You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-04-06 08:06:01 No. 27006905


>Emerald discusses what to do with Joyride in case of an undead attack.
>She tells him to hide, and to pack his things in case they need to make an emergency escape.
>Emerald does so, and goes to look for Bo to see if he'll come too if they have to abandon ship.
>OP posts a bunch of future Emeralds and derails the thread for a bit.
>Emerald catches Quicksilver trying to seduce Bo, and bursts in to stop it.
>Emerald and Quicksilver have a fashion contest, and Bo gets away.
>Emerald finds Bo again, but he says he is going to stick with his father.
>Emerald begs him to reconsider, and even cries a little.
>Emerald goes to bed for a bit.
>Emerald wakes up.

Continued next post...

2016-04-06 08:12:16 No. 27006963

Emerald glances around the room. The room is empty except for him, and there are only the normal sounds of the creaking of the boat, clopping of hooves, and the occasional voice from up above. Emerald steps out of bed, and cradling his focus, opens his door and peaks out of it.

There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, and Emerald's mind is put at ease when he sees a pair of pirates walk from out of the storage area, talking about how the food is awful and they hope they get to port soon.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-06 08:41:09 No. 27007181

Emerald goes back into the room and quickly picks up the hammer he borrowed, as well as puts his hair up with the bandanna again.

Fully equipped, Emerald decides to go find Joyride, Bo, The Captain, Quicksilver, or anyone else he can that could tell him if anything is going on.

Emerald goes on deck and sees that it's around dusk. The sun is just barely setting, and it's showing enough light to see the black inky blobs that are Hollowmarsh and it's island.

Emerald spots Joyride still doing her rounds about the ship and approaches her.

"Hey lil' Perv, what's up?" Joyride says, as he greets her.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-06 09:19:29 No. 27007538

Emerald says he woke up for some reason. He wonders if there was a loud noise or something that might have woken him.

"Not that I heard..." Joyride says, glancing out at the water again, "Hmm..."

Emerald waits a second since she seems in thought, and then asks if there were any preparations made if something attacks. He notices it's a little dark, perhaps lights? Maybe spikes and explosives for the undead?

"Well, explosives on a wooden ship are no good, but we do have a lighting system set up in case something happens. We don't light up everything if we can avoid it. It'll make us stick out like a lighthouse. The wheelpony can guide by the stars well enough that we shouldn't worry about making landfall." Joyride remarks.

Emerald asks where Ruby is.

"Think I saw her down below, helping prepare dinner." Joyride says offhand, looking out at the water again.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-06 10:23:20 No. 27008135

Emerald asks how much of the ship will be lit up.

"Ah, well we got it from bow to stern, and even up on the crow's nest has some-" Joyride says, but Emerald stops listening. Something... Rises out of the water behind Joyride. It's so silent that the unicorn doesn't even turn around.

If Emerald had to name what it was, he'd say it was a squid, but it is unlike any squid he has ever heard or read about.

It's body is made of what looks like two giant green watter-logged rib cages fused and grafted together with large plates of rusted red iron. Between a few of the larger ribs are several glowing red eyes. Seemingly attached to the body under the water are four large sharpened bone tentacles topped with drills. They snake and whip around slowly.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-06 10:54:17 No. 27008441

(Last for the night.)

Emerald screams and yells monster, causing Joyride to whip her head around to face it. She dives for Emerald, and after grabbing onto him forces out some sort of greenish transparent shield around the pair of them.

Just in time too, as one of the tentacles slams around against the shielding, bouncing off, but raking against it and throwing magical multicolored sparks into the air.

The other tentacles hit the deck, sawing and into it and grabbing on. Causing a horrible cracking noise to resound without, alerting everyone to the presence of the creature.

There is a bright flash, and Emerald suddenly finds himself near the bow of the ship away from the creature. He only has time to look around confused before Joyride leaps into action against the horrible construct, firing spells at it, most of which seem to be bouncing off.

The lights Joyride spoke of earlier flare up, revealing many of the pirates on or running to the deck. Emerald even sees Ruby among them.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-07 07:59:00 No. 27016196
Okay, gotta help my friend... Sorry, hopefully I'll get home early enough to do a few updates.

Here, have another alternate Emerald.

2016-04-08 08:33:26 No. 27025296

Emerald runs over to Ruby as the tentacles lash out again at the pirates gathered on board. To their credit, most jump out of the way or otherwise block or dodge the attack. The few though are slammed to the floor and raked across their backs by the saw-like tentacles.

The colt drags Ruby down the stairs, but suddenly stops at the second floor. He realizes that the cannons would likely do a fair amount of damage to that monstrosity.

The pair peak into the cannon room and see that they weren't the only ones with that idea. There are a pair of pirates down here, reading the cannons.

"It's leaning up against the ship!" one of the says, "I can't get the gunport open!"

"Forget the gunport, just fire it through the wall!" The other pirate responds.

