You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-02-03 07:37:36 No. 26344684


>Emerald passes out trying to cast a second magic missile.
>Emerald wakes up the next day and He, Ruby, and Joyride make their way to the boat.
>Emerald learns that Bo is on the boat, and that he is the first mate.
>Emerald comforts Ruby about going on the adventure.
>Emerald and Ruby explore the ship a bit, and find some sort of illicit substance in storage.
>Emerald and Ruby return to the deck of the ship and meet the captain.
>The ship sets off, and the trio enjoy disembarking on their adventure.
>Emerald teaches Ruby a little, and after she dozes off he explores the ship looking for things to cast magic missile on.
>Ruby finds him eventually and he starts talking about his past again.
>Past Emerald wakes up in a tent wearing shackles.
>Emerald cuts his way out of tent, but is caught by a mare named Alacris.
>Alarcris talks to Emerald, and then the mare's master appears and starts asking questions.

Continued in the next post...

2016-02-03 07:48:08 No. 26344797

Emerald says that he was chased out of a cave by those things while exploring it.

Venator doesn't speak, but continues to stare, making it clear that he is waiting for Emerald to say more.

Emerald says that he'll say more if he takes the cuffs off.

Venator back hoofs Emerald, causing the colt to fall to the ground. His head still swimming, he attempts to stand up, but pulls back slightly when he sees Venator towering above him.

"You will not make demands of me. Those cuffs will come off when I decide they shall come off."

"S-sir! Please, he's just a child-" Alarcis says, but shuts her mouth the second Venator turns her direction.

"Do not be so easily fooled. Magic can do all kinds of things, and making someone younger just happens to be one of those things. For all we know he could be a warlock himself!"

Emerald looks up at the stallion, who looks back down at him. The colt's cheek still smarts, but he is afraid to rub it.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-03 08:34:45 No. 26345294

Emerald involuntarily bursts into tears, and insists that he isn't a warlock, and that he doesn't even know what that word means.

"Do not play dumb with me child! Wizard, Witch, Shaman, Spellcaster... These are all words for basically the same thing." Venator says icily.

Emerald doubly insists that he isn't a warlock then, and says that he is an Earth Pony and can't cast magic. And if he could cast magic wouldn't he have done that already and gotten away?

"There are ways for Earth Ponies to catch magic, and those cuffs are keeping you from casting." The stallion sneers.

Emerald says that he is just a colt who stumbled into some caves and saw those creatures.

"I don't believe you, child. Why were you really in those caves?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-03 09:12:11 No. 26345635


Thinking back on it now, Emerald wishes he had asked Venator about the cuffs. Being able to stop magic users seems like a useful thing, plus maybe it has something to do with his pendant? Maybe not...


Emerald just explains that he was escaping awful people, and reluctantly, shows them the ring his step mother put on him.

The mare gasps in shock, but Venator says, "Hmm... And who put this on you?"

Emerald says it was his parents, who he was trying to escape. Venator asks him where his parents are, and what they had to do with going through a cave to escape them. Emerald doesn't say anything else however, despite taking another slap from Venator. He doesn't want to be carted back up to the castle.

"Fine. If you will not speak now I will try again later. Just to let you know child. I have ways of making people speak. Alarcris!" He yells suddenly. The mare stands at attention and then the Stallion continues, "We leave for the city now. We have work to do."

Alarcris starts to scramble to clean up the campsite, only stopping to hand some of the breakfast over to both Emerald and Venator, who eats it thankfully.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-04 07:32:56 No. 26354474

Emerald finishes up his breakfast, and then attempts to scoot over closer to Alacris. He watches Venator carefully, and though he eyes him he doesn't seem that concerned with him at the moment.

Emerald asks the mare. She seems to be folding up the tent and attempting to sew up the hole Emearld put in it. Emerald asks what it is they do exactly.

