You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-01-07 07:13:14 No. 26031482


>Emerald is fucked by three zebras.
>Emerald gets to take a bath and eat some ice cream.
>Emerald learns more about Goat Magic.
>Emerald goes out to hang with Ruby and ends up watching a puppet show with her.
>Emerald and Ruby return to Joyride's for dinner.

Story continued in the next post...

2016-01-07 07:21:03 No. 26031580

In response to her joke, Emerald tells Joyride that she can joke all she wants, but it'll never fill the void in heart, or in her vagina.

Ruby seems quite surprised by this attack, but Joyride just laughs and says,

"About time you started to dish it out! Or maybe you are just trying to impress your lady friend here?"

Joyride then walks over with some rice and some sort of spicy, aromatic sauce of some kind. The two foals eat, and Emerald has to admit that he quite enjoys it. It's nothing like anything he's eaten before.

The happy look is on Ruby's face as well, and she says, "Whoa! What is this? It's really good!"

"It's called curry." Joyride says, sitting down and eating some herself, "It's from a faraway kingdom, and it's rather hard to obtain around here, so make sure to enjoy it!"

Ruby certainly does, and she cleans her plate before Emerald and Joyride get halfway through theirs.

"So lil' perv here tells me you want to join us on our little adventure here. Did he tell you what we were doing?" Joyride says, waving a curry filled spoon in the filly's direction.

"Nope." Ruby says, leaning back and patting her satiated stomach.

"We're collecting ingredients for a potion that'll let me orgasm. Do you know what that means?" Joyride says.

"Uh... No?" Ruby says, thinking on it a second.

"Well, maybe I can show you sometime." Joyride says with a wink, "I need to know what kind of skills you can bring to the table. There are no free rides with me, and Emerald will back me up on this." Joyride says, pointing to Emerald now.

"Skills? Err..." Ruby says, looking imploringly to the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-07 08:33:55 No. 26032490

Emerald explains that she is smart and resourceful, as her ability to grow up on the streets has shown. Also she is good at getting around guards and can cook!

Ruby blushes as you say all this, and Joyride grins her usual smile and says, "Oh? I'm sure you are overplaying it. She's a bit young to be able to do all that well."

"Yeah, you would know, being super old, wouldn't you?" Ruby says, crossing her front hooves.

"Age has it's benefits." Joyride says with a nod.

"How old are you?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Ruby, annoyed, says, "You could say 1000 and I'd still say it was too young."

Joyride rolls her eyes, and says, "You are more fun to pick on than lil' perv here. Maybe I should take you along!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-07 09:24:37 No. 26033072

Emerald just keeps eating his curry. He wants to see where this goes.

"So you don't have any family or anyone who would miss you if you were gone?" Joyride asks Ruby directly.

"Nope. I don't care two bits about the people I live with. Not that I hate them, but I won't miss'em. And my parents... They are dead." Ruby says, giving Joyride a look of defiance.

"Fair enough." Joyride responds.

Emerald takes this opportunity to mention the earring that looks a lot like his pendant, and asks Joyride what she thinks about it.

"Hmm... that is a bit interesting actually..." Joyride says, looking at the filly's ear, "Who did you say your parents were?"

"Oh um... I dunno..." Ruby says, looking down at her plate embarassed, "They were always just 'mom' and 'dad' to me..."

Emerald feels a pang for this. He never really knew what either his father or mother's name was either, and he proceeds to also look down at his plate depressed.

"Well that's no help." Joyride says without tact, leaning back in her chair, "Anyway, say I was to let you come along... What would you give me in return?"

"It's not like I have anything. Err, I got a few bits I fished out of the fountain today." Ruby says.

"Well it doesn't necessarily have to bits you know~!" Joyride says, leaning back forward, "Just ask lil' perv here!"

Ruby looks to Emerald with a questioning and curious look.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-07 10:18:41 No. 26033675

Emerald clears his throat in an embarrassed way, and then tells Joyride that she is being creepy, and that she shouldn't make Ruby do what he does. Furthermore, if Ruby is helping her get a potion, shouldn't that be enough of a payment already?

"It'd be enough of a payment if the potion ingredients were right around the corner, but if I bring her along I'm going to have to pay for her food, lodging, 'annoying me' tax, etc... Why shouldn't I want something from her?"

