You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-03 04:47:08 No. 25984187


>Emerald activates the strange machine he finds while playing with Joyride's keys.
>It seems to reveal a past where a filly Joyride was a mail carrier, and raced a rival to a village. The filly Joyride seemed surprised at being able to teleport.
>Emerald goes to bed after watching that memory, and the next day Joyride informs him that she got him a passport, as well as the potential clients for another one of his "sessions".
>Emerald asks to have all three at once, much to Joyride's delight.
>Emerald reads for a bit, and then decides to go find some food.
>While eating a kebab in the fountain district Emerald comes across a pony named Ruby.
>Emerald saves Ruby from a stallion that Ruby stole from.
>Ruby shows Emerald something "interesting".
>Ruby is revealed to be a reverse trap.
>Emerald makes a new friend!

Story continued in the next post...

2016-01-03 04:54:34 No. 25984299

Emerald tells Ruby that he has to go for now, and asks if there is a way that they can meet up again some time.

"Oh! Sure! Hmm... I suppose we can uh..." Ruby says looking around, "Oh! Let's just meet by the fountain here tomorrow. Maybe sometime mid-day?"

Emerald agrees, and they both say their goodbyes.

Emerald returns back to Joyride's with a strange mixture of nervousness and excitement. He isn't sure why he feels this way, but it's the way he feels. He brings a trembling hoof to the door of #304 Coursewalk, and a few seconds later Joyride swings the door open.

"Hey there lil' perv! Good timing! I was just thinking about trying to go and find you. Come on in, let's get you ready!"

Emerald walks in and asks what she means, and she replies,

"Well, I'm gonna doll you up a bit again. Don't worry if you find these clothes a little embarrassing. After all, it's not like you'll be wearing them long!" Joyride says with a grin.

2016-01-03 05:51:13 No. 25985016

Joyride puts Emerald into some high heels, as well as a very tight, very short dress. She also puts a bit of lipstick on, but seems to decide not to do the blush and the eyeliner like she did before.

"There, you look nice and slutty now. Go over into the next room, I'll have our guests here in a second." Joyride says, pointing to a door on the other side of the room.

Emerald asks if she has anything to help him along with this. He doesn't want to get injured or anything.

"Hey, don't worry lil' perv. I'll be there watching remember? If anything looks like it's going wrong I'll stop the whole thing, alright?"

Emerald feels a little bit better about that, he supposes. Emerald asks if he can keep the bow. He kind of likes it.

Joyride snorts and says, "Yeah, sure, whatever lil' perv."

Joyride pushes him into the room, "Well, go get comfortable! I'll be back in a second!~"

As the door closes Emerald yells that she better have the best damn ice cream she can get him for after this!

Emerald hears another snort of laughter as the door shuts.

Welp, guess it's just time to wait... Not much he can do here he guesses.

It's the same room where Joyride took him and Sensoria. Still completely red from the walls, to the bed and single chair. There is the door he came in, as well as another door near the bed.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-03 07:25:00 No. 25986326

Emerald stretches a little bit, trying to get himself as limber as possible. He isn't sure what's in store for him, but he can't help feeling that it'll be...


A bit out of nerves, he starts to wander over to the door he didn't come from and opens it to find... Toys. Sexual toys.

At least he thinks they are sexual toys. He can't even recognize or conceive what some of them are supposed to be.

Emerald does find a plug and wonders if maybe he should warm up a bit before the zebras arrive... It might make things go a bit faster and -

Emerald suddenly hears voices, and throwing the plug back he rushes to the bed and does his best to relax and look comfortable, even attempting a pose to look sexier.

The door opens a few seconds later, and Joyride as well as the three zebras from the pictures appear.

"That's him?" The dockworker one says, "Wow she... I mean he looks just like-"

"Yes, he is the perfect one to worship my cock." The diplomat says cutting in.

"Wow, really sir?" The alchemist says, coming in, "Though I will also admit he is quite nice looking."

Joyride comes in last slamming the door behind her and then rushes over to the chair and sits expectantly saying, "Alright boys, get up in that butt! I ain't got all day!"

As they strip, Emerald can't help at look at their manlier parts. Emerald isn't sure if that's how they all are or if Joyride picked zebras with particularly large specimens but...