Alacris looks over to the stallion. He continues to drink his soup. Alarcis smiles and says,

"We are the Order of the Arrow, otherwise known as the Demon Hunters! Well, Venator is anyway... I'm still an apprentice. We are tasked by the ones on high themselves with the investigating and elimination of the black arts."

Alacris puts a proud look on her face, and Emerald smiles at her. He then asks what the city is like they are going too. Emerald is pretty sure it's the one his father pretty much owns, but he has to make doubly sure.

"Oh, it's just up the hill. Didn't I mention it already? Maybe I didn't... Anyway, we are-" Alacris looks over Emerald's shoulder and he turns to see Venator glaring at her, "-are doing some investigating."

Emerald asks what they plan on doing with him.

"Purge you, if you are in any way in league with the infernal ones." Venator says without skipping a beat.

Alacris says, "Well... If you are innocent and your parents are as bad as they say we'll probably just let you go. You will of course be under the protection of the Order of the Arrow! Uh... R-right Venator?"

Venator looks sideways at Alacris and then nods.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-04 08:25:40 No. 26354953

The two pack up their campsite and start to walk towards the city. The stallion makes sure to stand behind Emerald to make sure he doesn't go anywhere. Emerald tries to take his time, goes slowly, and even fakes an injury.

Venator tolerates this only for a few minutes, and Emerald's reward for this behavior is another slap.

Rubbing his cheek with a wince Emerald sees no other choice. He says that his parents will do anything to get him back, and that they are clearly doing something demonic, and that he had to escape through that cave and that's how he ran across the demon things in there.

Venator turns slowly to Emerald.

"Who are your parents?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-04 09:34:47 No. 26355747

Emerald explains who his parents, or more specifically his step parents, are, and explains in greater detail what they did to him, and how he escaped.

"Child, when your step parents were doing those unspeakable things to you did they ever collect the fluids afterwards?" Venator asks.

Emerald looks puzzled at the stallion, what an odd question to ask all of a sudden. Emerald doesn't have to think that hard to realize it is something they did, and Emerald says so.

Alacris and Venator give knowing looks to each other, and seemingly forgetting or ignoring Emerald's presence Alarcris says,

"Do you think there is still an open portal there, or were the Sanguitoids summoned?"

"No, more likely a weak point in the fabric of reality that those creatures stepped through on accident. No one sane summons mindless creatures like that in their own home."

"Hmm..." Alacris says, looking worried.

"Child, these are heavy allegations. Do you have any solid proof that what you are saying is true?"

Emerald shakes his head. He barely made it out with his body and his mother's amulet. Emerald holds it up to him and asks if it's any proof at all.

"No, it is simply a piece of jewelry, but an expensive looking one at that. It proves that you lived in some wealth, or at the very least stole from a place that was."

Venator then thinks a few seconds and says,

"We are going to have to go back up to the castle, child. You may not want to return to the place that you just escaped, but I assure you that you will be under my protection. Not even your step father would dare cross an agent of the Order lest they bring our wrath upon their heads."

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-04 10:40:29 No. 26356390

Emerald asks if he really has to come with them.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight child. Like I said, if you had proof maybe it'd be different."

He suddenly remembers the symbol on the floor he saw in the ritual room. It was something like an eight, or maybe an hourglass. He tries to draw it on the floor, but Venator stops him and says angrily,

"You will draw no demonic symbols before me, child."

Emerald let's out an exasperated sigh, and then thinking harder remembers that he took the knife out of the room. He quickly asks if Venator has the knife.

"You had no knife on you when I found you. Did you see one?" Venator says to Alarcris. She shakes her head, and then Emerald says that he may have dropped it where they found him.

"We are pretty close, sir... We could check really quick." Alacris offers.

Surprisingly, Venator seems all for this, and the trio stray off the path towards the hill on which the city sits. Nearing the cliff. Emerald mentions that the bush was near a pile of flowers, but that they might not have been flowers. He was kind of out of it and hallucinating. Venator takes you to where he remembers finding you, and looking where the pile of flowers was Emerald finds a bloodstain. It was probably the body of the monster that fell off the cliff.

