You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-05-27 08:02:26 No. 27482270


>Emerald decides to learn the dweomeric shield spell.
>After asking for Lady Elegance's help to learn the spell, Emerald chats with her a bit and learns about her past.
>Emerald then decides to take a tour of the church, finding Gregarious again.
>After they speak for a bit, Gregarious mentions the demon in the holy book that Lord Sepulcher mentioned before.
>Gregarious offers to introduce Emerald.
>The demon's name is Pipadeaxkor, and she seems to know about the demon inside his amulet. Emerald is curious about this information.
>She tries to make bargains with Emerald.
>Gregarious forestalls this, and while the zombie and Emerald leave the demon whispers to the colt, telling him that she'll offer information for freedom from the town.
>Emerald climbs the tower and talks to the zombie he startled before, who's name is Dead Eye.
>Emerald dicks around for a while, and then goes to bed before realizing he could probably speak to Pip again.

Continued next post...

2016-05-27 08:37:51 No. 27482615

Emerald carefully gets out of his makeshift blankets and creeps over to the office behind the podium.

He looks among the shelves for a moment before he hears a whispering, slightly muffled voice.

"I sense something living out there. Is that you, little one?" Pip says.

Emerald says quietly back that it is.

"Well, let's get out of here!" The demon says.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-27 09:07:38 No. 27482910

Emerald suddenly realizes something, and asks Pip why she didn't speak to him before when he had the book.

"Ha ha..." The demon starts a bit nervous, "Well you see, you seemed to be trying to find the key of your own accord. So you were helping me out already! No need to surprise you with the fact that I was in here, right? Just a few quick nudges from me was all you needed!"

Emerald squints his eyes, and then realizing that she probably can't see that says that he'll see what he can do after he gets the information she knows about the demon in his amulet.

"What? No way! What reason would you have to get me out of here if I told you everything?" Pipadeaxkor whines.

Emerald sighs, and then asks if there is some where more private they might be able to chat.

"What, you mean without zombies wandering around? Probably not. Whoever takes watch after Dead Eye will be in the tower, and I can't be certain Gregarious won't hear or see us in any of the other rooms in the church. I know for a fact he'll be able to at least sense you if he gets close enough."

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-27 10:14:59 No. 27483523

Emerald says the deal is off then, and starts to walk towards the door.

"H-hey! Wait!" He hears her whisper loudly, "Come on... Don't leave me here!"

Emerald turns his head back towards the bookshelf and asks why she wants to get away so bad if she joined Lord Sepulcher of her own accord.

"Because he made it sound like people would try and take the book and I'd get a good meal of souls! You know how many ponies have actually made it to the city? Like... Three not including you, and they didn't get anywhere near this book!" Pip says in a legitimate angry yell, "I was duped! This isn't fair!"

Emerald says that he couldn't release her even if he wanted too. The key is around Gregarious' neck and he doubts he'll be able to get it a second time.

"So what? Just bash the locks off with a rock once we get away! They aren't magical or anything! Once I get out of this book I can burn it and then my contract is finished!"

Emerald says that she'll probably burn the book and everything else along with it.

"Well, I mean... I guess we could make a deal if you want! You can let me go and I'll tell you everything you wanted to know plus I'll just return to the void and get back to my merry business there! How's that?" The demon says hopefully.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-27 11:13:28 No. 27484037

(Last for the night.)

Emerald asks if she knows Joyride.

"Joyride... Joyride... Hmm, sounds familiar, but I don't think I've ever met'em no!" Pipadeaxkor says happily.

Emerald says that he can't burn the book, or anything else in the village for that matter.

"But if I can't burn the book then the contract still stands!"

>Int Check
>Rolled 3, passed

Emerald remembers reading that demons are rather untrustworthy except for when it comes to any promises or contracts they've made. Emerald doesn't exactly remember why, but there is some horrible punishment for demons who do so.

Emerald says that she has to answer his questions and do so truthfully, and then maybe he'll take her along.

"How about one question now, and the rest later? Just to prove I'm good for it?" She asks.

Emerald sighs again. He says he'll think about.

There is a silence, at which point Emerald asks if she has ever asked Lord Sepulcher if she can go free.

There is another silence, and then Pip answers, "U-uh... Well no, but why would he? Wait, was that the question you wanted to ask?"

Emerald says of course it isn't, and he still hasn't even decided if he wants those terms.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-28 07:37:21 No. 27493287

Emerald says he's leaving for now. He isn't entirely convinced that this is a good idea, but he hasn't pushed it out of his mind yet either.

