You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-04-23 07:22:28 No. 27171621
So the last one didn't last very long... Let's do this right! Also, this is the last thread before I take a little leave of absence so I can move and get settled in.

Previous Thread:

>Emerald walks up the spiral staircase to see a corpse sitting at a chair.
>The corpse turns out to be alive, and rings an alarm.
>Emerald flees to the outpost, and sees undead rise from the ground, as well as a much larger horned, clawed, and scorpion tailed construct.
>Emerald hides from them for a while before making a break for the forest.
>It's dark, and Emerald ends up lost. He eventually uses his light spell and reveals a monster following him.
>Emerald flees.

Continued in the next post...

2016-04-23 07:30:10 No. 27171692
Emerald continues down the path with the stream. He doesn't want to go near that cave. It might be the monsters home.

Emerald continues on for a while along the silent stream, making sure to look around and watch for any more of those things...

Between his lack of food and the lateness of the night Emerald finds himself very tired.

He needs to find a place to rest, but all that's around is the stream, the forest, and some hills.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-23 08:04:35 No. 27171988

Not very far. A week maybe? Two? I'm not sure exactly.


>Body Check
>Rolled 3, Failed

>Will Check
>Rolled 2, Failed

Emerald tries his best to stay awake, but the body is weary and the mind is unwilling. He trudges along, trying his best to keep his eyes open.

Emerald splashes some water on his face, and takes a nibble from the corn in his backpack. It helps a little he supposes, but he feels like he is going to pass out.

Emerald walks a few more minutes and finally sits down for a quick rest.

Emerald looks around. There is still the hill and the forest, but he thinks he sees a path to a small clearing ahead.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-23 08:41:33 No. 27172382

Emerald looks around for a suitable place to crash and hopefully be hidden from view. He sees a large nearby bush. Emerald crawls underneath it and digs out a little place he can sleep for the moment.


"-there right? I don't see anything" a voice whispers, causing Emerald to open his eyes in fear.

He isn't sure how long he rested, but he does feel a bit better than before.

"Well it must be. Can you sense any other living things are in this forest?" a voice says back, "Call the Lady."

Emerald carefully pushes a few leaves aside to look out. He sees two Undead standing slightly back and looking at the bush.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-23 09:20:23 No. 27172710

Emerald attempts to make animal noises to fool the two undead.

"The heck is that...? A squirrel?" One of the undead asks.

"Of course not. Can't you sense how big it is? It's a pony. I think anyway." The other undead.

Emerald throws caution to the wind and stands up, casting his push spell to knock the undead away.

They fall to the ground and Emerald runs to the clearing, hoping to find something to help him escape the forces that are after him.

however as he runs his vision starts to go spotty and fade away, and the last thing he sees is himself tumbling to the ground as two withered looking ponies and a giant, skeleton like creature approach...


Emerald wakes up. He groggily tries to get to his hooves, but he notices they are all connected to chains. He appears to be trapped to a wall.

"Ah, you are awake." something says.

Emerald looks around, and sees a robed creature wearing a horned mask. His robe is badly tattered, and Emerald can see the dessicated look on his front legs. His frotn legs also seem to hold gauntlets with weird attachements coming off the end of them, one of them clawed.

"Now. Tell me what you are doing here, intruder." The masked pony says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-23 10:04:09 No. 27173052

Emerald says that he was stranded after being thrown off his boat, and that he doesn't even really know where he is. He mentions that he is only looking for a nearby port city.

"Ah, so you were with those intruders who destroyed my Kraken. I see. So what is with the colt disguise? And why steal my holy book if that is all you are. I can sense your anti-magic properties, and something even I don't recognize. You better be truthful to me, whelp, it's the only way you leave here with just a peaceful death." The masked pony says.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Lady Elegance sitting in a corner, gazing at him suspiciously as possible with a skull face.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-24 09:24:24 No. 27176467

Emerald moves his back leg a little to see if he still has his Knife of Subtlety. He can still feel it, so clearly they didn't take it from him like they did his bag... Or he supposes it's technically their bag. Emerald also notices they didn't take his amulet, though that is probably not for a lack of trying.

Emerald tries to explain that he is just a colt with a very unlucky streak, that he was on the boat that the 'Kraken' attacked and that he got flung off into the water. He ended up wandering the forest for a while and then came to this village. He didn't even know the village was still occupied, and he took the book because he wanted to read it. It looked interesting. He makes it clear that he didn't however, because the book tried to call out to him and it freaked him out. In addition he says that undead coming after him would freak anyone out, so of course he ran. Also, if he was in some sort of magical disguise how could he do that if he was currently anti-magic?