"My name is Adetokunbo." The dockworker says, breaking Emerald out of his reverie. he suddenly realizes he is blushing quite a bit, "But I prefer Bo if you-"

"No need to introduce yourself to someone so underneath you." The diplomat says sharply to Bo.

"I was just trying to be nice." the dockworker retorts.

The diplomat just snorts.

The three then approach...

2016-01-03 08:25:39 No. 25987046



Emerald begins to please the zebras, perhaps a little less so with the Diplomat.

Emerald would have preferred to get them off with just his hooves and mouth, but if someone was going to go to his back first, he at least likes that it is the Dock worker first. Somehow he feels like he'll be the most gentle.

2016-01-03 11:52:33 No. 25989396

(Last for the night!)

After an hour, quite a few orgasms from the zebras, several from himself, and swallowing and receiving lot's of cum, Emerald collapses upon the bed soon followed by the three zebra.

"Damn... I've never came that many times in... In a week much less one day!" Bo says, astonishment in his voice.

"Yes, when the zebras get our way we shall make sure to make good use of both the females and the males, I think." The diplomat says in Zebra. Emerald is glad he did his best to blast that jerk with his seed. He deserves it.

"Ugh, could you stop it with the zebra supremacy stuff for a little?" Bo says in the pony language with a sigh.

"Could you both shut up? I'm trying to enjoy the afterglow here." The alchemist says, also in Zebra.

A few minutes later they all get up and leave, Bo being the only one to wish Emerald a goodbye on the way out.

Emerald just lies there, staring up at the ceiling. Emerald has to admit to himself that it wasn't so bad... But he is feeling a bit of a mixture of shame and pleasure at being covered in spunk.

"How goes it lil' perv? Sore?" Joyride says, appearing above Emerald.

Emerald jumps. He forgot she was there. Emerald says that he is a little, yeah. Both in his muscles and... Well other places.

"Well, time to get you cleaned up and get you some ice cream! We can get some regular ice for your butt too, if you'd like. Come on." Joyride says, walking to the door and opening it for him.

Emerald asks if she has a towel he can use or something.

"The bathroom is just one key away, c'mon!" Joyride says, motioning towards the door, "I kinda want some ice cream too!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 11:54:09 No. 25993377

Emerald hops off the bed and follows Joyride. He says it's funny that Joyride said the voices were bad, because they told him to have the foursome, but that was okay.

Joyride stops and whips her head around glares at Emerald for a second.

"Ah, well I guess they aren't all bad then." Joyride says deadpan, before continuing on her walk.

Emerald asks if Joyride will stop with the zebra jokes now.

"Jokes? I wasn't joking. Wasn't zebra dick awesome? Don't lie now, I was watching you the whole time!" Joyride says, turning to Emerald again, shocked.

Emerald says it was fine.

"Fine? Look, zebra dicks may not be the biggest dicks you can find, but they are one of the biggest you can get while still having the flexibility to do a number of different things! Look, so-" Joyride starts on a rant about the joy of zebra dicks, and Emerald just let's her prattle on. It's not something he particularly feels like arguing about.

This continue until they get out the door and then back into a huge washroom. The walls are red tiled and lined with shower heads, and in the back there is a huge, square bath in the back.

Joyride grabs some towels and washing supplies from a nearby cupboard and gives some to Emerald. She tells him to wash up and then hop in the bath. Emerald does so, feeling much better without all the cum on him. He gives a sigh as he lowers himself into the tub. It's hot, almost too hot, but it somehow makes it more relaxing. Emerald says he's never seen a bathroom like this.

"Yeah, we don't have them around here. This is based on a design I saw in a country way, way to the east." Joyride says, fumbling in her mantle, "Also, here ya go! You've earned it lil' perv!"

She produces a bulging sack of coin as well as a huge tub of some fancy looking mint chocolate chip ice cream and a spoon.

Emerald tries a bite. It's pretty damn good.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 12:47:08 No. 25993816

Emerald asks how much he made.

"Altogether? About 1.2k. I managed to get quite a number of bits from that diplomat, heh." Joyride says smiling, "Your cut is 600."

Emerald asks if ghosts exist.