Emerald says that maybe she can run errands for her, or cook and clean.

"You aren't going to let this go are you?" Joyride says rolling her eyes, "Well you are lucky filly juices aren't worth nearly what yours are. Fine, you clearly want to stick your dick in this girl bad enough to want me to drag her along. She can be my errand boy if she wants. You okay with that, Ruby?"

Ruby seems to take offense to being called "Boy", but nods her head, "To get away from this town I'd do whatever errands you want."

"Good. Here is your chance to prove it. First task." She says, pulling out a few bits, "Go to where ever you sleep and gather your things, if you have any. Second, on the way back stop by the alley behind Fairflank's Furniture store and find a guy with a funny hat and a stupid beard. Ask him for some 'Whitehill Gold'. You got all that?"

Ruby nods, and taking the bits dashes out the door.

2016-01-07 11:18:35 No. 26034357

(Last for the night. Also, anyone have any palette suggestions for Ruby since I guess it doesn't look so great?)

Emerald watches Ruby leave with a smile. It's nice to have some little victory of Joyride. He wants to Ruby, but he knows that she will do well by herself. After all, she's lived in Whitherwater almost all her life. She probably knows a lot more of it's secrets than most.

Emerald suddenly remembers the furniture store Joyride was talking about, and particularly the pony behind it. he asks what Whitehill Gold is.

"A drug. By itself it isn't going to do anything to me but... Well, if you want to see some REAL alchemy I'll show you what I do with it!" Joyride says, chuckling.

Emerald instead turns to Joyride, and asks her how the preparations for leaving are going.

"I was thinking about leaving the day after tomorrow. I still have a few things I need to do, mostly check on the enchantments for some of the supplies I want to bring. Oh yeah, thanks for going and grabbing the food and stuff, it was delivered today and I have it stored away already."

Emerald asks if she managed to finish his focus yet.

"Nope. Come bug me when you wake up tomorrow morning though. should have it by then." Joyride says, grabbing dishes and piling them in sink. Turning away from him to scrub the dishes by hoof.

Finally, Emerald asks Joyride to be nicer. She seems to always get rude whenever Emerald gets close to mares. If she wants him to stay acting like a dick isn't going to make him want to do it.

Emerald sits there and waits for her response, but she just continues to wash dishes.

Emerald doesn't know what he was expecting, but it wasn't silence. It's a little unnerving.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-08 08:21:39 No. 26043849

Emerald goes up and hugs Joyride. He says that he has no plans to leave her, but sometimes she really makes it hard sometimes.

"Thanks." Joyride says, and then a few seconds later says, "I am who I am and I'm not changing. Just saying."

She doesn't seem to keen on continuing the conversation, so Emerald just helps her wash the dishes. After a little while a breathless Ruby returns, holding what looks to be some rags, a book, and what appears to be a small bag of something.

"Here ya go Joyride!" Ruby says, walking up, "What are these little pill things?"

"Whitehill Gold, m'girl! Darn, I need to think of a nickname for you... Hmm, anyway, time for good lil' kids to go to bed! You can stay in Emerald's room until we leave for the west." Joyride says, turning to the filly like your conversation didn't happen.

She then shoos you both out the door, and Emerald turns back around with the key to his room. Ruby looks on confused, and then confused and excited once Emerald opens the door again.

"What in the..." She says, walking into your flat and looking around.

Emerald does his best to explain what the keys do to #304 Coursewalk, but when he thinks on it even he really doesn't know.

Ruby yawns, and then finding a space on the floor fluffs out her rags, which Emerald suddenly realizes are her bedding. She then puts the book where the pillow would go and lays down.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-08 09:02:43 No. 26044340

Emerald tells her that she can sleep in his bed if she wants.

"You sure? I don't want to put you out or anything." Ruby says, sitting up from her rag pile.

Emerald insists, and soon the pair are laying atop the springy bed under a nice warm comforter. Emerald notices she still has the book in her hooves and asks about it.

"It's a book full of food! You said you'd teach me to read some right? I want to read this!"

Emerald takes a closer look at the book. It is indeed a book about food, or more specifically a cookbook. He puts it on the nightstand near his bed, and then asks her what her favorite food is.

"Oh man, down at the fountain square they have this really great ice cream that-"

They talk for quite a while, just the two of them laying in the bed. Neither of them saw the other fall asleep, or realized when they fell asleep themselves.