While he says this Emerald starts to tear up and sob. he can't help it, but in the back of his mind he hopes that maybe it'll buy him some sympathy. He cries that he doesn't want to die.

"There are a few ways to disguise oneself without magi. Potions chief among them. And I'm not going to rule out that you are harmless quite yet. We found a focus among your belongings, and the powerful anti-magic field around you concerns me. I am quite adept at magic, intruder, and not even I can figure out how to overcome it. Whatever that locket is, it has been powerfully enchanted." The masked pony says. He then shifts a little and continues, "Why was the boat you were on crossing through my territory in the first place?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-24 10:50:50 No. 27177086

Emerald says that the captain of the ship was trying to escape the Navy by going through the strait because three warships were waiting on the other route.

The pony taps his mask in thought. Emerald waits a few moments and then asks what happened to all the ponies in the village.

Lady Elegance springs up as high as she can go in the small room and says, "Master Sepulcher will be asking the questions, prisoner!"

Emerald cowers, and the masked pony raises a shriveled hoof.

The undead construct relents, and goes back to her corner.

"And why was that ship running from the Navy?" The pony named Sepulcher asks.

Emerald says they were running because they stole some war booty back from them. Zebra artifacts that didn't belong to them.

"So, Pirates then." The pnoy says as his eyes glow brighter and he shifts his half-spear, half-scepter to his other shoulder, "And what was a colt doing on a pirate ship?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-24 11:34:56 No. 27177468

Emerald says that his Mistress dragged him along and that her name is Joyride and that if she ever finds out what happened here she'll be really mad and destroy them.

"Joyride?" Lady Elegance says. The undead doesn't have any eyes, but Emerald can almost sense that if she had any they would be sparkling right now.

Sepulcher puts one of his clawed, mechanical hooves to his face and sighs.

After a few seconds the pony in front of Emerald says, "Do you have any proof of this, intruder?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-24 10:40:33 No. 27183755

(See ya guys tomorrow.)

Emerald thinks on it a moment, and then says he isn't sure how he can do that, and asks what he is looking for.

"Okay, let's start with the easiest one. What does she look like?" Lord Sepulcher says, still not letting his hoof away from his mask.

Emerald describes her mane and fur color, the fact that she is a unicorn, her cutie mark, the droop in her eyes as well as the seeming lack of an iris, and her clothes.

As he speaks he notices Lady Elegance skulk closer excitedly. The masked pony notices this too, but does his best to ignore it.

"Okay, and what is she like?"

Emerald bits his lip, trying to think of a proper way to describe Joyride's personality. He settles on... Unique, and begins to try and explain, but Lord Sepulcher holds up a hoof and says,

"Don't worry, I understand you completely child."

Lady Elegance is right up beside her master. But he keeps ignoring her and sighs into his hoof again.

"My lord... I-it certainly sounds like this child knows Miss Joyride." The construct says carefully, but with a bit of excitement in her voice.

"All of these things he could have known just by meeting her. As he says, she is a very... Unique individual." Sepulcher says, and after a few seconds he points one of his clawed gauntlets at the colt and says, " Alright. Tell me something secret about Joyride. Something that only someone who knows her really well could know."

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 11:26:50 No. 27187110

Emerald mentions her long life, as well as the many partners she has traveled with, though she doesn't mention anyone by name (specifically Sunshine Sea). Emerald also mentions her chemical dependency, inability to have children, and trouble reaching... You know.

Emerald says this last line with a blush, and Lady Elegance grabs Lord Sepulcher by the shoulders and jostles him a little. The lord smacks her hands away and says,

"Yes, yes alright. I'll contact her."

Lady Elegance gives a surprisingly girly squeal and dashes off, gouging great holes in the ground with her claws and tail. Sepulcher shakes his head at this and gives one final sigh. Sepulcher gives a snap using the claws on his gauntlet, causing the shackles to fall off Emerald. Emerald sits there silently as the undead lord removes his gauntlets and places his glaive down, only for the construct to come barreling back in carrying a parchment, quill, and a burlap bag.

The lord scrawls something quickly, and then dumps the contents of the burlap back onto the floor. It's the bones of many tiny creatures, and after whispering a few quick words over them they spring up into a snake-like winged creature with a very small pony-like head.

"To Joyride." He says, and the thing flies away so fast that Emerald sees only a blur.

After watching it go, Sepulcher looks at Emerald, then at the Lady, and then back to Emerald again.