Emerald is taken to the bush he fell asleep on, and he dives inside, looking for the dagger, which he actually finds stuck between the branches. Pulling it out, he hands it to Venator, who examines it only briefly before saying,

"Fine, you win this time child. You will not have to accompany me to the castle, but you are still in my custody. You will wait with Alacris at a nearby Inn until I return. I still do not trust you fully."

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-04 11:45:24 No. 26356979

(Last for the night.)

Emerald warns Venator about his step parents, and tells him to be careful.

"I am well aware of the Jewel family's power and prestige. Do not tell me how to do my job." he says gruffly.

The walk up and through the town is silent. Emerald thought that once he got up to the streets there might be some questioning from some of the guard or townsfolk about a shackled child walking through town, but no one seems to notice. It isn't until they enter the Inn that Emerald really understands why.

The innkeeper, who was doing books when the party walked up, looks to them with a smile and says, "Welcome to-"

His gaze catches Venator, and flicks up to his hat. The innkeeper goes pale and his eyes go wide.

"We require a room, now." Venator says, laying some coins down.

"N-no money will be necessary! Please, this way!" The innkeeper says in a docile manner and with many bows.

They are lead to the second floor and into a single bed room with a restroom on the side. There is a nightstand and a chair here, as well as windows that look out onto the street below.

"If you need anything please just-"

"We wish not to be disturbed by anyone. If you get any people attempting to come to this room you are to turn them away immediately." Venator says, cutting through the innkeeper's words.

"Yes, yes of course!" The innkeeper says, bowing some more and walking backwards out of the room.

"Alacris, you are to stay here and watch the child. If he does anything suspicious you have to right to subdue or execute him. He is not the leave this room until I return. In fact, he is not to leave the bed. Is that clear?"

Alacris salutes the stallion, and he hands the mare the keys to the room, and walks out.

It's so silent he can hear the stallion tromp down the stairs.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-05 09:58:02 No. 26359789

(One update before I go to work.)

Emerald asks if she'll take off the cuffs now. It's not like he is going anywhere.

"I'm sorry, but I can't... Venator would be furious with me if I let a potential subject out of his restraints." Alacris says earnestly.

Emerald asks if Venator regularly beats up foals like he did.

"Well, no actually... He just doesn't show any tolerance to anyone he thinks might be a practitioner of the dark arts. I know he was pretty harsh on you but... But he's had a pretty hard life up to now you know? It's put him on edge. He really is a good guy!"

Emerald looks at her skeptically.

"He really is though! He rescued me from a demon incursion. Carried me all the way to safety despite the fact we were both injured." Alacris says, blushing.

Emerald asks if she'd really execute him.

"W-well I mean... If you make me..." Alacris says sadly.

Emerald asks about the Order of the Arrow.

"Oh um... Well I don't know too much about it myself, but I'll answer what I can. What did you want to know?" She says happily.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-05 07:48:18 No. 26364757

Emerald asks what the organization does, how many members are in it, and where they are located.

"Well, like I said before we are primarily concerned with the investigation and elimination of the dark arts. As for how many members there are I'm not entirely sure. I know in our chapter there is quite a large number! Not all of them are investigators like us, many are soldiers, guards, or infiltrators." Alacris taps her chin and then continues, "I think we are based in Equestria, but I've never visited the main branch. Our branch is in the Brightlands to the east."

Emerald thinks about what he has heard about the Brightlands, but he can't recall too much about it. He knows it's rather mountainous, but that's about it.

Emerald asks how long she has been a member.

"Ever since Venator rescued me!" She says happily and with a giggle, "He said he saw something in me that would make me a good member of the Order. I wonder what it was though..."

Emerald asks if the Order are allowed to date or anything.

"If you commit yourself to the protection of all that is good from the changing, ever immutable evil that is the dark arts there isn't time to do much else..." She says with a sigh, "But as far as I know it's okay!"