Emerald awakes the next day, a slight shock running through him before he remembers who the other person in the bed is. Ruby still appears to be asleep. She is drooling slightly. Emerald just watches her breath for a few seconds before deciding he should probably get up.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-08 10:08:40 No. 26045087

Emerald gets an urge to cuddle up to Ruby, but he isn't sure he could do that without waking her, and he isn't really sure she would appreciate it all that much. Not that he knows for sure but he doesn't want to push it.

Instead he picks up the cookbook on his nightstand and flips through it, looking for something he can cook for Ruby and Joyride. He isn't exactly the best cook, so settles on something easy, pancakes.

He fishes through whatever supplies are in his tiny kitchenette. He has the dry ingredients, but nothing else. He bites his lip. Nothing for it, he guesses.

He leaves his apartment and knocks on the door. Eventually Joyride answers the door and says,

"Morning lil' perv. What's up?"

Emerald asks if he can use some of her food to make breakfast for her and Ruby.

"Oh? You cook? This I gotta see. What do you need?"

Emerald says butter, eggs, and milk, and also syrup if she wants it. Joyride says he'll meet him in his flat and they both exit the door, with Emerald returning to his room. Joyride is good to her word and brings the supplies, which Emerald quickly whips up into decent pancakes.

"Hey, those don't look half bad lil' perv. Oh yeah, I got your focus done, here ya go." Joyride says, eating pancakes with one hoof and pulling out a fake phallus out of her mantle.

Emerald says that he'll take the pancakes away from her if this really is his focus, quickly glancing towards the bed to make sure Ruby didn't wake up and see it.

"Aww come on I was only kidding. Jeez, I have your book here too." She says, "But the dildo really is a focus. Couldn't hurt to have two, right lil' perv?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-08 10:51:24 No. 26045537

(Last for the night. Sorry for not very many updates. I got home late.)

Emerald asks Joyride what possessed her to actually make the dildo focus. he thought she was just kidding about that!

"Well, I wanted to make something I knew you'd want around you all the time and might get some use out of." Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald takes the book and tells her she can keep the dildo.

"But I don't need it, I suppose I could just give it to Ruby and you could be magical training buddies!" Joyride says with a clap.

Emerald takes the dildo and tosses it into his backpack, and asks Joyride if she's happy.

"Immensely so. I mean you could have just put it in and had two focuses at once! You could cast from both ends!"

Emerald isn't sure whether she is kidding or not, so just rolls his eyes and asks her to finish up so he can get training on magic, and wasn't there something she should be doing to get ready for their trip?

"Okay okay, I"m going..." Joyride says, shoveling the last little bit of pancake in her mouth, "Remember, we probably leave tomorrow... Bright and early!"

Joyride then leaves, and a few minutes later Ruby wakes up and walks groggily to the kitchen to see what Emerald is doing.

"Hey, you should have let me cook! Jeez, I'm already using both your room and your bed!" the filly says as Emerald slides a plate of fluffy pancakes in front of her, "I feel like such a mooch."

Emerald smiles, taking a bite of the pancakes he made for himself.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-09 06:42:56 No. 26054291

Emerald wonders how Sensoria is doing. He decides to write a letter asking. As he does so he notices that Ruby is watching him.

"Man, wish I could write..." Ruby says longingly.

Emerald asks if he can teach her to read and write.

Ruby perks up and says, "Sure! Can we do it now? Can we use my book?"

Emerald nods, and Ruby dashes over and brings the book to the table. Emerald starts out by pointing out letters, and then grabs some spare parchment and has her practice writing them. This goes on for an hour or two before Ruby drops her head into the book out of frustration.

"Urgh..." Ruby says, lifting her head with a frown and scratching out some of her mistakes, "This is a lot more trouble than i thought it was going to be..."

Emerald tells her that she is doing fine. Ruby doesn't seem to have quite the skill at learning that Praline did. She is obviously trying her best, but she seems to be having trouble absorbing it all at once. After a little while more Emerald decides they should take a break.

>Ruby learned a little reading/writing!

A flash of light causes Ruby to jump, but Emerald to hold out his hoof as a letter falls into it. Opening it he finds a letter.