Pip sighs sadly, and Emerald returns to his pew and goes to sleep.


Emerald wakes up the next day. This time the hour is a little more reasonable than yesterday, probably because of his workout with the spells and not sleeping well the night before he got to sleep pretty early.

Emerald sits up. The colt then remembers that Joyride should be here pretty soon if he was telling the truth, and gathering up his things he dashes outside.

Looking around the derelict town he spots Lord Sepulcher looking out at the forest. He is leaning against his tower, and holding that spear he had before. Emerald waves a good morning to him, and he gives him a nod of the head.

As the colt approaches he says, "I sent Lady Elegance to fetch your master earlier. She should be here pretty soon."

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-28 08:36:33 No. 27493878

Emerald thanks Lord Sepulcher for letting him stay at the village and not turning him into a zombie fighting machine. The colt asks if he can come back again.

"You are quite welcome child. I would actually quite prefer if any of you didn't come back, but I would be happy to meet you guys again somewhere that isn't much secret village."

Emerald asks about the holy book. He says he thought it was just plans and stuff for the village.

"It does contain those things, as well as countermeasures and... Certain secrets. Do you know what a Phylactery is, child?"

Emerald thinks on it hard, something like a box with holy scriptures in it?

"Yes, in the dictionary sense that is what it is." Lord Sepulcher chuckles.

Emerald mentions that Pip wanted out of the book.

"Yes... I would assume she does..." Lord Sepulcher says offhand.

"Hey lil' perv. Miss me?" a voice calls out from the treeline.

Emerald turns to see A grinning Joyride, Lady Elegance, and a slightly wary Ruby.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-28 09:28:37 No. 27494436

Emerald feels a surge of energy go through him and he starts prancing on the spot a little. When the get close enough he barrels over Ruby with a hug, and the colt tells them how much he was worried and how much he missed them.

Ruby and Emerald wrestle for a second before Ruby comes out on top.

From the ground, Emerald spits a little dirt out and asks how they got away from the kraken.

"Well, you guys hurt the thing pretty badly. It was actually pulling back slightly. All I did was jump in after it and finish it off." Joyride says, dusting her mantle off slightly.

"You make it sound like it was nothing!" Ruby says with a laugh, "You should have seen it! When I came too they were prying the tentacles off the ship, and when the uh... The Kraken you said? When it was free it started to swim away and Joyride transformed into a merpony! She was fighting it by herself for a few minutes even! We had no idea what to do. I mean we wanted to fire the cannons but we didn't want to hit Joyride!"

"Speaking of my kraken." Lord Sepulcher says, sidling up, "Knowing you, you probably 'salvaged' it's power core. I would like that back please."

Joyride gives Lord Sepulcher a pouty look, and then sighs and reaches under her mantle, pulling out a glowing orb that far outstrips the size of her coat. Nonetheless however, she holds it out with one hand like it weighs nothing.

"Consider it payment for your babysitting." Joyride says, half-jokingly, half-miffed, "But you should have told me you guys moved! I had no idea you had left the west swamp. I just assumed the stories were try and you were slain by the Order."

While they are talking, Emerald looks over to Ruby, who looks a bit frightened by the lich in front of them.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-28 10:15:37 No. 27494950

(Last for the night. Have an interview tomorrow to get up for!)

Emerald says not to worry, that they are trustworthy.

"Uh..." Ruby says, her eyes darting over to Lady Elegance, who has eyes only for Joyride at the moment, "Right..."

Emerald asks if she really cried when she thought he had died.

"Pfft. Like I'd ever-" She starts, but a swift front leg is brought to the young filly's nose.

After the boop, Emerald is let up, and he continues to listen to Joyride's conversation.

"So, got any booze or anything around here? We have a lot of catching up to do!"

"Hmm... You know, I think I may have some old bottles some where in one of the labs." Sepulcher says, tapping his mask with a sharp claw.

"W-wait, we aren't staying here are we? I mean, I thought we were just going to grab Emerald and go!" Ruby says, her eyes darting to the Lady again.

"Nope! So go play or something and leave us alone. I'm sure there are other zombies here to bug. Anyway Ol' Cloaky, how's things?" Joyride says, following Lord Sepulcher as he leads her towards the tower.

"Joyride! Wait, W-what did you mean other zombies?" Ruby says, galloping a few steps towards the unicorn, but they pay no attention.

"Oh god, you aren't going to bring up THAT again, are you?" Sepulcher says with a small chuckle.

"Well that's what you get for kidnapping children." Joyride says playfully.

"I only did it a few times." Sepulcher says.

