You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-02-10 07:48:09 No. 26420099


>Emerald convinces Venator enough to make him check out his step parents, and leaves him with Alacris at an Inn.
>Alacris and Emerald start to worry after Venator doesn't return from his step parents, and they are attacked at the inn by Emerald's step parent's soldiers.
>Alacris and Emerald jump out the window, and Alacris holds off the soldiers while Emerald flees.
>Ruby and Emerald are interrupted by the cook who announces dinner.
>Emerald, Ruby, and Joyride eat, as well as have a pleasant conversation about the Order of the Arrow and Starswirl the bearded.
>Emerald and Ruby leave, and on the way sneak some booze and drink a bit of it.
>They stargaze for a while, and Ruby passes out.

Continued in the next post...

2016-02-10 07:50:23 No. 26420128

Emerald carefully lays Ruby down. She looks so peaceful, but Emerald is a little worried. He doesn't want her to get a cold, and Emerald is pretty sure he can't lift her.

Emerald goes down to their room quickly, and grabbing a blanket returns to the bow of the ship and tucks Ruby in snuggly.

Well, looks like Emerald is by himself now. He hasn't really practiced that much magic yet, and he isn't feeling that tired yet. Or maybe he could do something else?

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-10 08:33:35 No. 26420635

Emerlad admits that Ruby would make a good target right now, but he doesn't want to wake her up, much less hurt her.

Emerald wishes he had maybe asked Joyride for a spell like his rock levitation, or perhaps just plain old pony levitation.

Emerald walks over to the bottle and picks it up, intending to finish it off. However, the second he picks it up he realizes it's empty.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-10 09:32:04 No. 26421087

Emerald attempts to levitate the bottle with his goat magic spell, however it doesn't seem to work in the slightest. Probably because it's not a rock. Oh well, the components didn't get used up so it's alright.

Emerald instead just tries raising it with sheer force of will like he does with the magic missile spell. He focuses on the bottle hard and clutches his book to his chest, but the bottle doesn't move. Perhaps there is more to it he isn't understanding?

Emerald takes the bottle and chucks it at the ocean, watching it gleam all the way down and splash into the water below.

Well, maybe he can go explore the ship a bit more... Or maybe he should just go to bed as well.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-10 10:39:22 No. 26421690

(Probably last for night.)

Emerald decides to look around the ship a little. He starts heading towards the staircase, intending to see what Joyride is up too exactly, but then he realizes he never went up to where the wheel of the ship is.

Emerald can't really see very well in the night, but there is someone still steering the ship.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-11 09:02:03 No. 26430594

(Sorry, had to do some stuff after work. Also, probably not too many updates tomorrow either because it's my birthday and I'm going to go with some workfriends to see a movie.)


Emerald goes down to see what Joyride is doing in the kitchen.

He takes a peak inside, and sees Joyride and a few of the sailors playing some sort of dice game. They are chatting animatedly, and though there is clearly money on the line it seems pretty friendly. Emerald can also see a few bottles of beer strewn about.

Emerald then heads up to the wheel. Emerald is quite surprised to see the Captain up there. Seeing Emerald, the Captain says,

"Hello child. It's a bit late for you to be up isn't it? Is everything okay?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-11 09:39:25 No. 26430928

Emerald says he is too excited to sleep, and that he wants to practice some magic but he can't find any pests or critters to do it on.

"Ah, I see. Well hopefully we didn't pick up any rats, but if you want to try to find one you could use the classic box trap and some hard tack. Other than that we'll have flies and maggots in our food. Can you wait that long?" The captain says with a half smile.

Emerald says he doesn't want too, but not too much he can do about it he supposes. He asks the Captain what he is doing at the wheel, as he assumed that he'd have a helmspony.

"Well to be honest, I couldn't quite sleep myself, so I gave the helmspony a break to go get some food. It's nice to steer the ship every once and a while, you know?"

Emerald grins at him. He seems nice.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-11 10:23:33 No. 26431232

(Already the last for the night. I'll see if I can get any out tomorrow.)

Emerald thanks the captain for letting them on the ship, and then asks him what it's like being a captain on the high seas.

"Wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world, child. To be honest, I'm more comfortable here on the water than on land."

Emerald asks how he navigates the boat at night.

