You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-04-01 07:24:19 No. 26952063

Previous Thread:

>A cannonball busts through the side of the ship, and a few of the pirates as well as Ruby and Emerald are sent down to investigate the damage.
>After checking that the shot didn't cause any major damage, Emerald uses the opportunity to go onto the deck.
>The battle has gone onto the enemy deck, and Emerald sees Joyride firing spells.
>Emerald spots a pony doing suspicious things with a glowing green torch object, and shoots the sailor with a magic missile.
>He hits, the sailor shoots back, and Joyride downs the sailor.
>Emerald sticks around until the melee ends, and then is sent below.
>Ruby convinces Emerald to see what is happening on the other ship.
>Emerald sees the Captain talk about recruiting some people.
>The captain does, and a party to celebrate the successful raid happens.
>Emerald learns a little about the new recruit, sees some of the treasure they found, and then goes to bed.
>Emerald spends the next few days practicing with his knife and learning how to use a light spell.
>Emerald overhears the Captain and Joyride talking. Apparently they are being chased by three warships, and have to go through a undead infested strait to escape them.
>Emerald writes Sensoria and Hope a letter.

Continued next post...

2016-04-01 07:34:41 No. 26952182

Emerald goes to find Joyride.

He sees her on deck. She looks very focused, and is walking along the entirety of the rail, staring over the side and into the distance.

Emerald is sure she is trying to spot any undead, and he feels a little anxious about approaching her.

From behind him the new recruit walks by, and he heads directly for Joyride. Emerald gets closer, he kind of want to see what happens.

"Hey there, honey!" Quicksilver says, walking along beside her.

Joyride gives him a raised eyebrow, but returns the greeting normally.

"I don't suppose I could borrow a dress from you could I?" Quicksilver says, boldly.

"Oh?" Joyride replies, her eyebrows still raised.

"Sorry about being forward about it, but you are the only lady on the ship. I sorta met a guy here but he says he is straight. Can't say I believe him though, so I think I might try a little game of pretend." Quicksilver says with a sly grin.

"Oh~! I see!" Joyride says with a toothy smile. The two exchange knowing looks with each other, and Joyride says he'll show him some stuff later.

Quicksilver almost skips away, and Emerald feels a little better about approaching the unicorn now.

"Hey lil' perv. What's up." Joyride says, continuing her vigil around the borders of the ship.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-01 08:16:15 No. 26952638

Emerald asks if spikes on the railings would help against the undead if they were to attack.

"Possibly. They might get stuck on the pikes and damage themselves. It wouldn't do anything to dissuade them though. The undead are usually mindless and most don't feel pain." Joyride says, looking over the side of the ship again, "Plus I doubt we'd have the time to get the entire ship covered before we got through the strait."

Emerald asks what sort of undead she thinks might appear. Asking jokingly about undead whales.

"Don't laugh now, that's certainly a possibility. I don't know what we might face. I really don't have a clue. There are so many different creatures, constructs and combinations that could attack it's hard to counter." Joyride remarks, biting her lip.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-01 09:00:47 No. 26953089

Emerald asks if they have an escape plan.

"Of course. I like the Captain and Bo, but I ain't going down with the ship. Make sure your stuff is all packed, alright? We may need to bail at any moment." Joyride says, turning towards him, but not looking directly at the colt.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-01 09:49:09 No. 26953548

(Dang, I knew I should have waited... Maybe everything will catch up when the names go back to normal.)


Emerald nods, and hurries off to find Ruby. She is of course, in the kitchen. Emerald tells Ruby of the situation, and asks the chef if she can be excused. He gives a grunt and a nod, and the pair go downstairs and immediately begin packing their things.

Emerald can't decide where to put his bag. He thinks near the door might be the best bet, but having at the bed might be okay as well since they'll start passing through the strait around the time they'll be wanting to sleep.

Ruby sees Emerald paces back and forth, placing it at both places and makes a small chuckle. Embarrassed, Emerald decides to leave it by his bed. Ruby copies him, and then says she's going to go back up to the kitchen. Before she leaves she gives him a punch on the arm and says that everything will be okay.