Lady Elegance bounds over to the hatch, and after lifting it for the two says, "After you my Lord, after you my Lady."

"Ah, such a sweetie, aren't you my dear?" Joyride says, causing the Chimera to giggle.

Emerald turns to the filly to see her looking rather dejected. The colt asks what they've been up too since he's seen them last.

Ignoring the question Ruby herself asks, "T-there aren't... OTHER zombies, are there?"

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-29 07:31:07 No. 27503629

(Short day today, maybe 2-3 updates. I got that job so now I have to start waking up earlier in preparation. Not sure when my new hours for updates will be.)

Emerald suddenly realizes that Lord Sepulcher is the one Ol' CLoaky is based on, and mentions it with a laugh to Ruby. Ruby's eyes go wide with shock. Opps, maybe he shouldn't have said that.

Attempting to recover the situation, Emerald says the undead are really nice people, and that he could introduce him if she wants.

"Uhh... I'm okay, I think." Ruby says, kicking the dirt around her hooves slightly.

Deciding that's not working to well to calm her down, Emerald shows her his new shield magic, and pulls out some of the bones Lord Sepulcher gave him and fashions a crude dagger for Ruby.

"Whoa! That's so cool!" She says, taking the knife and swinging it around before handing it back to Emerald. Emerald shows her the Joyride figure he made, and it gives her a laugh.

Emerald pets the small statue and mentions how he was a bit sad that Joyride wasn't happier to see him alive and well. It's like she doesn't care that much about him. Emerald asks if she had shown any signs of caring about his death.

Ruby taps her chin and says, "Hmm... I don't think so. After she was pulled back onto the ship and everything fixed up I didn't see much of her to be honest, so maybe she did?. She spent most of the rest of the trip in the room. I don't think she cried or anything. I mean, it's not like I did either. Pfft."

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-29 11:15:02 No. 27505450

(Sorry, got distracted. Last for the night. More tomorrow.)

Emerald asks if anyone was upset with his death. He asks if anyone else was hurt and what the town was like that they ended up at.

"I'm not sure... No one really wanted to talk about it to be honest..." Ruby says, rubbing the back of her head, "But there weren't any deaths! Err, I think. I only really got to be in the kitchen and in my room at that point in the journey. Especially awkward since it seemed like whenever I was in the room Joyride didn't want to be there."

Ruby gives a nervous cough and shrug while saying, "The port town was pretty uneventful. We weren't even there that long when we got your letter and set off back towards this forest."

Suddenly remembering that when the dragon attacked she sent him a letter, Emerald asks why Joyride didn't write to him to try and check up.

"Huh? But she did. I saw her write it and send it off in the dragon fire stuff." Ruby says raising an eyebrow.

Emerald tilts his head. Huh, maybe it came to him while he was on the beach and it washed away. Emerald shakes his head, and gets back to the matter of the zombies. Emerald says that they really are good people. One of them even grows food.

Ruby seems just the slightest bit curious about this, so Emerald drags her over to the farm. Upon looking at the shriveled husks of corn and dessicated cucumbers(?) Ruby gives a frown and says,

"Uh, I'll just stick with these I think."

Ruby pulls out a small apple from a pouch around her side. Emerald looks at it wide-eyed, and catching this look Ruby says,

"Err, want some?"

Emerald nods, and Ruby pulls out two more small apples and gives them to Emerald. He eats the first one with large, loud bites. He swallows it down before taking his time with the second apple.

He looks up to see the filly trying to do her best not to laugh.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-30 09:09:56 No. 27508010

Emerald sticks his tongue out at her, and then says that if she had been eating nothing but ashy tasty produce she'd scarf down the good stuff herself.

"I'll take your word for it." Ruby says with a grin.

Emerald finishes up the apple, and thanks her for the food. He then asks if any of the crew knows that he survived. He is thinking in particular of a certain zebra crew member.

"Probably not. We didn't get the weird skeleton snake bird thingy until we got on shore. Joyride might have said something though. I don't know." Ruby says with a shrug.

Emerald grimaces, but then decides it'd be good to show Ruby around the town... However Emerald also remembers Pip, and also the conversation that Joyride and Lord Sepulcher might be having right now. He kind of wants to listen to it.

So many things, so little time.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-30 10:52:25 No. 27508591

Emerald leans in close to Ruby and asks her if she is up for some mischief.

Ruby leans forward and says, "Always. Wait, what's the plan?"

Emerald explains a little about what has happened since he got to the island, and about what he thinks Lord Sepulcher knows about the amulet.