"So... Err... What are kids up to these days?" He says awkwardly.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 12:04:52 No. 27187391

Emerald shrugs. Come to think of it, he isn't sure what ponies his age do for fun. He likes to read. That's fun. He is also being taught magic by Joyride, and she is a pretty good teacher, he thinks. It's not like he's learned magic from anyone else, but he thinks so.

"Ah, I see." Sepulcher says with a nod, but no other comment.

After a few seconds of silence Emerald asks What it's like being Undead and if they can still feel anything.

"I honestly can't really remember. I've been dead way longer than I was alive. I feel mostly the same I guess? I don't really get hungry or fatigued, but I don't even remember what that feels like." Sepulcher says. He looks to Lady Elegance, and she just shrugs her shoulders.

Emerald asks how they became Undead.

"Long story short? I wanted to cheat death and conquer my enemies so I became a Lich." Sepulcher says with a chuckle, "What a fool I was. The Lady here was one of my trusted captains who I had turned after she expressed interest in it."

Emerald asks about the vampire pony in the basement of the church.

"Vampire? No, he's just another undead vassal of mine. The priest of my church, and a very good friend."

Emerald asks if that book has to do with his church.

"Yes, it's my holy book of sorts. You are lucky you didn't read it child. It very likely would have possessed your body and eaten your soul." Sepulcher says with another chuckle.

Emerald asks if they are visited often.

"Most people know not to enter my forest. Only the foolish do now, seeking treasure or glory. There is none of that here. Only bleak, lonely death." Sepulcher then leans over to Lady Elegance and says, "Do children always ask so many questions...?"

The Lady giggles.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 12:51:39 No. 27187761

Emerald asks what the mask is for, and if he can take it off.

"I could child, but it might kill you."

Emerald gives a laugh at this joke, but Sepulcher just looks back at the colt. M-maybe he wasn't kidding?

Emerald switches the subject and thanks them for not eating him, and hopes that they'll let him go.

"Yes yes, I'll have someone walk you out of the forest when-"

"Lord! Perhaps we should have Miss Joyride come visit? It's been so long since we've seen her." The Lady says, tapping her claws together.

"For good reason." Sepulcher says, putting a hoof to his face again.

Emerald asks how they know Joyride.

"She was once my student. One of the few necromancers I took in. Most of the rest of my army were barbaric raiders and various kinds of undead. She showed much potential." The Lich says.

Emerald asks if he has a lot of undead here, and if he turns the people he kills into undead for his army.

"I don't have my army anymore, little one. I'm passed that point in my un-life. All that are left here are the ones who wanted to stay after I gave up my conquest. True, I don't let the dead bodies of intruders go to waste but... I'd rather not mention what I do with them to a child."

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 01:41:48 No. 27188107

(Alright errands time. Be back later.)

Emerald is about to ask a question, but then his stomach gives a big rumble. The colt instead asks if they have any food for a living person here.

The two undead look at each other, and the lich says, "Hmm... Well the water should be fine here. We have grass, I guess. That's about it."

"You have that apple, sire." Elegance points out.

"You mean the poison one?" Sepulcher says with a chuckle.

"Hmm, well, maybe there is something in the forest? I think the shamblers are made out of meat, aren't they? Wait, ponies don't eat meat..." The lady says to herself.

"How about that hobby farm Gregarious has?" The lich comments.

"You mean with all those shriveled black vegetables? I guess it's better than nothing..." The lady says, wandering out the door and towards what Emerald assumes is the farm in the village.

Emerald asks if they would have turned him into an Undead.

"Well, yes and no. I don't make any more thralls like I have in the village. You would have become one of my emergency weapons. Essentially a body connected to a defense system for use against enemies of my village." Sepulcher says, scratching his mask's chin.

Emerald gulps involuntarily, and then apologizes for knocking over the guy in the bell tower and stealing their book. He really didn't mean any harm.

"It's fine, child. We have it back, no lasting harm done."

Emerald asks if he has many students, and if maybe he could teach him some magic while he waits for Joyride.

"I no longer have students, no. They left me long ago, and I have made no effort to get any more. As for magic..." Sepulcher says, looking Emerald in the eye, "I must admit to being a little apprehensive about teaching a child the dark art of necromancy."

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 07:14:47 No. 27191001

Emerald says that he just wants to expose himself to as many different kinds of magic as possible, even if that means necromancy. He has to learn as much about magic himself, though he is careful not to mention why.

Lord Sepulcher sighs again and says, "Alright, I guess a quick parlor trick wouldn't hurt, come here boy."

The pony walks towards the door that Lady Elegance left out of, which leads to a room similar to the one he was in, but with a small table and a chair. There is large staircase leading upwards nearby. In addition, there is another door here at the base of the stairs.