"Huh? Of course they do."

Emerald stares at the unicorn for a second, and then Emerald starts to chow down on the ice cream, and Joyride says,

"Hey, slow down there. You already got a belly full of semen, don't make yourself sick by eating too much before bed. Because I'm not going to be the one cleaning it up."

Emerald shrugs, and puts the tub next to him on the bath. He turns to Joyride and asks how she kept it cold in her mantle.

"With my cold, black heart." Joyride says with a grin, "But seriously, I have a pocket dimension I can put non-living things that essentially freezes them in time. Put something cold in, it comes out cold."

Emerald asks what the deal is with his pendant.

"I don't know exactly." Joyride says flicking the water with her hooves, "But I'll find out."

Emerald asks about the focuses.

"Jeez, curious tonight aren't you? I'm working on it still. It should be done tomorrow late or the next day early." She says casually.

Emerald asks if it's possible that someone else could come along with them.

"Maybe. Depends on who it is. Why? You thinkin' Sensoria? She has a duty to this city, and I think it might cause trouble if she came, lil' perv." Joyride says with a yawn.

That's not who he was thinking of exactly...

"Oh? Do tell?" Joyride says, leaning close and grinning.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 01:36:44 No. 25994370

Emerald tells the story in brief. He says she is a filly named Ruby who he met today. She seemed really cool and she didn't really seem to have a real home or connections to this city, and it might be fun to have her around.

"Well, I'm quite surprised Emerald. Here I thought you weren't going to trust anyone so easy because of your wanted poster, and here you are making friends. Still, be careful, ya know?" Joyride says, splashing bath water at him.

He sputters the water out of his mouth and asks again if Ruby could come along maybe.

"Hmm... Tell you what, invite her over for dinner tomorrow and we'll see." Joyride says, and then grinning again continues, "You'll have to make it worth my while though, I don't really like babysitting very much you know."

Emerald grimaces at that, and changing the subject asks about the zebras he was just with.

"Ah, well there was Adetokunbo. he works down at the docks among... Other places! Then there is Jaheem, the diplomat. A bit of a crazy guy but he is powerful both here and in his home country. Then there is Olamilekan. He is a lot like Sensoria actually, except where Sensoria wants to be around people and is awkward, Ol' Olam hates people and is awkward." Joyride says, and for good measure splashing Emerald again.

Emerald splashes back, and then they get into a little water fight before settling down and enjoying the water again. Maybe it's about time for bed...

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 02:34:49 No. 25995091

(Errand time, bbl.)

Emerald asks what Olam knows about Alchemy, and if he could learn from him.

"Oh, I'm sure he'd show you stuff. You know, for a little bit more of the in-and-out." Joyride says raising and lowering her eyebrows, "He's one of the master practitioners actually. Not too many people are sure why he is here of all places. Not even myself!"

Emerald nods, and then looking at the spacious bath asks if she has any pool toys or rubber duckies or anything to play with.

"No, but I should totally get some huh?" Joyride says with a laugh.

Emerald asks if she wants to play Marco Polo. She agrees, and Emerald closes his eyes and attempts to catch Joyride as she swims around the pool. Emerald thinks that she swims incredibly quietly, as she seems to be in one place and then suddenly appear in another. He suddenly realizes that she is teleporting, and manages to get her to agree to not use magic.

After tiring himself doing that Emerald goes back to his room and falls graciously asleep.


It's the next morning. Emerald's muscles are still sore from all the activity yesterday, as is another part of him. But enough about that...

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 07:10:13 No. 25998105

Emerald checks his sheets to see if they are clean. Luckily, they seem to be, so he heads over to the library to get some studying done.

While reading, he comes across some spells he thinks he will try when he gets his focus. All it requires is a feather and a few stones.

>Emerald learns the spell "Levitate Small Rocks!"

It doesn't sound particularly impressive, but he figures he'll have to start small and work his way up. Maybe he'll ask Joyride for some other ideas for beginner spells. After a few hours Emerald stands up and stretches. "Mid-day" is a little vague, but he wonders if Ruby is waiting or not. Perhaps he has time for another book?