Emerald asks what kind of guy's she likes.

"Hmm... I think I like them a little older than me..." She says with a blush.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-05 08:37:02 No. 26365185

Emerald asks what she thinks of younger guys.

Alacris gives him a soft smile and says, "I'm sorry, you are a bit young for me, Emerald. Maybe in a few years?"

Emerald frowns dejectedly, but then perks up when he realizes who she is probably in love with, and asks her if she likes older guys with beards.

They carry on this conversation for a while, and the innkeeper brings up some food. Alacris quickly dismisses it, and takes out some of her own. It seems to be cucumber sandwiches, and she hands one to Emerald.

"Venator says not to eat food that we didn't prepare ourselves while on duty." Alacris says with a nod, biting into her sandwich.

The sun starts to reach it's peak, and Venator isn't back yet. Alacris doesn't say anything, but she is fidgety, and Emerald sees her glance to the window a number of times.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-05 09:38:51 No. 26365719

Emerald asks if Venator should have been back by now.

"I-I guess I don't know for sure, but I feel like he should have been..." Alacris says, gazing out the window again.

Emerald asks what they are going to do if he doesn't come back.

Alacris looks wide-eyed at Emerald, like she never even fathomed that possibility.

"Uh well... I guess I'd have to send a letter to our branch and wait for further instructions... My first instinct would be to try and figure out what happened to him, but then I'd have to do something with you first... You are in our custody after all... Hmm..."

Emerald says not to abandon him. He doesn't want to end up back with his parents.

Alacris smiles warmly at him again and says, "Of course, I'd never let-"

There are loud noises downstairs. It sounds like ponies arguing. Alacris and Emerald go silent and listen. The noises continue, and they hear the stomping of many hooves in armor moving about the Inn.

Alacris fidgets her hoof on her sword, and Emerald looks around for something to use as a weapon. He picks up the nearby flower pot. At least he can throw it with his hooves cuffed.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-05 11:09:58 No. 26366394

(last for the night.)

Alacris whispers for Emerald to get off the bed, and when he does she pushes it in front of the door. She draws her sword, and levels it at the ready.

Emerald asks for her to get the cuffs off so he can help, and hesitating only for a second she does so.

Emerald can hear the sounds of the armored ponies getting closer, and just from that he can tell that they are greatly outnumbered. Emerald feels like this cramped hotel room would probably be a bad place to fight when outnumbered.

Looking around he sees the window and runs over to it. Emerald sees that they are on the second floor, he also sees two guards blocking the door, but that directly below them are some decorative hedges.

There is a loud knocking on the door and a booming shout of "Town Guard, open this door immediately!" runs through the room.

Emerald quickly points out the window to Alacris, and she nods and picks him up. She then opens the window, and cradling Emerald she jumps out and lands on it. The two of them spring to their hooves immediately and begin to run, but this is something that doesn't go unseen by the guards at the front of the inn.

They give chase, and seeing that they won't escape them she cries, "Run Emerald!" and then turns on her hooves and charges at the approaching soldiers, who stop and ready themselves for the attack.

Emerald feels like he should run, he knows what will happen if he is caught. At the same time he's grown rather attached to this mare and wants to help, despite how bad an idea that is.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-06 07:44:55 No. 26374534

Emerald wishes he could do something, anything, to help Alacris. But he can't think of a way to do so, and instead turns on his heels and begins sprinting away as fast as he can...


"Yeah, and then what happened?!" Ruby says, having long ago giving up finding any mice and instead listens to Emerald enraptured.

Emerald is just about to respond when the door to the kitchen opens and a heavy set, balding stallion appears.

"Oh. You must be the kids the Cap'n was talking about. Dinners done, if you want it" he says, stomping off towards the deck to assumedly tell the others.

Emerald and Ruby go into the the kitchen. There is very little room in here, as to be expected of being inside a ship. About half of the room is made up of the stove and the cabinets, as well as a large flat top used for cutting.