Lord Sepulcher takes out a thigh bone, and places it on the table. He then mutters some words over it and it starts to flow like liquid, solidifying into a small statue of a pony.

Emerald claps at that. It was pretty neat!

"Bone shaping is one of the primary skills a necromancer needs to know, though in reality nature has done most of the hard work for us. Depending on your needs, the bones that creatures already have are already good enough." Sepulcher then rotates his hoof in the air, and instantly a cloud of buzzing flies forms, swirling all around them in a tornado.

"This one is fun at parties." Sepulcher says, and though he says it in his same tone of voice and his mask renders him expression-less, Emerald is quite sure he'd be smirking.

"So which one is it, child. I'll teach you one to play around with and then I have to get back to work."

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 08:27:24 No. 27191703

Emerald picks Bone Shaping.

"Alright. So first a few things you should know. It works on any sort of bone, but the more unfamiliar you are with the type of creature the bone came from the harder it will be. Also, you can't shape the bones of anything living or un-living. You can use the same bone as much as you want, but after a while it will make the bones brittle.

Sepulcher gives him his focus back, and shows Emerald the basics of doing bone shaping. Emerald picks it up after about a half an hour. Emerald tries to make a statue like the Lich did, but his isn't nearly so detailed, nor did he do it particularly fast. At the end, Sepulcher pulls another bag closer to him telekinetically and pours out some bones for him to play with.

"Okay, I'm going to go work. Play nice now."

Emerald looks at the bones in front of him. Looks like a leg bone, two ribs, some teeth, and a circular bone that Emerald isn't sure of.

There is some heaving stomps coming down the stairs, and Emerald turns around to see Lady Elegance there holding some food in her claws.

"Gregarious tried to cook some of these for you. I apologize if it is not to your liking." She says, clumsily placing the cooked corn down on the table.

Emerald takes a bite. It does taste... Marginally better.

Emerald thinks about what he might do with these bones. The colt also notices that the Lady is watching him.

"So... Um... How is Joyride?" She asks.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 09:03:24 No. 27192021

>INT Check
>Rolled 4, passed

Emerald can tell that these are indeed pony bones... He isn't sure he wants to know where they came from.

Emerald mentions that he thinks she is fine. As far as he knows anyway she is. She seemed a bit nervous coming through the strait.

"Ah, that's probably because she didn't know we were here. The master and I only moved up this way a few generations back. We used to be on the west side of the continent..." Lady Elegance says, a little unsure.

As he speaks, Emerald picks up one of them and starts to try to shape it into a statue of Ruby, but he can't get the details quite right. Upon trying to do her hair Emerald realizes he might be able to make a weapon out of these bones.

Emerald picks up the tibia and attempts to flatten it and give it a sharp edge and a grip. In the end it looks like a dagger, but it's a bit too dull and a little warped. He's sure he could get it with enough practice though.

Emerald sees the construct watching, and slowly rises up and boops her on the nose. The lady seems confused by this, but doesn't seem to mind.

What does Emerald do?

2016-04-25 09:37:41 No. 27192328

(Alrighty, last update for the thread. I'll see you guys in a week or two. Shall we have some Q&A now?)

Emerald tries to make some simpler shapes out of the bones. He makes a pyramid and a sphere pretty easy, but they aren't entirely smooth. Next he tries to make a simple shiv out of the bones. He certainly does it faster than he did the knife, but the quality isn't that much better. He guesses he just needs practice.

Emerald asks what the undead do to entertain themselves here.

"Oh, whatever suits them. Chat, gamble, walk the forest, experiment, maintain the church... Gregarious has that hobby farm! Oh, and help master with his work of course."

Emerald asks how long the flying snake thing will take to get to Joyride.

"Perhaps a half a day. The things are quite quick. If we are lucky, Joyride will be here in a day and a half or so! We aren't too far from the Port."

Emerald fiddles with the bones for a second, and then remarks how sudden this whole change was. A second ago they were out to kill him and now they are all chill.

"Well, you must understand child. When you are undead you are pretty much unwanted anywhere by anyone. I'm not going to say the Lord doesn't deserve the hate he receives, but it certainly makes it difficult for him to start anew."

Emerald asks if they would have really made him into an undead, and asks her if she was a chimera when she was alive, and what it is like being a lich.

"Yes, I've seen master transform intruders many times before... As for what I was before master granted me this wonderful new body, I was a zombie pony, and before that a regular pony. I'm no lich, though. Just an undead construct!" The lady says happily.

What does Emerald do?
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