"A demon, huh?" Ruby says, flicking the jewelry around the colt's neck.

"Okay I'll help, but you have to promise to tell me what they told you, okay?" Ruby says with a grin.

Emerald nods. That seems fair.

The two children walk over to the tower and go quietly through the trap door. Emerald carefully makes his way down the stairs until he spots the bottom with the doors leading to Lord Sepulcher's work area and the place that Emerald was taken when he was captured.

Laying in the corner is Lady Elegance.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-30 12:11:42 No. 27509173

(Gotta run some errands. be back later.)

Emerald says that he'll distract Lady Elegance, and that she should try to sneak past.

As Emerald approaches, he notices that the Lady seems a bit sour at the moment. She is thrashing her tail annoyed, and if she had skin, Emerald is quite sure there'd be a deep set grimace on it.

Emerald asks what the matter is, and how Joyride and Sepulcher are doing.

"Oooo!" She says angrily, stamping a clenched claw on the ground and causing it to shake slightly, "Lord Sepulcher is hogging Joyride. It isn't fair. Why does he get to spend time with her? He doesn't even particularly like her that much!"

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-31 09:29:19 No. 27516749

(My one before work. I'll get more out whenever I come back.)

Emerald approaches the chimera and gives her a hug, saying that he is sure Joyride will come speak to her after she and Lord Sepulcher catch up. He asks if maybe she would like to patrol a little and chat, just to keep her mind off of things.

Lady Elegance gets up slowly with a sigh and says, "I suppose it's better than sitting here doing nothing... Did your friend want to come too?"

The lady motions with her head towards some barrels in the back, and Ruby pops up from behind them.

"Wha- you could see me?" She says surprised.

"Well, I could sense you. My life-sensing ability is a bit better than most of the other undead here. Would you like to come along too child?"

Ruby looks to Emerald a bit unsure, and perhaps misunderstanding the situation Elegance says, "I know you've been frightened by me child, but I assure you I mean you no harm."

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-31 07:40:53 No. 27521549

Emerald says that Ruby was sneaking around because she felt bad about assuming Lady Elegance was a bad person. Emerald tells the chimera that he told Ruby about the patrols, and that the filly wanted to join in.

Ruby looks absolutely horrified at this prospect, but Lady Elegance says,

"Oh! Well color me surprised, child. Come then. I'll show you my normal rounds. I'll even introduce you to some of the folk."

Ruby dejectedly goes along with the charade, and as the pair of them start to walk away Lady Elegance does a double take, and looks back to Emerald.

"Aren't you coming?"

Emerald mentions that he made a mess down in the library, and he wanted to go clean it up.

"Ah, that's a good boy." Lady Elegance remarks as she continues on her way.

Emerald opens the door to the room on the right, and seeing no one inside walks into the left room, passing by all the zombies who are drawing the comic. None of them seem to care much about his presence, so he continues on to the long staircase down.

Emerald isn't sure where Lord Sepulcher or Joyride went, and there are a lot of doors along this passageway.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-31 08:27:31 No. 27521952

Emerald walks down the stairs, stopping at each door and listening in as he does.

The first door is silent.

The Second one has a low, electerical hum coming from it.

The Third is also silent.

The Fourth has what sounds like something pacing back and forth, as well as the occasional sqwak and snarl of some sort of creature.

The Fifth is silent, but just from approaching it Emerald feels a bit weirded out.

The Sixth is also silent.

The last floor is the library, and just to make sure they aren't there Emerald peeks in. Nope, nothing but books... Darn, that would have made things easy.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-31 09:11:43 No. 27522407

Emerald peeks into door #4 and #5.

The fourth one appears to have cages in it, though he can't make out what is in them. The creatures dart around too quickly to see.

Oddly, Emerald can't seem to see into the fifth room. It appears just inky black.

Emerald then heads up to door #2 and slowly opens it.

It's a laboratory. The room is full of tables holding flasks and cyclinders of strange liquids, connected together through tubes or being heated with small, seemingly magical bunsen burners. There are a few cabinets here as well. Emerald can see and hear where the electric hum is coming from. Near the center of the back wall is a strange contraption. Emerald doesn't have any idea what it's for.

There is also a door on the opposite end of the one he entered.

What does Emerald do?

2016-05-31 09:28:24 No. 27522566

(Last for the thread! I'll be going to sleep soon so I won't spend too much time doing a Q&A, if that's what people want.)

Emerald looks at the contraption.

He has absolutely no idea what it does.

Emerald then goes to the other door and listens against it. There doesn't seem to be any noise coming from it.

What does Emerald do?
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