"Where is that thing..." He says, looking around his feet and then grabs at something on the floor and holds it up to Emerald, "It's called a sextant. It's difficult to explain, but I use the angle I get off of this and compare it to my astronomical charts in my cabin to get an idea of where we are."

Emerald looks at the object, and holds it up to his eyes, trying to understand how it works, but the whole thing is a mystery to him. The colt hands the instrument back and asks the captain about what he thinks of the zebra war.

"It's profitable, but unfortunate. Much like all wars." The captain says not looking at Emerald, "I really have no stake in it either way. I'm not really a resident of either country anymore. The sea is my home."

Emerald asks if he can steer the ship.

"Mmm, perhaps some other time, child. I'm quite enjoying myself at the moment." The captain says, patting the wheel.

Emerald asks the Captain about his past, and about Bo.

"Well, that's a rather broad subject. What did you want to know specifically?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-13 07:12:13 No. 26451489

(Back. Also, Deadpool is a great movie. Go see it.)

Emerald asks where the Captain used to live before he was on the seas.

"In a city not unlike your Whitherwater, except with quite a few more zebra and quite a lot less of every other species. It's on the west side of the Zebralands, and a jewel of a city. Pololimpopo was it's name. It too was a port city, and I had lost my job at one point and rather desperately took a dockworker position and well... I suppose the rest is history!" The captain says with another smile.

Emerald asks how long he and Bo have been on the sea, and how many ships they've been on.

"Bo has been on the sea pretty much all his life! I started about three years before he was born. His mother was a waitress at a bar in Pololimpopo, but she died some time back unfortunately. A firey one she was." The captain says with a sad nod, "I don't know how many Bo's been on because we haven't always worked together, but I've served on three plus this one."

Emerald asks if Bo is his only child.

"Yup, my pride and joy."

Emerald can't tell if the Captain is enjoying the questioning or putting up with it, but he doesn't seem to worried about Shooing Emerald away.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-13 07:56:38 No. 26451955

>Perception Check
>Rolled 2, Passed

Emerald makes more small talk, and watches the Captain closely.

If he had to guess, the Captain is neither enjoying nor hating his company. He seems a bit happily detached from it all.

Emerald asks how he knows Joyride.

"Ah, well.. I met my wife, Sunshine Sea, and Joyride at the bar a few years before Bo was born. They lived above the bar for a while, though what they did as a job I never did quite figure out." The captain says with a chuckle.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-13 08:56:23 No. 26452494

Emerald asks gently how the Captain's wife died.

"An infection she got while working at the bar apparently... I was out at sea... Didn't hear about it until a good six months afterwards..." The captain says, looking blankly out at the waves.

Feeling bad, Emerald quickly asks what she was like, and if she was a zebra or a pony.

"Oh, she was like myself, a zebra born and raised in the big city. She was expressive, and always knew what she wanted, and wasn't ashamed of asking for it. Some might have called her some rough words, and they may have been true, but I loved her all the more for it." The captain says, perking up slightly.

Emerald asks about what he knows of Joyride and her past, and about Sunshine Sea and their falling out.

"Oh, well I didn't know Sunshine had stopped traveling with Joy until a little while after it happened. I guess a guy came between them or something. It's kind of funny, when I first met them I thought they were a couple until... Well, I'll tell you about that part when you are older, heh." The captain says with another chuckle, "As for her past, I'm not too sure. Joyride's odd about it. She'll tell you all sorts of things about herself, but with other things she'll sidestep the question entirely. At the time that didn't matter much to me though. I just knew I was hanging out with three hotties and was enough for me." The captain says giving Emerald a smirk.

Emerald thinks about this mysterious Sunshine Sea. He wish he knew more. Looking back at the the Captain, Emerald realizes the seafarer is looking thoughtfully upward. A few seconds later he says, "I know she's traveled a great deal of places. Even more than myself, and that's saying something.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-13 09:53:18 No. 26453056

[I worded my previous response poorly. The three hotties he is referring too are Joyride, Sunshine Sea, and his wife. Two mares and a zebra.]

Emerald asks where he's traveled to, and if he's gone to Equestria.

"I have indeed gone to Equestria, though I haven't been inland at all. I just stopped on my way down the coast to deliver cargo. I've also been to almost every city on this continent that touches the sea, except for the deer lands of course."