Emerald then decides to go see if he can find the Captain or Bo to see if they can still avoid this path. Emerald finds Bo first, and after discussing it with him he confesses to Emerald that Joyride's reaction concerns him as well, but the Captain is the Captain, and what he says goes. Bo even tried chatting about it himself to his father, but he didn't relent.

Emerald tries to discuss things further, but Quicksilver comes up from the side and asks if he can speak with Bo for a moment, and they walk off. Emerald, a little curious because of the previous conversation the new recruit had with Joyride, tries to follow, but they just go to speak about some sort of actual business involving the replacement of some of the boards on the side of the ship where the cannonball hit.

Emerald goes back to his room and sits on his bed. Unsure of what to do. He is pretty sure he won't be able to do much to help, but he still has a few hours before the enter the strait.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-01 11:24:14 No. 26954346

(Last for the night.)

Emerald thinks about what the best way he could fight the undead could be. He unsheathes his Dagger of Subtlety and looks at it, swinging it around like there is a skeleton in front of him. He isn't sure how much good a dagger would do considering it sounds like they have to be smashed to pieces for the magic to wear out. Maybe he should find a hammer?

Emerald then puts his dagger back and thinks about some potions he could make... If he only had the components for them. He is sure he can't find most of them on the ship.

Emerald sighs, and his mind starts to wander. For some reason, it stops upon Bo, and Emerald wonders if Joyride would let him come along if the escaped the ship in the case of things going south. Emerald hops to his feet, and starts to walk around the ship, half of his thoughts on where good places to hide would be and the other half on trying to spot Bo.

After walking the ship a few times and not spotting the zebra, Emerald stops and asks one of the pirates if he's seen Bo.

"Think he went to go get something out of one of the storage rooms." The pirate replies, tapping his chin.

Emerald goes looking around, the closest storage area he can find, but just as he is about to turn the knob he hears Quicksilver's voice.

"Now now, I can see how much you are blushing, Bo... And that's not the only place where blood is rushing, is it?"

Emerald quickly peers through the keyhole and sees Bo on his back, with Quicksilver sitting just below his chest... And he's wearing a light blue sundress.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-02 09:45:18 No. 26966748

Emerald jiggles the doorknob loudly and asks if Bo is in there.

Emerald then opens the door to see an embarrassed looking Bo and a rather ruffled looking Quicksilver.

He is still wearing the dress.

Emerald asks what was going on, as if he didn't actually know.

"Uh... Err..." The zebra starts with a stammer, "Quicksilver was just um... Modeling one of the uh, dresses we got from the other ship for me! He's so silly, isn't he?"

Bo pats Quicksilver on the back, and he gives a rather humorless laugh.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-03 10:41:41 No. 26978756
All these beautiful colorings. I'd give you all blowjobs if I could.

Anyway, here is another possible ending for Emerald, though considering the path you have chosen I don't seem it very likely anymore.

Sorry it took me so long to do stuff today, I'll get at least one update out. Tomorrow I only have a few more errands to run, so it should be a bit more active.

2016-04-03 11:27:30 No. 26979156

(Sorry about only one update today. More tomorrow.)

Emerald gives an innocent giggle, and then comments that Quicksilver is silly, and that he looks quite nice in the dress.

Quicksilver gives an appreciative nod at Emerald, and then gives Bo a sly look. The zebra returns a nervous look back.

Emerald asks if he can show off some dresses as well.

"I-I don't think-" Bo starts, but Quicksilver cuts him off by saying,

"That's a wonderful idea!"

Quicksilver rushes over to Emerald, and after pulling him into the room and closing and locking the door, he shows Emerald the piles of dresses that he assumes Joyride gave to him.

Emerald slips one on, and strikes a pose in front of Bo, who just sits there rather dumbly. As Emerald switches clothes, he sees Quicksilver go into a sexy pose for a quick second, and to a regular one, and then to an erotic pose again.

