You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-06-03 08:37:19 No. 27544514


>Emerald gets up from his bed on the pews and goes to talk to Pip.
>After a bit of a conversation, Emerald decides not to take Pip with him. At least for the moment.
>Emerald falls asleep, and wakes up the next day to see Joyride and Ruby have arrived.
>Joyride, Lord Sepulcher, and Lady Elegance leave the two ponies alone.
>After a little chat about how things were going while he was gone, the pair decide to go listen in on the conversation the three are having.
>The pair find Lady Elegance was left behind, and Emerald manages to distract her away into doing a patrol, accompanied by Ruby.
>Emerald goes to the staircase, but can't figure out where they went from there.
>Emerald ends up in a Laboratory of sorts.

Continued next post...

2016-06-03 08:41:19 No. 27544540

Emerald approaches the door on the opposite side of the one he entered. Having not heard anything, he opens the door slightly and peers in.

It's a room full of reagents and various lab supplies. There is also a rack full of what appear to be complete potions.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-03 09:34:47 No. 27544890



Emerald looks at the potions on the shelf. Luckily they are all labeled.

There are giant jugs of "Unholy Water", invisibility potions, something called "Fleshrot", "Veritasium Oil", and "Forever Fluid".

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-03 04:28:19 No. 27547866

Emerald decides for sure not to steal any potions. Maybe if he is lucky, he can ask for one and Lord Sepulcher will give it to him.

Emerald isn't sure what to do now though, so he sits on his keister and looks around the corridor. Nothing seems to have changed since he was in it last however.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-03 09:46:27 No. 27550343

(Sorry, meant to update more today... But then I went and bought Overwatch and now it's time for bed.)

Unsure of where to go next, Emerald peers carefully into each door in turn.

The first door is full of giant clay cauldrons with tops sitting all in rows stretching all the way back to a door across from the entrance Emerald is at now.

The second is the lab.

The third is not lit in any way, and Emerald can hardly see into the room at all, however he does here voices. Unfortunately Emerald doesn't think they are the voices of Joyride or Lord Sepulcher.

The fourth is full of cages full of some sort of undead creatures. Emerald knows they are undead because they are mostly bone suffused with metal to hold their frames up. There is another door across the room from here.

Emerald opens the fifth apprehensively, and inside he spots nothing more than a giant obsidian slab. Around the walls are various tools, all in different states of disrepair and rust.

The sixth is full of weapons and armor, much like the first room they are all set in racks in rows all the way to the back of the room where there is another door.

...And the bottom is still the library, and still empty.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-04 06:49:19 No. 27552816

(Sure. I'd play with you folks. Just so you know I'm not that great though. I've mostly been playing Roadhog because pulling people is funny. Also lot's of Lucio and Mercy because no one wants to support. Mei is fun too.)


(Update before I go to work. Sorry, probably should have put this poll up before I went to sleep yesterday. Should have known there wouldn't be a great consensus on the topic.)

Emerald isn't sure which door to go in. They seem to have such weird and interesting things in them!

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-04 05:43:46 No. 27560291

Emerald enters the room with all the clay pots.

It is indeed, just full of giant clay pots. They are all roughly the same size, but there is some slight variation between them.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-04 06:45:14 No. 27561021

Emerald is very curious about what is in the pots, but he instead goes over to the door and listens to see if he can hear anything. It's completely silent, and Emerald opens the door a crack to see inside.

The entirety of the room houses a huge clay pot with a winch attached to the cover, probably to help take it on and off.

On the side of the room is a lever that if Emerald had to guess, probably lifts the top off the pot.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-05 08:03:43 No. 27572674

Emerald leaves and walks back up to the top of the stairs and into the drawing room. He gives one of the zombies a poke, and he looks up distractedly.

Emerald asks if Joyride and Lord Sepulcher came this way. The zombie smiles and gives a nod, commenting that they went through the door Emerald just acme out of and then goes back to his work.

Emerald shrugs and heads back through the door. Only a few rooms they could be in now. Thinking on it a bit, Emerald realizes the door with the Obsidian slab didn't have any doors leading off of it, so they probably aren't in that room.

Where does Emerald go?

2016-06-05 10:03:54 No. 27573634

(Last for the night.)

Emerald goes into the unlit room. There were voices in there after all. Maybe he was wrong and it was actually Lord Sepulcher and Joyride's voice.

Emerald walks in, and seeing as it's unlit and incredibly dark, he uses his light spell.

It appears to be a bunch of metal working stations set in a row going down a far hallway... At least as far as he can see. His light spell doesn't seem to be going as far as it does usually.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-06 06:40:58 No. 27576057

Emerald cautiously moves forward, checking out each machine as he passes.