At this point Emerald let's out a loud yawn. He also rubs his eyes. They are becoming increasingly difficult to keep open.

"Ah, time for bed I think, Child. Run along now." He says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-13 10:59:43 No. 26453751

(Done for the day. See you tomorrow.)

Emerald tries to claim he isn't tired, but another yawn betrays him.

The Captain motions in the direction of the staircase, and Emerald admits defeat. Right before he leaves though he asks what his wife's name was.

"Lesedi. Now off with you. We can talk again some other time if you so wish."

Emerald starts to walk towards the stairs again and then remembers Ruby. He asks the captain if he can move her. She is too heavy for him. He laughs and says he'll bring her down to their room after the helmspony returns from dinner.

Emerald makes his way down to their room. It's simply furnished with three cot-like beds and a small writing table and desk. Emerald can spot their luggage in this room as well. Stripping quickly, he chooses the closest bed and flops onto it, scrambling under the covers. The colt has to admit that it isn't as comfortable as the bed in the flat at #304 Coursewalk, but it is an improvement over sleeping outdoors like Emerald was during his escape from his parents. Giving a small shudder, he turns over and goes to bed.


Emerald awakes the next day, though he can't tell what time it is. There are no windows obviously, since they are below deck. He looks around at the other beds, and though they are unoccupied it's clear someone has been sleeping in them.

Emerald gets up and reaches for his disguise, then realizes that he probably doesn't need it at the moment since none of his family's guard could possibly get him here. It's a little liberating, now that he thinks on it. Perhaps he'll go without it today.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-14 11:28:36 No. 26458414

Emerald gives a big stretch and a yawn, and then heads up the stairs and to the kitchen. Luckily it seems breakfast isn't over and he manages to grab some hardtack and fruit.

Neither Joyride nor Ruby are here, so Emerald goes up on deck and looks around. Still no Joyride, but he does spot Ruby leaning over the side of the ship, making wretching noises.

"Ugh... I'm dyinggg..." Ruby says as he approaches, "No more alcohol ever. Maybe."

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-14 12:34:40 No. 26459257

Emerald rubs her back and asks if she needs anything.

"Ugh, no... I'm fine I just-" She heaves roughly for a moment and then straightns up, "Joyride said it would pass."

Emerald mentions that Joyride said something about seasickness medication, and maybe that it would help her now.

"Well I feel like she would have told me about it if she could help, but if you want to go ask her that'd be nice." Ruby says a bit raspily.

Emerald says he will and goes looking for Joyride. He passes by the Captain's cabin window and sees Bo, the Captain, and Joyride having a conversation inside. He walks over to the door and finds it slightly ajar. He is about to knock when he hears them speak.

"-And you are absolutely sure that the galleon will be there?" Joyride asks.

"Yes. We should intercept it in a week or so if my calculations are correct. I have Daybreak on a reconnaissance run right now. He's the fastest pegasus we have on crew so he should be back in a few days." The captain says, pointing at his map.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-14 01:34:10 No. 26460122

(Alright, Errand time. I'll catch you guys later.)

Emerald keeps an eye on the nearby staircase and door, but also pushes his head against the entrance to the Captain's cabin. He wants to hear more.

"-And what of the children?" Bo asks, "We've been hiding this from them, but they'll figure it out once the battle starts."

"Well I couldn't go and tell Emerald about it until he was on board. I'm sure he would have thrown a fit and made me walk the whole way to the Zebralands. A goody-horseshoes, that one." Joyride says with a laugh.

"Speaking of the children, I do believe that young colt would have handled it well. Sneaking liquor, at his age, passing out on deck. Rough upbringing. He'd make a fine pirate." The captain says jokingly.

There is a short silence before Joyride laughs loudly, "Oh right. THAT colt. Yeah, I bet 'he' would, heh."

"Anyway Joyride, are you sure you can disable the ship?" The captain says.

"Well, there isn't much I can do at the actual ship unless you want me to vaporize it entirely. I suppose I could burn the sails or knock down a mast or two at the very least. I should be able to jam any magical communication, but I don't know how well I'd be able to hit a messenger pegasus from cannon range. Get me close enough though and I'm sure I could subdue their whole crew." Joyride says, business-like.