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 08:20:58 No. 25998894

Emerald decides to do both, sort of. He grabs one of the non-spellbook goat magic books he has, one about the history of goat magic, and takes it with him to the fountain.

Emerald gets close to the fountain, and even through the crowd he can tell that Ruby isn't there yet. Good! He didn't miss her. Emerald decides to sit at the fountain, so he can see her coming.

He sits down on the rim of the fountain and pulls out his book, but just as he does he hears a slosh of the water and turns around.

Ruby is squatting down in the fountain, pawing at the water.

Emerald glances around to see if anyone is around, but they are all to busy with their business to care. Emerald asks what she is doing.

"Oh hey! Did you know people toss bits in this fountain? I mean look at all of this! Why waste perfectly good money that way?"

Emerald says that they use it for wishes, and that she should get out of there before a guard sees her.

"What? How is losing money going to help you achieve your dreams? I don't understand people sometimes! But yeah, I know I'm not supposed to be in here... A guard saw me already. Why do you think I'm almost sitting in this fountain! Just keep an eye out for me, I'll be out really quick."

Emerald nervously looks around to make sure no one is approaching. And even then he's a little fearful of a guard, for some reason he finds the whole thing a bit hilarious.

Ruby hops out of the fountain after a minute or two and says, "Alright, done! Oh yeah! I saw your face on a poster. Man, I know you told me your step parents were trying to find you, but they want you back badly huh?"

Emerald nods sadly. Ruby puts a hoof on his shoulder.

"Hey, don't sweat it. Look, you are new to town right? Anything you wanted to do? Wanted to see? My treat!" She says, holding up the soggy coins. Emerald chuckles to himself a little.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 09:15:38 No. 25999608



Emerald boops Ruby on the nose. Ruby slaps his hoof out of the way.

"Agh, why do you keep doing that? Is that your way of greeting people?" Ruby says, raising her hoof and booping him on the nose back. For some reason this makes him blush.

Emerald says that the wanted posters are the reason he is dressing up like a filly. He doesn't want to be recognized.

"Yeah, I mean I see that now! Don't worry, I wouldn't have recognized you if I hadn't spent all of yesterday walkin' 'round with you. I think you'll be fine."

Emerald asks if Ruby ever thought of leaving town.

"Eh..." She says, scratching the back of her head, "Sure, I mean it's something I dream about, but it's not like it'll ever happen. You need money to go on adventures and stuff. Something I'll never probably really have, ya know?"

Emerald explains about how he'll be leaving soon on adventure and he wants her to come along. But if she wants to come she'll have to come over for a dinner with Joyride. Emerald explains that Joyride is his Mistress, and a powerful mage. Emerald doesn't want to say more than that though. He's afraid of scaring her off.

"Yeah! That'd be great! I mean..." Ruby says looking around, "Anything's gotta be better than this, ya know?"

Emerald smiles, and then getting back on topic asks her where the most fun places in Whitherwater are.

"Hmm... Well there are some nice parks and stuff in the richer districts... Up north there is nice little stream near the docks where I like to go throw rocks some time. Oh! There are the puppet shows! I know where you can climb up on the walls and watch them for free! Damn, I wish there were some festivals going on or something, those are always fun!" Ruby says happily.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-04 10:24:36 No. 26000692

(Last for the night.)

Emerald says he'd like to see the puppet show.

"Great! It's this way!" the filly says, motioning with her hoof.

After a very short walk they come across an old, wood building. There isn't as much artifice on this building as there were on the others, but it's been well kept with fresh paint. It looks like it was once perhaps an inn or an orphanage. However the sign above the double doors now reads "Whitherwater Eastside Community Center".

Ruby leads Emerald to the side of the building where there is a sizable brick wall with an arch containing barred garden doors and a sign for the times of the puppet show.

Ruby walk up and pokes her head through the bars and says, "Hmm, I wonder if there is a show going on right now..."

Emerald looks at the sign near the door for the times, and says that there is going to be one in about half an hour.

Ruby removes her head from the door with some trouble and looks to Emerald astonished and says, "Whoa! You can read? Teach me to do that sometime!"

Emerald smiles, and then he hears a voice from behind him.

"Oh, hello dearies! Can I help you with anything?" An elderly mare says, walking up to them.