>Intelligence check
>Rolled 5, passed

Emerald doesn't recognize most of these machine. He sees an anvil and something that looks like a drill attached to a large base, but past that they are all foreign objects to him.

>Perception Check
>Rolled 3, Passed

Emerald stops in his tracks. He thought he heard a very low, metallic scrapping coming from somewhere up ahead, followed by some whispered, unintelligent words no louder than a gust of wind.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-06 04:51:58 No. 27580213

Emerald proceeds carefully ahead, the scraping and the muttering getting louder with each step.

Emerald stops with a thrill of horror as a pair of claws come around the side of one of the columns. A strange creatures pulls itself around it to look at Emerald, floating hauntingly in mid-air. Much like the kraken, it seems to be part carcass and part machine. This one seems to have bug eyes. claws, a pincer hand, razor sharp teeth, and thick, rope-like wires where his legs should be.

"YoU ShOuLdN't Be HeRe..." The creature says, barely audible over Emerald's own heart thumping almost out of his chest.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-06 07:01:32 No. 27581673

Emerald backs away quickly, apologizing for bothering him and doesn't stop until he gets to the other side of the door.

He takes a deep breath, but a voice from behind him sends a chill down his spine.

"YoU'vE sEeN tOo MuCh..." The monster says, seeming to phase through the wall in a ghost like manner.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-06 08:21:58 No. 27582617

>Perception Check
>Rolled 2, Passed

As far as Emerald knows the thing is real, and coming at him at his own, slow pace. Emerald yells at it again that he is a guest and that Lord Sepulcher will have something to say if he does anything.

"DoN't LiE, tHiEf..." The creature says, reaching out his claws towards the colt.

Emerald runs down towards the weapon and armor room. As he opens the door he looks back at the spectre-like creature. It's still following him, but not as fast as Emerald can get away it seems.

He ducks into the room and sees pretty much all manner of weapons he can imagine. They all seem a little... Odd to him, but Emerald can't put his finger on why. Perhaps because they all have a sharp, spiky sort of look to them?

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-06 10:26:04 No. 27583856

(Last for the night.)

Emerald barges through the door opposite of the one he entered.

He is greeted by Joyride and Lord Sepulcher standing near some sort of knife-scythe looking weapon on display. They are giving him questioningly looks.

Emerald blushes slightly in embarrassment, but a soft metallic scraping sound from behind the colt draws him back to attention.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-07 08:44:52 No. 27591640

Emerald quickly comments that he is being chased by some sort of zombie-ghost-machine thing and implores Lord Sepulcher to make it stop.

The creature comes floating through the door and Emerald quickly ducks behind Joyride, glaring angrily.

"AnOtHeR iS hErE..." The monster says, snapping it's pincer.

"Ghostwalk, that's enough. These are guests. Back to your post." Lord Sepulcher says sternly to the thing.

Without another word the creature turns around and begins to float back out the door.

"The heck was that thing." Joyride says amused, still looking at the spot on the door the monster disappeared through.

"One of my masterpieces. I call it a wraithsteel protector." Lord Sepulcher then turns to the colt and says, "He guards my workshop, and is programmed to never leave unless chasing an intruder. Why were you snooping around in there?"

Lord Sepulcher's gaze is withering, and Emerald doesn't step out from behind Joyride. He looks up at her, and she looks back at him with a playful grin.

"Well? The nice lich asked you a question, lil' perv."

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-07 09:57:53 No. 27592435

(Last for the night.)

Nervously Emerald comments that he heard voices from the room when he was returning to the library to clean up a bit. He thought it was the pair of them and so entered, only to be met by that thing. Emerald quickly tries to change the subject by asking what the creature would have done if it had caught him.

"Just killed you is all." Lord Sepulcher says, still glaring at Emerald.

Emerald gulps and then says that the sickle he has there is pretty cool.

"Yes. More than you know, child." Sepulcher says with a nod.

Emerald looks up to Joyride for help, but she just smiles down at him.

Emerald asks what the connection between him and the Cloaky myth and what he did with the foals.

"I kidnapped bad children and did experiments on them. You know, like the ones who sneak around places they shouldn't be." Lord Sepulcher says in a strange tone. it's not angry, but it's not happy either.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-08 09:28:51 No. 27600364

(Damn, I forgot how annoying Mihoshi was. Also, now whenever I think of Joy's voice it'll be Washu. Thanks.)


Emerald glances around really quick, and then puts his ears up to the door.

"-just to show me an Angel-Cutter. Something on your mind?"

There is a short pause, and then Lord Sepulcher says, "The first time you left hurt the Lady deeply. Please don't lead her on while you are here."