The pair go behind the cannons to push them into position, but as they do the ship lurches suddenly, causing one pirate to fly backwards and bump his head against the crates, and it knocks him out.

The other lands on top of the metal grate in the center of the cannon room. He doesn't get up either, and Emerald thinks he probably got a pretty bad injury considering his face seems to be bleeding a little.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-08 09:50:15 No. 27025826

Emerald leaps into action, getting behind the cannons and attempting to push them into position. Ruby joins him less than a second later and pushes as well. The movement is slow going, until Emerald realizes he should probably just use his magic.

He uses his push spell, and though it's still a struggle, they get the two cannons in place that the pirates were operating.

>Int check
>Rolled 2, passed

Emerald remembers what the pirate told him about loading the cannons, and Ruby seems to grasp the concept herself as well. The cannons are loaded, and after taking refuge slightly away from the artillery, Emerald latches his focus underneath his knife belt and fires the cannons.

The side of the ship splinters open as the cannonballs fly through, throwing wood, bone, and tiny chunks of metal into the room. There is clear opening through the wall that Emerald can see the monster through. The cannonballs gave the monster two new holes, and it writes and shakes.

Suddenly a scream sliced with an eerily low moan fills the air. The sound is so otherwordly, loud, and sorrowful that the foals can't help but to cover their ears over the noise.

Two tentacles flail randomly through the new hole in the wall, knocking one cannon aside and the other through the lattice hole in the center of the room. Emerald ducks under one of the tentacles, but Ruby is lifted off of her feet as it tosses her over some crates near the corner of the room.

Emerald has only a few moments to cry the young fillies name before the tentacle pulls back out, causing the flat surface of the drill bit mechanism to catch onto the colt and throw him out of the ship.

He is knocked out before he is even plunged into the icy cold water of the strait...

2016-04-08 10:24:01 No. 27026069

Emerald suddenly snaps awake, his head spinning. It's day, and he finds himself lying face down in the sand. Emerald tries to get back on all fours, but just as he pushes himself up he suddenly retches and throws up quite a bit of sea water.

Emerald groggily steps out of the tide and onto the rocky shore. Scanning the water he sees no sign of either the boat, the monster, or any debris from either. What happened? Did everyone die? Did they survive?

Emerald takes a better look of the area around him. Using the sun as a guide, he guesses the shore continues northwest-ish, and southeast-ish for a ways before turning into sheer cliffs, and to his west and southwest are a dense forest.

Emerald takes a look at the forest from his seat on the shore. They are indeed brown trunked and green leaved, but the colors seem oddly darker than they should be considering the time of day.

Emerald feels his stomach rumble. He doesn't exactly feel hungry, but he realizes he hasn't eaten since essentially yesterday morning. Also, he feels a bit dehydrated.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-08 10:57:17 No. 27026295

(Last for the night.)

>Perception Check
>Rolled 3, passed

Emerald does his ponytail back up and checks his belongings. All he has on him is his knife of subtlety and his focus. Oh, and the bandanna around his head. He supposes it could be worse, but not by much.

Emerald looks up towards the ground between him and the forest, and spies some short, black grass. It looks like regular grass but... Withered. He nibbles on it a little of it. It's incredibly bitter and tastes like ash, and after a few bites Emerald can't bring himself to eat more. Emerald then takes to walking along the show looking for debris from the monster or the ship. Much like before he sees nothing that would indicate the ship sunk or the monster died.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-09 08:50:52 No. 27037733

Emerald decides to try and find out where he is by heading up atop one of the nearby cliffs to see if he can get a better view. If he's lucky, he'll find water along the way, and maybe some idea of what happened to the pirate ship and the monster.

Emerald skirts along the shore side, only entering the edge of the forest when he needs to. He doesn't like the feeling of it.

It takes him a little less than half an hour to walk atop the small cliff, and he even spots a snag that he climbs up a bit to improve his view even more.

Emerald can see that he is on the mainland, with the island to his northeast. The forest is so huge and dense that it's all he can see for miles. However he does so what appears to be some sort of village sticking out of the top of the canopy.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-09 09:28:24 No. 27038036

Emerald takes one last glance at the strait in hopes he might see something, but there is nothing but icy cold sea water.

>Int Check
>Rolled 4, passed.

Emerald thinks about his position at the moment, and takes another good look at the only landmark he can really spot... The village in the distance.

It's probably a good hour or two walk into the forest, but even from here he can tell that something seems a bit off by it. There appears to be some sort of tower in the center that is either being built, being destroyed, or derelict. What's more, Emerald doesn't spot any sort of commotion or activity that might indicate habitation, such as smoke from chimneys.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-09 10:19:47 No. 27038436

>Int Check
>Rolled 5, Passed

Emerald hops down from the tree and looks around for a branch he can maybe use as a weapon. There doesn't seem to be anything large enough for him to use, so he looks around at the trees for a branch he may be able to use.

