, "Towards the castle district. Any more than that and it'll spoil the surprise! Just watch out for guards once we get close alright? It's important that we aren't spotted." Ruby says with a wink.

Emerald asks if that is a real knife he has on.

"Yup!" the red colt says pulling it out.

The knife is very worn and badly chipped, but Ruby holds it carefully like a great treasure. Emerald asks if he has ever used it before.

"Nope! But I ain't scared of using it if I need too!" Ruby says, sheathing it again as they continue to walk.

As they get close to the looming castle Emerald sees the entrance way, and though he thought that's where they were going Ruby leads him north of it along the wall. He keeps glancing up, clearly looking for something.

Some guards on patrol start coming from around the corner and Ruby gives a small sound of annoyance and leans against the wall, Emerald imitating him soon after.

The guards walk by, but not without giving the pair of colts a stare down.

"What, it illegal to stand now? I ain't doin' nothin'!" Ruby shouts after them. Luckily the guards ignore it.

Emerald says that he thought the point was not to get the guard's attention.

"Sorry, it's just every time I see a guard it riles me up." Ruby says angrily, "Anyway, let's get going."

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 07:18:14 No. 25960333

Emerald asks why he doesn't like Guards.

"Always causing problems for me is all. They always give me that sneer like I'm something on the bottom of their hoof. I can't stand it."

Emerald asks if Ruby is from Whitherwater.

"As far as I know, yeah. I can't remember too much before being here, other than my mom and dad." Ruby replies.

Emerald asks about his parents.

"They're dead." Ruby says conversationally.

Emerald apologizes, and says his are too, at least his real ones. Ruby smiles at the Emerald, and he smiles back. Emerald asks where Ruby stays.

"I gotta place I'm squattin' in with a few stallions. They say I can stay as long as I cook and clean and stuff. Mind you there isn't much food to cook usually but I do my best."

Emerald asks what Ruby does for a living.

"I live for a living. For now that's about all I can do. Get food where I can, beg for coins here or there... Trying to see if I can get into one of those factories on the south side. I hear it pays well." Ruby says, and then stops when he sees a rather large crack in the wall that reaches from the top past the height of Emerald's head.

The colt picks at the crack for a while, obviously trying to get something out of it. He looks around to make sure no one is paying attention, and then pulls out a strange, very thin, metallic gray rope that seems to go over the wall and is connected to something on the other side.

"Come on, get up it before someone sees!" Ruby cries, hoisting himself up the rope. Emerald is confused about how such a thin rope could possibly hold them both, but amazingly it does, and they both scale the wall and end up in a tree which the rope is attached too.

"There, see? Wasn't this worth it?" Ruby says, pointing at the window of a nearby building.

Emerald looks in and then blushes slightly. It's the locker room for the guards. the Men's locker room.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 08:35:15 No. 25961325

Emerald asks what so special about the window.

Ruby points to the window again and says, "Look! It's the guards! Changing! We can see them naked!"

Emerald asks why that is a big deal considering most ponies are naked anyway. Plus Emerald thought Ruby hated guards.

"I do hate them, which is why this is awesome. Look, they don't want us to know that under all that stupid armor they are no better than us. Though they are quite a bit more muscly, that's kinda nice I guess."

Pushing aside some of the more homosexual thoughts he has had in his head, Emerald says that he doesn't find it that interesting since he isn't gay.

"Huh? What does being gay have to do with anything? Wouldn't it be that you were less interested if you were gay?"

Emerald asks what Ruby is talking about, and Ruby does the same back.

There seems to be some confusion here.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 09:41:44 No. 25962141

Emerald gives Ruby a boop on the nose.

"Agh!" Ruby says, batting your hoof away, "What was that for?"

Emerald says that he was just being a cutie and he felt like he needed to do it.

"C-cute?" Ruby says blushing, "Hey since we are on the subject, I ain't gay, alright?"

Emerald says he isn't either, and Ruby just cocks his head and gives Emerald a stare.

"You are a strange filly, you know that?"

Emerald says that he isn't a filly, and that he is in fact a colt.

"What?! Really?" Ruby says, shock plain in her face, "Well, that... Oh god, I'm so confused..."

Emerald sighs and says that he shouldn't worry, and that he has that effect on other guys.

"What are you talking about? I'm a filly." Ruby says, puffing out his... Her... cheeks.

It's Emerald's turn to be shocked.

A few seconds of silence pass between them, and then they both start laughing hysterically.

"By all things good, we are a pair aren't we?" Ruby says, wiping a tear from her eyes.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 10:23:08 No. 25962576

Emerald asks what else she does for fun other than staring at stallions in locker rooms.

"Hey now, I only do this every once and a while, and uh... Sometimes I look in the mare locker room too, but there aren't that many female guards. In fact, I think the girl's side might be haunted! Sometimes when there is no one in the locker room a really thin, scary looking unicorn appears. But uh, to answer your other question not much. I cook like I said before. Kinda wish I could do it more. Hey, maybe I should see if one of the restaurants will take me in!" Ruby says, rubbing her chin.

Emerald is starting to take a shine to Ruby. For some reason he finds himself drawn to her. He asks if she wants to hang out more, maybe grab a kebab or two, on him.

"Sure! I'm always up for grub, especially on someone else's bit!"

The two of you climb down and Ruby carefully stuffs the rope back into the crack. While they walk Emerald asks about her earring. He doesn't say this, but he finds it odd she has such shabby clothes but such a nice gold piece of jewelry.

"It was my mom's! In fact it's the only thing I still have left from my parents... You should see how hard the stallion's i live with try to convince me to sell it. Ha!" Ruby says, giving another bark of laughter, "I think it broke though. There is an indent on the earring and I think something was supposed to be there."

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-01 11:19:02 No. 25963240

(Lasta For the Nightsa)

Suddenly realizing who the "ghost" might be, Emerald mentions that he is pretty sure he went on a date with the ghost.

This makes another shock of surprise pass across Ruby's face, and Emerald laughs.

Emerald and Ruby make it to the kebab salesmen with no further trouble, though Emerald wonders if that is because they didn't run into any guards on the way back. Emerald orders a mushroom kebab while Ruby buys one that is heavy on peppers.

Emerald asks if he can see her earring, and pulls out his own necklace, saying that he wants to see if the gem fits. Ruby takes off the earring, and holding the two close Emerald can see definite similarities between the construction of the two. He then places the earring over the top of the pendant.

It looks like it fits pretty well, though Emerald isn't going to pull the jewel out of his mother's pendant just to find out. He hands the earring back to Ruby, and asks her if she remembers where her mother got it specifically.

"Nope. I guess I never really asked about that. I just always thought of it as my mom's... Why?" Ruby says, patting the earring and then putting it back on her ear.

Emerald bites his lip, and then tells her about his step parents, and where he got his pendant from. Including telling her what his step parent's did to him.

"Ah... Hey, it's okay. I know some other ponies who have have to do that stuff with their body just to make ends meet... Though they are all mares, now that I think on it. Glad I don't have to do that. Err, I mean! Sorry, that wasn't very nice of me was it?" Ruby says, giving an apologetic smile.

Emerald says it's okay, and the two continue to have some lighthearted chat... Though Emerald can't help but notice that it's almost time for him to be getting back for his appointment.

What does Emerald do?
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