The rest is made up of two long tables with seats all around. Emerald and Ruby sit down at one of these, and over the next few minutes the sailors pile in, as well as Joyride, who sits next to the two foals.

Emerald notices that there are only about a half dozen people here. Not even the captain is present. They must be eating in shifts.

A bowl of greenish looking soup is put in front of the trio, and Emerald apprehensively eats it. It's not bad, but it's not that great either.

"Better enjoy it, lil' perv. The food only gets worse as time goes on." Joyride says with a chuckle, "At least that's what everyone says. I'm rather fond of pickled foods myself.

Emerald turns to see Ruby eating the soup quite enthusiastically.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-06 08:38:06 No. 26375048

Emerald decides not to be a bitch, and drinks up the soup. He'll need his energy anyway... He hasn't casted that many spells yet!

Emerald taps his empty bowl nervously, and then says that he may know where a succubus is.

Joyride's eyebrows raise skeptically and she says, "Really? Where?"

Emerald explains what he just remembered something that may have suggested it when telling Ruby a bit about his past, and that his stepmother may be one.

"A succubus in a powerful family eh? Well that's not exactly unheard of... Hmm... This warrants some investigation..." Joyride says, drinking from her spoon pensively.

"Yeah, there was this dude from the... Order of the arrow who-" Ruby starts, having put down her bowl to listen to the conversation.

"Ugh, the Order of the Arrow." Joyride says with an purposefully comedic slump, "Who'd you see?"

Emerald comments that their names were Venator and Alacris, and she slumps dramatically farther.

"Oh god, Venator... Bet he had a fun time with you, didn't he?" Joyride says sitting up and with her grin, "probably tried to waterboard you until you admitted to being a demon, huh?"

Emerald asks how she knows about the order, and about Venator.

"There just overly moral assholes. Who are they to say what kind of magic can and can't be used?" Joyride says waving her spoon.

"So you've had run-ins with them?!" Ruby says bug-eyed.

"Of course. I've studied almost all kinds of magic in my own fashion, and the best way to learn is from the masters. Quite a few of the diabolists I knew have met their deaths at the end of a crossbow bolt from a Demon Hunter." Joyride says shrugging.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-06 09:41:09 No. 26375695

Emerald asks what a Diabolist is.

"Anyone who studies, interacts, summons, or makes use of demon magic." Joyride says as if she were reading it from a textbook.

Emerald thinks of what he has read on demons... Now that he thinks on it it wasn' t that much. His father's library didn't have many books on the subject, or at least ones that he read. Perhaps he hid them some where else?

"So... Have you summoned demons before...?" Ruby asks.

"Yes, but I have never bound or asked demons for favors. That's for rubes who can't do things themselves." Joyride says, looking rather proud of herself.

Emerald says that Venator, and his apprentice, are probably dead.

"Well, I can't speak for his apprentice, but did you actually see Venator die? He's a tough old bastard. I'm sure he found a way to survive. Besides, if your step parents really had killed two members of the Order of the Arrow, I and the rest of the world would have heard of it. Your step parents are powerful, but not powerful enough to defy someone backed by The bigwigs in Equestria." Joyride says, putting her hooves up.

Emerald asks if their voyage will take them past any conflict areas.

"Nah, but we will be going through them. We'll hit land still in pony territory, just north of where the previous battle fronts were before the zebra armies were pushed back. The town's named after a tree or something. I dunno, you'll have to ask the captain." She says, unconcerned.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-06 10:23:04 No. 26376137

Emerald asks what her experiences with demons were like.

"Pretty boring for the most part. It's always 'soul' this and 'money and power' that. It gets kind of boring after a while. I have to admit, some of them are pretty sexy though." the unicorn says, licking her lips.

Emerald asks if it's a good idea for a zebra ship to land in pony controlled territory.

"this isn't a zebra ship. IJust because the captain is a zebra that makes this a zebra ship? That's pretty racist, maybe. The captain is more of a... Freelance agent. We'll be fine."