Finding a suitable one on a snag he pulls and tugs on it until it comes off. He then uses his knife to knock a sort of half-splint into the wood. He then looks for a resonably sized rock on the ground and pounds it in between the Y-shaped piece of wood and quickly ties it together as hard as he can with his bandanna.

He doubts that they weapon will be useful for more than a few swings, but it's better than trying to take down an undead with pretty much no weapon at all, right?

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-09 11:07:30 No. 27038778

(Last for the night.)

Emerald decides to head towards the village. It's the only hope he has of finding someone who could help, or even perhaps supplies or water.

Gingerly, Emerald enters the forest. He takes two steps in and already it's unnaturally dark, almost pitch black. The best the colt can see are vague outlines of bushes and trunks, and he stumbles constantly.

Even worse, it's deathly quiet. There are no animals pattering on the ground, no birds in the trees... Heck, the branches aren't even swaying in the wind.

It's a little disorienting, and Emerald isn't even sure if he is still heading in the right direction.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-10 12:32:40 No. 27042793

(One or two updates before errands, I think.)

Emerald thinks about using his light spell to brighten the forest, but then decides not too. He feels like the little fire he generates will probably be a beacon for anything waiting in the shadows that might want to attack him. Instead he looks around for any indication of where he might be.

>Perception Check
>Rolled 3, Passed

Emerald looks up into the treetops, hoping he can spot the sun. The canopy is too thick, but he gets another idea and finds a suitable tree to climb. Once atop it, he spies the roofs and tower of the village a little to his right. He was indeed going of course, it's a good thing he checked.

Emerald begins to walk the direction of the village, stopping a few more times to get his bearings. All the while, the forest remains it's silent, creepy self. He thinks he hears the crack of a twig or the rushing of a passing creature, but he thinks it might just be his nerves getting to him.

Taking a bit longer than Emerald would have liked, he finally gets to the outskirts of the village. It certainly is worn down. There isn't a house he can't see that isn't overgrown with plants, missing shingles, or incredibly dirty and he tower seems to be in an even worse state. It seems to have mostly crumbled apart. The forest hasn't reclaimed the ground yet, but the grass is thick with weeds and debris.

Worse yet, even here it's quiet.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-10 01:11:14 No. 27043093

Emerald does his best to survey the town from his position. He doesn't want to spend too much time on the outskirts with a potential safe place right in front of him.

He sees what looks like an outpost or a look out tower. It might give him a better view of things, but considering how rundown everything is and how it's made of wood perhaps it's not too safe.

Near the lookout tower is also a well. Good, he was getting thirsty!

Emerald also sees a building with a very large steeple. What could be the purpose of that?

There is a farm nearby as well. Maybe there is something edible growing there? Emerald stomach growls again.

Other than that there are a random assortment of buildings, as well as the broken tower looming in the center of the village.

Emerald wishes he had his backpack with him... Would have been nice to get some communications out. Speaking of which, why hasn't anyone written him yet? Last time Emerald got separated from Joyride during the dragon fight that's one of the first things he woke up too. Maybe they don't know he is missing? Maybe something happened to them?

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-10 10:44:32 No. 27049052

Emerald cautiously steps out of the forest and looks around. There doesn't seem to be anything in the village that he can see, and he carefully makes his way over to the well.

Emerald looks down it and sees inky blackness. He drops a rock, and it makes a sound like hitting water.

Emerald lowers the bucket down into the well, and slowly drags it back up.

Hoisting the bucket onto the lip of the well he examines it.

It doesn't look dirty or otherwise tampered with. It doesn't smell funny either. Emerald gingerly takes a sip, and it tastes fine. Still, the whole place seems off so he only takes a few small mouthfuls. If it's really okay he can always come back.

Next Emerald tackles the outpost. Emerald steps onto the ladder going up, and though it creaks, it seems solid enough. He climbs to the top. He peers out of all sides of it, but all he can see is forest and to the east the water.

Emerald takes a better look of the outpost. There are some rotting pieces of furniture here, as well as some papers that are so weather-worn that the pony can no longer read them.

Emerald wonders if maybe he can set a fire to send up smoke. Maybe that would attract some attention. Hopefully only the good kind though.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-10 11:21:30 No. 27049432

(Alright, last for the thread. Anyone got any questions?)

Emerald looks at the ladder to see if he can perhaps pull it up to give himself a safe space for the night. It seems attached to the outpost, but the braces are heavy rusted and Emerald thinks he could probably pull them out of the rotted wood if he tried hard enough.

For now though, Emerald leaves the ladder where it is and climbs down, heading over to the farm. To his surprise, he sees plants growing in the small weed infested field and goes to investigate.

There are vegetables here but... They are a bit off. It looks like it's mostly corn, but there is what appears to be tomatoes and zucchini as well. However the stalks of the vegetables are oddly shriveled and the vegetables themselves are slightly dessicated and a midnight shade of black.

Emerald's stomach grumbles.

What does Emerald do?
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