"Hopefully they'll give up, and it won't come to that." Boy says, sternly.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-14 09:01:35 No. 26466251

Emerald finds himself a bit incensed. Why would Joyride not tell him something like this?

"Alright. That'll be it for now Joyride. Also, please go a bit easier on my crew in the future. I do need them to run this ship after all."

Emerald starts to hear hoof steps towards the door, and he takes a few steps back and waits. As Joyride exits the door he frowns angrily at her.

"Oh hey Lil' Perv, what's up?" Joyride says with a grin.

Emerald asks how she could not tel him that they were on a pirate ship.

"Ah ha, well someone was dropping eaves weren't they? Yes Emerald, this is indeed a pirate ship. Fact of the matter is we are on it now and there is no way they are going to pull over and let us back on land, so try to enjoy the trip."

Emerald asks how she could work with people who rob the innocent.

"Well, everyone has to make a living you know. Plus this time we aren't even robbing the innocent. It's a ship full of war booty. Priceless Zebra Land's treasures. What right do the Whitherwater military have carrying those back? I wouldn't call that innocent you know." The Unicorn replies.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-14 10:07:14 No. 26467177

(I'm sorry lord satan. Please forgive my transgressions.)


Emerald says that it's more about a matter of trust, and that she should tell him when they are going to be doing something like this. He says that he has trust problems as it is considering everything he has been through, and that he doesn't want Joyride to be lumped along with them.

"Alright, fine, jeez. I'm sorry. I'll be honest about taking you onto pirate vessels and whatever else. You know sometimes I'm doing you a favor by not telling you the whole truth right? I shield you from the dangers of some of the things we do. I don't want to freak you out ya know?" Joyride says, giving Emerald a poke.

Emerald mentions that she is doing an odd job of it then, since they could all die in the pirate attack.

"Yeah, and we may have died on the walk between Whitherwater and the Zebra Lands. You know there are a ton of bandits and monsters on the way right, and part of it is infested with undead. Heck, we could have run into a military patrol. At least out here all we have to worry about is an attack we are taking on our terms, and one that we will hopefully not even have to fight."

Emerald asks why she thinks attacking a military vessel will be a good idea.

"Because they've got a secret weapon. Me!" Joyride says proudly.

Emerald doesn't seem convinced, and Joyride rolls her eyes and says, "Look, it'll be fine. Probably. Just stop worrying about it. If things really go south you and Ruby should be fine. I doubt they'd hang kids."

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-14 10:56:38 No. 26467776

(Last for the night.)

Emerald asks how she planned to get them out of a jam if things really do start going south.

"I'd figure it out. Maybe turn Ruby and I invisible and you could, I dunno, offer your butt to the soldiers. You are smart and resourceful, you would have figured something out."

Emerald sighs and asks what he and Ruby should be doing when the fight starts.

"Hiding in our room I guess It's low enough in the ship that I doubt any cannonballs are going to go flying through it."

Emerald asks what he should tell Ruby about the pirates.

"Just be honest I guess?" Joyride says with her grin, "She'll probably be cool with it."

Suddenly Emerald remembers her seasickness and asks if Joyride has the cure with her.

"Oh, uh... Sure, here." Joyride says, fishing some ginger and a lemon out of her mantle, "Throw these into the biggest glass of water you can find and give it to her. Anyway, if you are done grilling me I'm going to go catch some sun, see ya lil' perv." Joyride says, starting to walk away.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-15 01:01:05 No. 26472508

Emerald yells after her, asking what he is going to do when they hang her. She just chuckles and keeps walking.

Emerald goes and fetches some water, a rather difficult task considering most of what seems to be on the ship is booze.

Emerald brings it up to Ruby, who seems to be handling things a little better. She doesn't heave once as he approaches. Emerald hands her the items and tells her to drink. After she chugs a siginificant portion of it Emerald leans over and whispers what he heard, and says that they are on a pirate ship.

"Really? Cool!" Ruby says, sparkly eyed, "They hid their identities well! I haven't seen a single peg-leg or a parrot anywhere on this ship... And absolutely no eyepatches!"

Emerald isn't sure whether she is joking or not, so just gives her a smile. He wonders if she understands the gravity of the situation they are in right now. Not wanting to think about it himself, he asks her what she wants to do for the day.

