You are a feminine colt on the run from an abusive history. Can you survive in the world with hunters at your back?
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2016-07-08 11:44:35 No. 27842167


>Emerald asks about the weapon Joyride helped to create.
>Emerald has a stick fight with Ruby and loses.
>The trio of ponies decides to camp for the night.
>The let Pip out to float around while they eat dinner.
>Emerald finds out that Joyride made a spell that let's ponies travel to alternate dimensions.
>Emerald asks some questions about demons, which Pip answers.
>Emerald convinces Pip to meet up later, hopefully to discuss the amulet.

Continued next post...

2016-07-08 11:53:07 No. 27842236

Emerald asks Ruby if she could teach him how to pickpocket sometime.

"Oh! Sure, it's actually really easy!" Ruby says, excited.

Emerald smiles, but makes sure to mention he doesn't want it coming between them and their magic or reading practice.

The demon giggles again for some reason, and Joyride gives a little snort of laughter as well.

Emerald turns to see the both of them staring at the pair of young colts. Emerald asks what the matter is.

"Nothing. I'll go try and find those sundaes." Joyride says, getting up off her chair and levitating all the pots and dishes off the table.

"You know, it's much more fun to trick people out of things than it is to outright steal it from them." Pip says, floating back towards Emerald again.

"Eh... I'd rather be a pickpocket than a scammer." Ruby says, sticking out her lower lip, "Somehow seems more... Honest."

Perhaps they are getting off topic a bit.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-08 01:16:34 No. 27842875

Emerald says he wouldn't mind learning both ways. Each of them could be useful in the future after all.

"Hmph!" Ruby says, crossing her hooves, "I suppose. My way is better though. How would it be better to scam someone when you can take it without them even knowing? No paper trail after all."

"Yeah, but if you do it all legally then they won't have any recourse anyway! You can laugh at them while you take their sou- their cash!" Pip says, pointing to the filly.

Emerald rolls his eyes as they argue.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-08 03:50:51 No. 27844011

Emerald weighs his options. He still thinks he wants to learn both, but he'll have to think on it.

Luckily Joyride enters the room at this point carrying two bowls and three spoons as well as a tub of ice cream.

"Couldn't find any bananas, but I got some strawberry ice cream here."

After passing the bowls out, Ruby looks around and says, "what you going to eat out of?"

Joyride doesn't answer, but after scooping some ice cream into their bowls just sticks her spoon straight into the tub.

Emerald looks up to the demon and asks if she wants some.

"Eww, why would I want to eat something cold like that?" Pip says, scrunching her nose and pointing at the tasty treat.

The dessert is soon finished, and Joyride stands up and says, "Alright, bed. Let's set up the couches so you can sleep on'em."

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-08 06:55:12 No. 27845846

(I don't know if you guys remember this, but I tend to like to do all my lewd in one session, so we'll call it a night here and I'll bust it all out in one day. And before anyone asks, no, I don't know when I'll be on to do it. Depends on when I get off work.)

Emerald turns to Pip and says she should try the ice cream sometime. She might even like it!

"Ehhh..." She says, starting to float off a little. I'm good thanks."

"Bed time, Pip." Joyride says, pointing to the book on the chair.

"Aww..." the demon says, resigned. Joyride closes the book and reattaches the locks. She then slips the book into her mantle.

Ruby asks where the extra pillows and blankets and stuff are, and Joyride points her to a closet. It's at this point Emerald asks if he could have some of those "pointers" that Joyride spoke about earlier.

Joyride looks up at him with her usual grin and says, "Oh~? Well, as your teacher I'm sure I could oblige. Come up to my bed after we get Ruby all settled in.

Emerald enthusiastically gets the sheets and blankets onto the couches in the "living room" of the house. He sees Joyride give him a coy, smile and then climb the ladder up to her bed.

The colt waits until he starts to hear snoring coming from the couch Ruby is sleeping on, and then sneaks up the ladder.

The whole top of the dome-like house is almost entirely filled with a giant crimson bed. Only a small wardrobe, a nightstand, and a candle have been crammed into the room.

Joyride, who apparently been reading a book, spots Emerald as he heaves himself up over the top of the ladder. She tosses the tome aside and says, "Welp, get over here lil' perv."