Emerald has to admit he seems quite talented at this, and he attempts to copy Quicksilver's methods as he goes to get changed.

This cycle continues for a few minutes until Bo suddenly stands up and says, "I uh... I gotta go err... Help. Stuff."

Bo steps away, tripping over a box and then fumbling with the door before finally getting it open and quickly darting out, slamming the door behind him.

Emerald sees Quicksilver give a huff, and turning he sees a slightly angry look on his face. The look disappears as he looks down at Emerald and says,

"Well, wasn't that fun my dear? Best run along now, looks like our little fashion show is over."

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-04 11:56:42 No. 26983263

Emerald thanks Quicksilver for letting him join in on the "fashion show". He says that they should do it again some time, and that he hops he can teach him some moves.

Quicksilver chuckles, and waves Emerald off as he goes out the door looking for Bo. He finds Bo up on deck, frantically supervising some of the pirates do their work, much to their confusion and bemusement.

Emerald is a little hesitant to talk to Bo in front of others, so instead waits for him to finish up some duties. Emerald follows him back to the same store room that Quicksilver was in before, and Bo stop in front of it.

He puts a hoof on it, takes it off, puts it back on, and then slowly opens the door. After he glances inside he let's out a sigh of relief and enters. Emerald quickly follows, and sees Bo rearranging things inside the room and greets him.

Bo jumps and turns to the startled Colt.

"Oh! It's just you Emerald. What's up?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-04 01:47:24 No. 26984284

(Just this one, and then errands for a little bit. But not nearly as long as yesterday. I should actually be back pretty quick.)

Emerald, unsure of how to start, decides to broach the subject by asking if he can borrow a hammer.

"Of course, we got a spare in here somewhere I think..." Bo says, rifling through one of the nearby crates.

As he does so, Emerald hesitantly asks if he is okay with Quicksilver's advances.

"I don't know what you mean, he was just having a fashion-" Bo says, turning around to hand him a hammer, but then seeing Emerald's incredulous face and stopping.

"I don't know. I don't want to talk about it, alright?" Bo says. Emerald takes the hammer from Bo, and he closes up the crate.

Emerald mentions that Joyride has a plan to escape if something happens on the strait like she thinks it will, and urges heavily that he come.

"What? I'm not leaving my father behind, and he is certainly going down with the ship if something does come up. And don't try to argue with me on that point." Bo says, holding up a hoof as Emerald opens his mouth, "His my only family. I'm sticking with him."

Emerald grimaces.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-04 06:43:15 No. 26987453

Emerald tells the zebra that he doesn't want him to die, and that he should come with them. He is one of the nicer people he's met, and that means a lot. If he dies then they'll never see each other again. He asks that he at least think about it a little bit more than he did.

Emerald tries to be understanding, and not to be emotional or cry, but he thinks these things come out anyway. Bo looks extremely uncomfortable and says,

"I'll... I'll try, Emerald."

Emerald wipes his nose and his eyes, and then asks if there is anything he can do to help prepare when something happens.

"It's not like we aren't doing anything to prepare. We are checking our weapons, and our scouts and lookouts are on full alert. There isn't much more you can do, I think, besides keep watch as well." Bo says, patting Emerald on the head.

Emerald clutches the hammer he has and holds back some sobs, and Bo strokes his hair once more before walking out the door.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-04 07:12:49 No. 26987857

(Last for the thread! Dang, that was fast. Must have been all that fan art! Might try to get another future Emerald possibility up just for the fun of it though. I really want to do some of the more fun ones, but those would be TOO spoilery.)

Emerald suddenly feels rather tired after that emotional display, and decides to go take a nap. It's probably a good idea anyway since they'll be going through most of the strait at night.

While he lays in his cot he wonders if he was being selfish by asking Bo to come with him. Did he do it for Bo, or for himself? While pondering this, Emerald falls into an uneasy sleep.


Emerald sits bolt upright, and awake for some reason. The colt looks around the room, but nothing seems to be out of place, he isn't sure what woke him up.

What does Emerald do?
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