"Hmm... I dunno. You are going to teach me more reading right? Or maybe you can go and get like, a flight spell or something from Joyride. I want to go up to the crow's nest!" Ruby says, pointing upwards.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-15 09:38:45 No. 26477447

Emerald says that he'll teach her how to read more, but they are going to do it down in the storage room.

Ruby agrees, and taking some books they head down into depths of the ship. Emerald finds a small box, and after asking the cook nicely for some hard tack, he props the box up with a stick and places the hard tack underneath it. he then ties a string to the stick and backs away. Hopefully he'll catch something this way.

Emerald and Ruby read for a few hours, taking small breaks to stretch or watch sailors pass too and from the kitchen or to grab some supplies to do spot repairs on the ship with. Eventually Joyride happens to be one of the ponies that passes by, and seeing what Emerald has created says,

"You running pest control or something?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-15 10:08:57 No. 26477798

Emerald says they couldn't find anything to cast magic missile on, so he's trying to make them come to him. He wants to practice magic after all.

"I see. Are you sure there are even any mice or anything down here?" Joyride says.

She then lights up her horn, and a weird purple light pulses out of her. As it passes over Emerald, he feels a bit like he is being x-rayed. After a few seconds it stops.

"Well, it doesn't look like there are anything in this room other than us three."

Emerald grimaces, and then asks if he can cast magic missile on her some more just so he can practice.

"Hmm... Why don't I teach you something you don't need a target to cast. That way you don't have to bug me just so you can cast spells."

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-15 11:27:46 No. 26478602

(Speaking of not being around very much. Tomorrow might not have many updates also. I'm going to go learn french with a very sexy coworker, so wish me luck. Also last for the night. I'll leave the strawpoll open until I update again just for fun.)

Emerald asks if he can learn a Light spell and a Push spell.

"Two, eh? Well aren't we greedy! How about you learn one now and I'll teach you the next one in a few more days? Sound good?" Joyride says.

Emerald asks if he can use his light spell to blind people.

"Not a basic light spell no. It won't be bright enough, unless you like... Cast it in complete darkness and surprise your foe. There are light spells that can do that though."

Emerald asks if he has to learn the light spell to learn the better light spell.

"No, you never have to know any spell to learn any other kind of spell, but if the spell is similar it will help you learn a more powerful one. For instance the 'push' spell you want to learn will be easier now that you know how to do magic missile, which is also a force spell. In fact, force spells are all around rather useful, like walls of force, force bubbles, force blasts, etc." Joyride says, listing them off with a rotation of her wrists.

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-16 01:36:54 No. 26483139
(One work update. )

Emerald wants to learn the push spell, and tells Joyride so.

"Okay, so see that box? " Joyride pointing at a crate near to them, "you have to focus your mind and magical energy into forcing the box away. You should note that the spell only pushes things directly away from you. You can't pull them towards you or make them fly sideways. "

Emerald grabs his focus, and after staining his mind several times manages to get the box to slide a quarter of an inch. Ruby gives a woop of approval, and Joyride nods and starts to walk away.

"Just keep doing that and you'll be fine. "

What does Emerald do?

2016-02-16 11:01:56 No. 26488979

(One update before bed I think. Also French studying with the hottie coworker went okay. I didn't know much but we had fun.)

Emerald goes to push around smaller boxes, starting with the one he used as a mouse trap. This one is quite a bit easier to do than the crate, and he ends up chasing it around the cargo hold. Emerald also is surprised at how much easier of a spell this is than the magic missile. It's around the same amount of difficulty as the rock levitating spell.

Ruby is watching this the whole time with a bit of a detached interest, and after a few nudges of the small box Emerald attempts to move the one she is sitting on. He manages to make it slide a foot or too, bu then he collapses beside the box, breathing heavily.

"Is that it then?" Ruby asks, leaning over the side of the box to look at Emerald.

Emerald is about to respond when the kitchen door opens, revealing the cook.

"You, boy." The cook says, looking at Ruby.

"I am not a boy!" Ruby says indignantly, puffing out her cheeks.

The cook looks her over and says, "Fooled me. Anyway, you offered to help me cook right? Get in here."

Ruby who was looking quite angry before suddenly looks quite excited, and after giving Emerald a quick goodbye heads for the kitchen door.

Emerald is now alone, and after wiping the sweat from his brow sits up.

What does Emerald do?
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