Emerald asks if the place they are going is pony controlled isn't it still possible that his family could get to him?

"I suppose it's possible? I really doubt it though. That assumes they suspected you've gone all the way out to a warzone for some reason. If you are really worried though, just be careful. But not too careful. Just play it cool, alright? The more suspicious you look the more suspicious you seem." Joyride says wisely.

Emerald asks what Equestria is like.

"Oh, it's all blue skies and sunshine." Joyride says rolling her eyes, "I'm sure the princesses are keeping the place plenty safe, as well as their court jester Starswirl."

Emerald asks in awe if she means Starswirl the Bearded. he's read all about him and his accomplishments.

"Yeah, that's him. I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't sucking the princess' dicks right now. I mean I assume they have dicks considering how ballsy they are." Joyride says annoyed.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-07 12:09:16 No. 26381085

(Got some stuff to do today, but I'll pop out a few updates when I can.)

Emerald says that the princesses probably have pretty big ones, considering they are supposed to be quite tall themselves.

"I don't actually think they have dicks, Emerald." Joyride says rolling her eyes, "But you are right, they are pretty tall... I bet they would be..."

Joyride gets a rather lecherous look on her face, and Emerald let's her fantasize for a bit before asking if she has ever been to Equestria, or if Equestria is involved in the war at all.

"Nah, they aren't involved, and from what I've heard they do not condone the war in the slightest. As for if I've been to Equestria, yes. Yes I have. This may surprise you considering what you know about me, but I got my cutie mark for my passion of travel." Joyride says, pointing at her flank.

Emerald asks what Equestria is like.

"It's okay. It's not that much different from here, to be honest. They have a lot less monsters and evil people, but the ones they do have are much scarier and much more powerful."

"So have you met the princesses?" Ruby asks, leaning into her hooves.

"Met? No, but I've seen them. They are pretty hot." Joyride says with a chuckle, "It wouldn't be a good idea for me to meet them. I kinda got a problem with governments and authorities."

Emerald asks if she's ever met Starswirl.

"Nope. Don't know if I care too as well. Seems like a hack to me. Did you hear what he did to seal away three sirens that were possessing a village? The loon tried to out sing them, and when that didn't work he just sent them through some sort of portal and made it someone else's problem. What kind of powerful wizard does shit like that?" Joyride says, getting worked up for some reason.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-07 09:40:37 No. 26387509

Emerald asks which princess she thinks is the hottest.

"You don't know the number of times I've tried to figure that out!" Joyride says with a laugh, "Each has their strong and weak points, and either could be argued."

Emerald shrugs, and then asks if she is sure that there isn't a reason to visit Starswirl. He could very well teach her something about magic that she probably doesn't know.

"Yeah, I suppose that's possible, but then again most magicians tend to know things that others don't. We are a pretty secretive lot, especially when it comes to protecting our spells." Joyride says.

"Hey, Joy!" One of the pirates from the other table says holding up some dice, "We're gonna start! You in?"

"Alright, you heard the man. Time for all the good foals to go to bed. We got the one on the bottom all to ourselves." Joyride says, shooing the pair out of the kitchen.

Emerald and Joyride walk out the door, and she closes it behind her, the sounds of happy, gambling sailors penetrating the door.

"We ain't going to bed yet, right?" Ruby says to Emerald.

Emerald, who had turned to walk to the staircase downward stops in his tracks and stutters out of course he isn't.

"Good! So uh, what should we do?"

Emerald tried to think of a conversation topic on the spot, but only comes up with asking her what her cutie mark is going to be.