What does Emearld do?

2016-07-10 08:37:21 No. 27863018
My bad everyone. If I don't have much time again tomorrow I'll just start doing the lewds even if I can only pump out one or two. I'll see ya guys then.

2016-07-11 05:24:28 No. 27869533

Emerald asks if they can start out how on how to get Hope to even this position. He understands at least that much about this sort of thing.

"Why you asking me, lil' perv? It's not like there are many hard and fast rules on it, and you've had better luck getting Hope into bed than me." Joyride says with her usual grin, "That's the boring part anyway, now get over here and fuck me!"

2016-07-13 06:37:44 No. 27886584

"Well, aren't you going to thank me for the lesson, lil' perv?" Joyride says with her usual grin.

Emerald thanks the unicorn breathlessly, and just after he does he hears some tromping coming from near the ladder up to Joyride's room.

In a panic Emerald pushes Joyride over to the bed, though she seems confused about what he wants. He jumps into the bed and pulls the sheets up over himself just as the firey mane of Ruby pokes her head up.

"Hey, no fair!" She says, seeing the pair and pointing, "Why does he get to sleep in the bed?"

"We weren't sleeping, we were-" Joyride starts to say before Emerald jumps up and muffles her. Emerald quickly says that he had a bad dream and so he came up to talk to Joyride.

"Oh." Ruby says pausing for a moment. She then climbs up the rest of the ladder and says, "Well I want in too! This looks way more comfy than the sofa!"

Ruby makes herself at home, and Emerald catches the look on Joyride's face. Emerald gives her a pleading look, and she sighs and says, "Fine! I guess we are having a sleepover then. But only today alright? Only for today."

Emerald nods, and Ruby agrees, settling into her spot and shutting her eyes.


"Alright, up you two!" Emerald hears Joyride's voice say before he is unceremoniously thrown from the bed. He looks around in panicked confusion only to see that the bed seems to have tilted and thrown him and Ruby off.

"Agh, what the heck?" Ruby says, disentangling herself from some sheets.

"I want to start going. We still got a long way ahead of us."

What does Emerald do?

(Last chance to do anything before the time skip to the Ponycare HQ!)

2016-07-13 07:25:37 No. 27887042

(Gotta call it early tonight again. I still haven't gotten much sleep.)

Emerald subtly gives Joyride a thanks for last night, and then asks if they at least get to eat before going.

"Yup. Kitchen got it all ready. A nice fresh salad, and trail mix for the walk. Anyway get out so I can collapse the camp."

Emerald asks if she let out Pip at all.

"I will later."

Emerald grimaces, I guess he doesn't get any time to speak with her alone.

The next few days carry on a lot like the first. Joyride says to keep a look out for bandits, but only a few days later do they actually see any other people on the road. In fact, the closer they get to the camp the more populated the road seems. Zebras and ponies alike walk the roads, carrying what little positions they have, some have poorly bandaged wounds, and some are little more than children.

What is unmistakably the Ponycare camp eventually comes into view. It's a large, makeshift wooden building with a similar looking tower sticking out the top. All around it are almost uncountable amount of tents.

They are getting close.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-14 08:42:37 No. 27891050

Neat! Also, I realized I didn't say anything about the last picture you did, which was also really neat!


Emerald asks if there is a bath or something nearby he can use.

"Maybe? I don't know. Want some of my perfume? It'll make you smell nice and girly." Joyride says with a a grin.

Emerald rolls his eyes and asks what she is going to do with Pip if there are Order of the Arrow people here.

"Not reveal her of course. We won't be here very long so it should be fine. Maybe a day. Day and a half at most." Joyride says with a shrug.

Emerald mentions that he is worried what Hope will say when she sees him. He was supposed to be safe in Whitherwater.

"What, you are worrying about that now? It'll be fine. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you. Maybe. I dunno." Joyride says, shrugging again.

Emerald frowns slightly, but then says at least he'll be able to introduce her to Ruby!

"What, gonna try to get a threesome going?" Joyride says with her grin.

"Did someone say my name?" Ruby says, walking towards the pair. Emerald quickly dismisses it and asks what she thinks of the situation.