Joyride responds, "What, you jealous or something? With all that 'master' stuff she spouts I bet she'd jump into bed with you."

"I have no intentions of that sort and you know it. She is a great companion and a valued colleague. I will not forgive you for breaking her heart again."

"Okay okay, jeez." Joyride says, "I'll talk to her while I'm here. I planned on staying through the night if that's okay."

"Yes, that is fine. Once I told Gregarious about your arrival he starting planning to gather everyone for cards. Please entertain thsi fancy of his, he seems quite excited about it." Lord Sepulcher asks.

"Of course!" Joyride says graciously.

The conversation isn't going the direction Emerald thought it was. Perhaps he missed his chance to hear about his locket? Emerald isn't sure how long he's been down in the basement... Is Ruby still distracting Lady Elegance?

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-08 10:39:17 No. 27600838

Emerald looks around, then continues to listen in.

"...So what's with the comics. You don't need the cash that badly do you?"

"You should know as well as I do how boring agelessness can be. Tell me I have a lack of imagination, but pretty much all my experiments are long term ones now. My current obsession just happens to be graphic novels."

"You need to get out more. Come on, there are some good bars in the big city. I'm sure we could find a nice girl for you." Joyride says.

"Unlike you Joyride. I've never found much joy in the pleasures of the flesh. Thank you for your concern, I think." Lord Sepulcher says.

There is a slight pause in the conversation, and then Emerald hears some hoof steps and Lord Sepulcher says, "have you seen My Mechanoquines? I think those are new since we've seen each other."

Emerald quickly scurries away before they approach the door. The colt ducks down towards the library and begins to pretend to sort books. After a few moments he thinks he is safe in assuming that the pair weren't going to come down this way.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-09 02:49:30 No. 27605271

(One before errands.)

Emerald leaves the library, and begins to walk upstairs, putting his ear to each door.

Emerald's work is rewarded when he hears their voices come from the room with the giant clay pots.

Emerald looks over to the door to the drawing room. It'd be really easy for him to just leave and go search for Ruby right now. He feels like he may have annoyed Lord Sepulcher enough already... But he also really wants to hear about his locket.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-09 08:07:10 No. 27607885

Emerald decides to go and try to find Ruby, but luckily he doesn't have to go too far. Lady Elegance actually passes by Emerald as he walks through the drawing room and gives him a little nod.

Ruby is near the well by the watchtower, and when Emerald approaches the filly punches him hard on the foreleg.

"That's for making me go with Elegance, even if she is pretty cool." Ruby says, giving Emerald a staredown as rubs the colt leg with a wince, "So, learn anything good?"

Emerald grimaces and tells her what he heard.

"Wait... Joyride and Elegance dated each other...?" Ruby says looking incredibly confused and disgusted, "I really don't understand that unicorn... Anyway, sorry you didn't hear anything about the amulet. Maybe they'll talk to you about it later?"

The two of them play around for a bit, and Emerald realizes he could just spend some time doing this if there wasn't anything else he had planned to do for the rest of the day.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-09 09:21:04 No. 27608527

Emerald asks what Ruby and Lady Elegance ended up doing.

"We just sort of walked around and talked. Did you know she was a great warrior? She told me a bunch of war stories and stuff!"

Ruby talks about Elegance a little longer, and Emerald smiles. He his happy she at least had a good time. Emerald asks what Ruby wants to do, and she shrugs.

Emerald suggests more reading, and Ruby taps her chin a bit before shrugging again and deciding to do it.

Ruby does seem to be making some progress, but he feels like she could be learning faster. It certainly didn't take him so long to learn to write... Though he guesses it is her first writing system. Emerald remembers how easy it was to go from Pony to Fancy, since they both originated from Old Equus.

Ruby asks Emerald how to pronounce something, breaking him out of his reverie. He looks down, but can barely read the book. It's at this point the colt realizes it's getting close to sundown, and they are running out of light. Emerald suggests getting a lantern or something, but just as he does bony forelegs begin popping out of the ground all around them.

Emerald has a brief moment where he realizes that the zombie villagers must be waking up, but it's cut short from a rather loud scream from Ruby, who takes off running blindly. Emerald gives chase, but loses her as she enters the church.

What does Emerald do?

2016-06-09 09:57:21 No. 27608795

Emerald trots after Ruby, wanting to make sure that she doesn't freak out too much, and to assure her that everyone here is pretty friendly.

Emerald first looks into the office nearby the door, down the hallway to the left, and then heads into the room with the pews.

Emerald suddenly remembers the demon in the office behind the podium, and walks over sees the door is opening, with a certain filly holding a certain book.

What does Emerald do?
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