"Uh, no, we were just-" Ruby starts, but Emerald interrupts her and says that they'd like two tickets for the show, and holds out some bits.

A second later they are let through the door, and Emerald turns to see a slightly fuming Ruby.

"I-I told you we could have watched it for free! Jeez, you should have at least let me pay!" Ruby says with a huff.

Emerald says it's fine, and she really shouldn't worry about it.

They approach and find, nice, flat stones laid close to one of the walls of the community center, in which is set the stage. The puppet stage has clearly had a lot of care put into it. Carved and painted wood panels are set into the sides, and the closed curtain is a nice, clean, bright red.

Still some time before it starts. What does Emerald do?

2016-01-05 07:50:12 No. 26009662

Emerald and Ruby find a nice area to sit near the front. He glances around. There are two exits from this area. The one they came in, and one a bit more to the north through another ornate garden gate. He doesn't know why, but Emerald feels safer knowing he could probably escape if he needed too.

Eventually more kids and their parents start trickling in, and when the thirty minutes before the show is up there is a respectable crowd talking and waiting expectantly.

The show starts, and Emerald must admit he enjoys it greatly. He'd never seen a puppet show before, but he had read about them in his parent's library. Ruby seems to like it as well.

"I've never been this close before! I can actually tell which puppet is supposed to be who!" Ruby says, leaning over and whispering to Emerald.

It seems that the puppet show is actually made up of several plays put together.

The first one is a folk story about how the pony got it's tail, involving a trickster pony named Jester Jinx. He insults a god by pretending his backside was his front, and the god ends up punishing all of pony kind for that discretion.

The next is also about Jester Jinx, who wanted to visit two feasts at two separate towns at once. He ties two ropes to himself and hands them to a villager in each town, telling him to tug on it when their feast is ready. Unfortunately for the trickster both towns start the feast at the same time, causing them to strangle the poor pony. He ends up alive, but passed out, and ends up missing both feasts.

"Alright children!" The same old mare Emerald bought his tickets from says, walking in front of the stage as the curtain closes and the clapping dies down, "We will have a small break before the final play. It's a little longer than the first two, so make sure to use the bathroom if you need, and we have some water and fruit on the table if you'd like it!"

"Ooo, free food!" Ruby says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-05 08:53:03 No. 26010325

Emerald hops over to the table, and the pair eat some of the food that is laid out, Ruby taking perhaps a bit more than her fair share.

Emerald comments that this is almost like a date.

"Is it? Never been on one." She says, still snacking.

Emerald can't say the same thing, realizing that he was with Sensoria, but it's a lot like the ones he's read about.

Emerald says he is going to go use the toilet, and on the way realizes that to keep his disguise up he'll have to use the women's restroom. He enters a bit nervously, but really the room isn't any different from a guy's restroom, just with more stalls and no urinals.

A few seconds later Emerald sits back down next to Ruby and it isn't long before the play begins once again.

"The story of Tack and Nail!" A puppeteers voice says.

Two colt puppets plop onto the stage, and the puppets begin to mime walking. A second later a wood cut out of a house appears, behind which appears to be another puppet who seems to be baking.

"Isn't that the house of Mrs. Bottoms?" Says Tack to Nail.

"Indeed it is! And she appears to be baking a cake!" Says Nail to Tack, "How about we play a little trick?"

"And so the boy's played a cruel trick on Mrs. Bottoms. While the kind lady was gathering her ingredients, Tack and Nail took some soap and replaced it with the flour." The narrator says, as the two puppets appear to "enter" the house and then exit quickly, "Once her cake was finished, Mrs. Bottoms could not help but to want to try it, and was met with a disgusting surprise!"

"Tack and Nail laughed at their misdeed, but Mrs. Bottoms heard and yelled at the boys as they ran, " The narrator continues as the puppets mime laughter and then appear to run away, "Do not misbehave children, or Ol' Cloaky will take you away!"

[Continued Next Post]

2016-01-05 09:26:30 No. 26010732

"Next, the boys passed by Scrivener Sam's office, and glancing in they saw him hard at work on his ledgers." The narrator says as another plank of wood house appears with a puppet behind it.

"Isn't that the house of Scrivener Sam?"