"Glad I'm not as bad off as some of these people. Did you see that zebra over there? Dragged her daughter from some place I don't know all the way here. Got both her legs blown off apparently..." Ruby says seriously and pointing.

Emerald nods gravely, doing his best not to look where the filly is indicating. Though they got to the gate of the camp near mid-day it takes them a few hours to get through the lines and security checks. There are a ton of people here. Ruby comments about it and Joyride says,

"Well, they just set up shop recently right? Ponycare has a pretty good reputation as a neutral charity group. They are the feeders of the hungry! The healers without borders! Etc. etc..."

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-14 10:47:26 No. 27891542

Emerald says that he'll take the perfume if she has it.

Joyride chuckles and pulls a dainty glass bottle full of a green liquid out of her mantle. Emerald has some second thoughts, but she's already spritzed him a few times before he can react.

He gives a himself a sniff. It's not bad really.

"Ugh, a bit flowery for my tastes." Ruby says, sticking out her tongue.

Emerald asks how long Ponycare has been around.

"Oh, quite some time. I don't know the exact details. I'm sure Hope will tell you when you see her."

Emerald teeters on his hooves, looking around for Hope, but she doesn't seem to be anywhere in the vicinity. Emerald sees what appears to be a passing guard and asks him if he's seen Hope.

"Hope? Not sure who that is, kiddo. Good luck finding any one worker here. They are all over the place. Most of the ponycare people hang out in the big building when they are off duty though." The guard says, pointing to the big makeshift wood building standing high above the rest of the camp.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-15 08:07:20 No. 27899129

Emerald thanks the guard and makes his way over to the large building.

As he walks the amount of people increases, as does the bleakness of the scene. Emerald notices that those who are walking around are the ones in prime age and condition. Most seem to be looking for food or work, while others speak and give condolences to others. Emerald sees a group walking purposefully with some of the Ponycare workers carrying shovels.

Some people have tents, but others have put together shacks made of old wood planks and bits of metal... Whatever else they could get their hands on. The ones who are sitting near the tents are those too old, young, or infirm to be of much use. Most of them are laying down resting or otherwise making themselves useful. A few are weaving the rough orange grass nearby into baskets, or attempting to fix up their shacks.

The trio approach the wooden building near the center of the camp and notices he was wrong about the building. Initially he thought it was a quickly put together, but it appears to actually be a derelict building that is slowly being repaired. Even as he watches he sees some camp workers holding tools and stacking wood, speaking with the Ponycare and guards, clearly discussing what to repair next.

The group makes their way inside and sees that it's made up of cots pushed up against each other, full of injured people from door to walls with a rather large space in the middle that doctors and Ponycare agents are hustling up and down. It's quieter than Emerald would have imagined. Just the whisper of the workers and the occasional scream or groan punctuate the air.

Joyride pulls aside a worker and asks if he knows who Hope is, and when he nods Joyride asks for her whereabouts. The worker says he's up on the second floor with with Doctor Bronzewing.

The three make their way upstairs, and Emerald sees her. He suddenly gets a bit nervous.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-15 10:08:03 No. 27899707

Emerald waits until the doctor griffon walks away, and then the colt runs up and gives her a big hug. He can't help himself. He has to contain himself not to call out something more than a "hi!"

"E-emerald!? What are you... But, it's dangerous! I-I wanted to keep you safe from- How are you even?!" Joyride starts, her face going from shocked, to slightly happy, to horrified, to crying, all within a few seconds of each other.

When Hope breaks the hug, she looks around to see Joyride and she says, "You...!"

Hope goes up to the unicorn angrily and in a hushed furious tone says, "Why would you bring him here? Why?"

"Hey, he wanted to help me get some potion ingredients. It's not my fault." Joyride says putting her hooves up with a smile, "We are going to go get some royal wasp jelly."

"Y-you...! You tricked him into this didn't you? You knew He'd want to come this way!" Hope says stomping softly in front of unicorn.

Hope goes even paler in the face and then says, "Wait, did you say you are going to the giant wasps? No! I forbid it. It's too dangerous!"