Dear my beloved Emerald,

Things are good! I've mostly been training and on duty. I talked to my commander about the training and he says it was okay as long as we can get some identification as to who you are, which may be a bit of a problem, heh.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon!



What does Emerald do?

2016-01-09 07:14:56 No. 26054643

Emerald writes a letter telling Sensoria that he'll be gone for a bit, but that he hopes to train with her when he gets back. He is quick to point out that he isn't sure when that will be but he'll let her know.

As he finishes the letter he grabs his dragonfire lantern and sends it off.

He looks up to see Ruby looking at him questioningly.

Emerald explains what the dragonfire lantern does and let's Ruby see it.

"Neat!" She says, turning the thing over in her hooves, "Once I start being able to write you gotta let me use it! I'll send a letter to... Hmm... My room mates, and pretend I'm a ghost that's haunting them!"

Emerald smirks at this.

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-09 08:21:03 No. 26055447

(I like where this is going.)


Emerald thinks about going out, perhaps walking around town or maybe visiting those docks. It'd be nice to see that alchemist that visited them, but then he realizes that only Joyride knows where he is, and Emerald doubts she is even home right now.

"Hey, this book doesn't have any words in it." Ruby says from behind Emerald.

Emerald looks around to see her flipping through his focus. Emerald explains what it is, and she says,

"Whoa! You know magic? Cast something!"

Emerald says that he can't without the proper materials, and then gets the idea of going out and getting some magical ingredients, and maybe some groceries as well! That should fill out the day! Emerald asks what Ruby thinks.

"Yeah! I was feeling a bit cramped here anyway. It always feels more natural being outside on the sidewalk, ya know?"

Emerald asks how long Ruby has been out there on the streets.

"I dunno. Lost count. Or to be more accurate, I never started counting. Heh..." Ruby says, scratching her chin and not looking at Emerald.

The two walk out of #304 Coursewalk, Emerald patting the key safely in his pocket. Ruby asks what he needs for spells, and Emerald says some pretty normal stuff that they could purchase easy. For some of the easier spells he'd need metal, oil, feathers, rocks-

"Rocks? Feathers? We can get those down at the stream!" Ruby says happily, "There are plenty of birds there and well... It's a stream, so there are plenty of rocks as well!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-01-09 09:29:04 No. 26056202

(Time for Fireball+Vanilla Vodka, boys.)

Emerald thinks on what spells he knows.


-Levitate Small Rocks (1 Feather/ 3 Small Stones)
-Liquid Fire
-Rock Prison
-Boulder Launcher
-Stone Spikes
-Molten Sphere
-Sonic Bleat
-Shape Stone
-Rock to Sand (and vice versa)
-Rock to Mud (and Vice versa)
-Rock Wall
-Stone Armor
-Stone Helper
-Mud Tsunami

-Chilling Potion
-Cleaning Potion
-Dampening Potion
-Drying Potion
-Pest Potion (Mouse/Spider/Flies)
-Polishing Potion
-Flavor Enhancer (Sweet/Salty/Bitter, etc.) Potion
-Starlight Potion
-Warm Potion
-Tangle Potion
-Distraction Potion
-Wilting Potion
-Coughing Potion
-Itching Potion
-Giggling Potion
-Yawning Potion
-Potion of Curing Scraps and Bruises
-Slippery Potion
-Sticky Potion


He'll have to remember to write them down later. Emerald looks over at Ruby. He notices her clothes are quite ragged. He asks Ruby if she'd like some new clothes.

"No!" Ruby says, turning quickly to Emerald, "I mean, I'm not trying to be rude or anything. You've just done enough for me already alright? I'll get my own clothes if I need them. Maybe as we walk around or something..."

Emerald and Ruby make their way over to the stream that the filly was speaking of. It's surprisingly clear and calm for being a stream running through a bustling city, though both Emerald and Ruby can tell it'd probably be greasy to walk through, and they certainly wouldn't drink it.

Ruby picks up a stone and and skips it across. Emerald whistles, she gets a good six or seven bounces. Emerald has never skipped a rock before and asks her to teach him.

"Heh, I guess I can do that since you are teaching me to write and stuff." Ruby says with a sly grin.

She teaches him how to flick his hoof so the rock spins, and how to hold it steady so the rock bounces forward instead of crashing wildly and losing energy.

Emerald is having fun!

What does Emerald do?
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