"Why it is! Shall we play another prank?"

The two puppets are moved "inside" the house. The narrator says, "And so while Sam wasn't looking, they tied a piece of string from his quill o the bottle of ink, so when he lifted it the ink would spill everywhere!"

The two puppets "run" outside the house, and the scrivener puppet pokes his head out the window.

"Do not misbehave children, or Ol' Cloaky will take you away!" The narrator reads, "But the children did not listen, and instead went on their way."

A windmill is dropped in front of the colt puppets this time, and the narrator says, "The boys then passed by the Barley Oats, the miller's place."

"Isn't that the house of the Miller?"

"Why it is! Shall we play another prank?"

As the puppets "enter" the windmill, but this time there is actually an inside background for it. The puppets make their way to some bags painted on the background, and then to some barrels on the other side. The puppeteer speaks over them saying, "And so they slashed the bottom of the Miller's sacks, so when he lifted them all the grain would pour out onto the floor. Wanting to see the look on the poor Miller's face, they hid behind some barrels."

The miller puppet comes in, and the narrator says, "And the Miller pulled and pulled on the sacks until the emptied completely on the floor, but as the children laughed at his misfortune the miller suddenly flew out them with the bags."

The miller puppet actually opens, revealing something akin to some fabric on a string, but the effect is great.

"It was Ol' Cloaky, and scooping them into the bags, he flew off with them still kicking and creaming, and they were never seen again. So remember children, don't misbehave! The End."

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-05 10:10:17 No. 26011261



Emerald claps, and then turns to Ruby and asks her if she liked the show.

"Yeah it was great! Um..." She says, "Um... Ol' Cloaky isn't a real thing is it...? There isn't someone who just... takes away ponies who've been bad is there?"

Emerald says of course there isn't, but for some reason he can't keep the fear down that maybe such a thing exists. he's certainly seen some weird stuff in the last two weeks.

Both of them give nervous bouts of laughter, and Emerald says that they should probably be getting back to Joyride's place for dinner.

As they walk Emerald realizes that there probably isn't such a thing as Ol' Cloaky. After all, if something like that existed certainly his parents would have been taken away, and the zebra diplomat as well... Unless they are doing good? Emerald certainly hopes not. Somehow this makes him feel a lot better though.

Emerald notices that Ruby is staying pretty close to him, and she appears to be looking down every dark alley and wary of every pony on the street. Ruby catches Emerald's eye adn straightens up.

"So err... I don't uh need to dress up or anything do I? You haven't really told me what kind of person this Joyride is. Am I going to have to watch my manners? Because I've been told many times that I don't have any.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-05 11:01:28 No. 26011870

(Last for the night, and probably the thread.)

Emerald says that she defies description. Emerald further says that she won't care for manners at all. He is also quick to point out that she'll probably tell a lot of perverted "jokes" that she should just ignore.

"Ah, yeah. One of my roommates is a perverted ol' geezer. I'm used to that kind of thing."

Emerald somehow doesn't believe that this old guy is as bad as Joyride, but they are already making their way up to #304 Coursewalk so he doesn't have time to argue it.

Emerald knocks on the door and after a few second Joyride answers the door. Funnily enough she has dispensed with her mantle and is instead wearing a rather flowery looking apron. She leans on the frame and looks Ruby over.

"Are you Miss Joyride? My name is Ruby. Nice to meet you." Ruby says, staring Joyride right in the face.

"Yup, I'm Joyride. And I wouldn't go say it's nice to have met me yet. Well, come on in. I'm almost done with dinner."

This room is a simple kitchen. Much more home like than any of the other rooms in #304 Coursewalk he's been into, besides perhaps his own room. There is a cozy small black stove top with pans on it sitting beside a cozy looking hearth. In front of the fireplace is also a table set with nice white linen and three chairs, two on one side and one on the other. It's pretty clear where Emerald and Ruby are supposed to sit.

As Emerald and Ruby take their seats next to each other Joyride fiddles with the pans on the stove.

"Somehow I figured the filly you'd bring to me would look like a colt. Just can't admit your true orientation, can you lil' perv?" Joyride says.

Ruby looks a little angry at this, and looks like she is going to say something.

What does Emerald do?
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