Ruby steps warily away from this argument as it continues, and Emerald gives a little frown. He was prepared for her to be angry with him, but he didn't think Hope would get angry at Joyride.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-15 02:12:58 No. 27901293

Emerald walks up and asks if Hope is happy to see him, giving the biggest puppy dog eyes that he can.

Hope looks down at Emerald worried and says, "Of course I'm happy to see you!"

Emerald hurriedly continues that Joyride didn't make him come down. He can handle stuff like this, he's had to do it before. Plus he is tired of being forced to stay inside. He wants to see the world!

Hope sighs and closes her eyes softly, "Just because you can handle it doesn't mean you need too. If you had stayed in Whitherwater... You almost certainly would have been safe..."

"Hey now. There are still a lot of ponies looking for him, you know." Joyride points out correctly.

Hope looks like she is about to retort back, so Emerald grabs Ruby and steers her in front of Hope, introducing her quickly.

"Oh! It's very nice to meet you, Ruby." Hope says with a smile, shaking the fillies hoof.

"Yeah, nice to meet you!" Ruby says, grinning very broadly and enthusiastically shaking Hope's hoof.

"Two children though? Can I trust they will be safe around you, Joyride?" Hope says back to the unicorn with a frown.

"Sure! Probably." Joyride says with a shrug.

The argument continues a little longer, but it seems much less intense then it was before. Hope seems to simply be admonishing, while Joyride is being playful.

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-15 04:09:19 No. 27902254

Emerald wants to know if she is free. He wants to show her something. Anything! Maybe the spells he's learned? Maybe have her talk to Ruby a bit, or just ask her how to bandit attacks went and such.

Hope smiles and flaps her hooves slightly and says, "That sounds wonderful Emerald, but I'm on duty right now. If you want to wait an hour or two I'll be off and maybe we can all hit the kitchen for some dinner."

"Hey, you got any place for us to stay, or to set up a tent at least?" Joyride asks over Hope's shoulder.

"Of course! I doubt that your um... Dwelling would fit inside the Ponycare perimeter, but it's enchanted with things to make it hard to detect right? You'd probably be safe outside the walls if you still wanted to use that dome house thing." Hope says with a smile.

Emerald asks if he can help her with her work, and Hope shakes her head with another smile and says, "Thank you for your concern Emerald, but it will be okay. You must have traveled far to be here. Please, take a rest."

The trio walk outside the large room, and Ruby throws herself onto a nearby box, laying down and taking occasional glances into the room with all the patients. Emerald goes to sit beside her, but Joyride keeps walking.

As Emerald asks where she is going Joyride says, "Going to see if I can find my contacts here in the camp. You guys can stay here and wait for Hope if you'd like. I don't know how long I'll be, so I'll catch up with you guys later."

What does Emerald do?

2016-07-15 05:25:48 No. 27902736

(Might be the last for the night. I have to go buy attempt to find some mattresses. We'll see though. At most there will be one more.)

Emerald agrees to stay behind, but quickly asks for a board game or two to pass the time. Joyride pulls out what looks to be a checker board, and the two play checkers for a bit. Ruby doesn't know the rules at first, but she picks them up quickly.

They each win two games and are about to play the match breaker when Hope appears from out of the doorway. Emerald and Ruby quickly shovel the pieces into Emerald's bag and they all make their way over to the mess hall.

Luckily there is an area where the Ponycare agents and guards are allowed to eat in peace. If Emerald had to guess though, it's not for any particular comfort reason, but because the workers have to shovel down their food quickly to get back to their shifts. The three are handed clean, slightly dented metal trays onto which a scoop of mashed potatoes, greens, and beans are placed.

The food is alright, actually. Nothing special, but it is nice and filling.

Emerald asks how she is, and if the bandits gave her any trouble.

"Well, not me in particular, but they did attempt to raid us several times. Occasionally they got away with stuff, but for the most part we made it out alright. Now that we are properly camped and fortified we shouldn't have any problems with them. Hopefully...." The mare says, looking down towards the colt.

Emerald says he wants to show her some spells!

"No spells at the dinner table, you can show me afterwards." She says with a kind smile and a nod.

Emerald beams.

What does Emerald do?
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