"I don't know. Don't care either. It'll come when it comes, at least that's what I was told. Yours is probably going to be books or something though. I can see it now!" Ruby says giggling and drawing a book with her hoof on the floor, "It'll probably look exactly like the book you use to cast spells, with the star on it and everything! But anyway... How about we have some fun? They left us here in the storage room. Maybe we can find some of their booze! I've always wanted to try it." Ruby says, looking in a nearby box.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-07 10:29:15 No. 26388100

The storage room is essentially a giant rectangle taking up most of the bottom of the ship. It's piled high with crates, boxes, and barrels except for an empty line between the two accessible exits to the room. One exit is the kitchen towards the back of the ship, the other is a large shuttered doorway towards the front of the ship. The third exit is through the hatch above that they use to drop things into the storage room from the deck.


Emerald says that she can try to look for booze, but he's going to look for rats or something he can cast magic missile on. To be honest, he's not sure how he feels about drinking. It's a fearful sort of excitement, not completely unwanted, but apprehensive all the same.

"Aww come on, we looked for rats already! Can't you just use that stone? Or maybe we'll be lucky and they'll be some birds on deck or something. Come help me look!" Ruby says.

Emerald half heartedly starts looking through crates. Most are full of boat supplies, like preserves from the trip, extra cloth for the sails, and lot's of wood. There are also plenty of cannonballs, gunpowder, and oil.

Emerald finds another crate of the weird white bricks when he hears Ruby says,

"Found some!"

Emerald walks over to see Ruby uncorking the bottle. She gives it a sniff and her nose wrinkles. She looks at the bottle for a second before taking a swig, which she almost immediately spits out.

"Ugh, how can they drink this? It's awful! I thought it was going to be sweeter considering how my roommates drank these so fast. Want to try some?" Ruby says, holding the bottle towards Emerald.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-07 11:31:21 No. 26388691

Emerald takes the bottle from Ruby, and takes a small sip of the booze. Ruby is right, the stuff is disgusting. Emerald swallows it quickly, and it burns all the way down his throat and continues to do so slightly even in his stomach.

Not to be one upped, Ruby takes the bottle back and takes a smaller sip herself, managing to down that gulp this time.

"S-see? It's not so bad right?"

Emerald gives a small smile and nods, then asks Ruby if she wants to stargaze on deck. Ruby nods, and the two climb up the stairs and sit at the bow of the ship. It's night, but the moon is nice and bright, and they have no trouble getting to their destination.

A chilly wind blows across the ship, and Emerald and Ruby give a shiver. Huddling a little closer, Ruby takes another sip of the bottle and says,

"It tastes bad, but it makes me feel warmer at least."

Emerald stares up at the mostly cloudless sky and asks her what constellations she knows.

Ruby looks up at the sky and points, "Umm... Big dipper!"

Emerald nods, and Ruby smiles and points again and says, "Little Dipper!"

Emerald takes his turn, and mentions how you can draw a line from the big dipper to a lot of other constellations, and points out Cygnus and Virgo. Even the little dipper, specifically Polaris, can help one find Pegasus and Cassiopeia.

Ruby looks up in awe and takes another swig, and then asks Emerald if he wants some.

What does Emerald do?

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(Last of the night.)

>Int Check
>Rolled 2, Passed

Emerald doesn't know too much about alcohol, but he is pretty sure one more sip won't hurt him. Emerald takes a small swig, noticing that the bottle is considerably emptier than before.

He asks Ruby about her past.

"I told it to you didn't I? At least what I remember from it, which isn't a whole lot. I was pretty young when my parents and I moved to Whitherwater. I don't even remember where we lived before..."

Emerald sees her face fall, and changes the subject and says that he's always liked the stars. The vast universe before him just reminds him of freedom. He asks Ruby what she thinks of the stars.

"Never thought about it much... Now that you mention it I never did look up at the sky very often. We'll go with that. It's a brand new thing, it represents uh... Err... New experiences. Bur... Broadening experiences." She says haltingly, trying to come up with the proper words to use.

Emerald starts to explain more about the stars and their formation, starting on a small story from one of the books he read about needing to make the universe if one wishes to make an apple pie from scratch, but then he feels pressure on his shoulder, and looks over to see a dozing Ruby.

What does Emerald do?
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